The Quest of Flames – Chapter 1

by May 25, 2003Stories

It was coming. It was only four days away. That’s right, I was becoming an adult in my village. Oh opps, hi, my name is Gataku. I don’t have a last name right now because my “new” father and mother found me. So I chose not to use their last name, but wait to use my real parents name. Oh what’s coming? Well it’s my birthday (or at least the day they found me). I’m turning 16. I’m a good 5 feet 11 inches with a few strange features. For example I have dark brown hair with blonde spots all throughout my hair. Another example is that my eyes are black. There are other things but they will come up later. I live in Sulka; it is next to the Black Forest and the Tip-Top Mountains.
I looked around and saw my best friend; he’s a mage in training, Lilken Pride. And of course right next to him is my other best friend, the greatest archer in our small village, Angel Tasker.
Lilken was the same as always, red robe down to the ground collecting dirt as he walked. Wearing his normal leather sandals. Blonde hair cut short, so not to pose any distraction while casting spells. He is about 5 foot 5 with hazel eyes.
While Angel on the other hand gave me quite a scare when I saw her. Instead of her normal hunting outfit, (leather vest, white shirt and tight dark brown pants) she had on a nice brown and white dress, also collecting dirt from the ground I noticed. She had long black hair down to around the middle of her back. She stood a good few inches shorter than Lilken at around 5 foot 3. Her blue hers not really fitting for her I think.
“Hey guys,” I shouted as I waved and ran to meet them.
“Hey Gataku, when are you gonna cut that hair of yours shorter like mine,” Lilken replied. He had been trying to cut my hair (it came down to my nose) short like his ever since it reached my ears.
“Not yet,” I replied with a good chuckle.
“Told you,” Angel cut in, ” anyway we are headed to the elder’s house. He wants us for information about your big day. Could you grab my bow and arrows?”
“Sure but what about your clothes?”
“I’ll get them. Meet you at the old road?”
I nodded and we parted. I headed toward the houses of our village. I’m not sure about other villages but ours is set up so the working fields and the elder’s house are in the center. Then comes the village house, then the shops. So I headed toward Angel’s house, which is a bit far from my own house.
I opened the door to her house, (Angel’s family knows me so well they don’t mind if I don’t knock anymore) and heard her parents talking somewhere else in the house. I didn’t listen to them, although I could hear them perfectly (great hearing another feature of mine). I went to Angel’s room and found her bow and quiver of arrows on a seat ready for me to pick up. I got them and started for the old road. The old road is a road that goes through the Black Forest. I can’t truly remember the last time I saw or heard of anyone using it.
We have been meeting here for a while, the three of us. I sat down on one of the rocks we use as seats and waited. While I waited I thought of many things. The main thing I thought about was the big day. When I became an adult I could do anything I wanted. Let me tell you something, when I think, I fad out. I lose sight of all things around me, as well of time. I don’t really know why I do it, but everyone in the village has gotten use to it.
With these thoughts on mind Lilken and Angel showed up. She had changed until her normal outfit. I got up and handed her, her bow.
“Thanks,” she began, “I have to go hunting for the elder so I’ll see you guys later.” She turned around and headed toward the Tip-Top Mountain’s path. We waved good-bye to her as she went.
“I have to get back to the elder’s house so I’ll see you tomorrow?” Lilken asked.
“All right I’ll talk to you later.” We then went our separate ways as well. I headed home.
When I reached my house I found the front door ajar, which my father never does. I then heard him speak with that edge in his voice he only gets when he is frightened. Seeing that something was wrong I headed to my window and opened it enough so I could pass through. I then tip toed to my door and opened it slightly so I could see my father and another figure in a black robe.
“Where be it?” The figure in the black robe asked. I knew right away that it was an Orc by its grunting voice and bad grammar.
“I left the war because my wife died, I never found it and I’m too old now.”
“Then you die!” The Orc said as it drew out a sword from under its robe.
I had to do something so I rushed in and yelled, “I will go find it in my father’s stead, leave and tell your master that.” I ran between my father and the Orc but when I turned back towards it, the creature was gone.
I quieted my father with my hand and helped him to his room. When I was about to leave he grabbed my arm and smiled at me. I smiled back and left his room. Let me explain a few things about my father; 15 years ago during the Ultima War my father went out and joined the goodly races against the evil races. Near the end of the war a raid happened in this village. I was off helping others but when I got back my mother was dead. When my father got news of this he came straight home.
The dragons started the Ultima War some 20 years ago; no one really knows why they went to war. But after 5 years of the war, orc’s goblins and other unspeakable horrors rose in great numbers. At that time every single goodly races (Elf’s, drwafs, humans, etc.) came together and fought along side the dragons. After 10 years of war it ended with good victorious. We have had peace ever since.
I went to my bed and just sat and thought for a few hours about what I was going to retrieve for my father. But since it’s for his life I would do it no matter what. I knew that Lilken and Angel would want to come too. Finally I laid down and went to sleep.
The next morning when I woke up next to me bed there was the chair from my desk with a sword and a note on it. This was no ordinary sword to me. It was the sword I had when I was found. The hilt was wrapped in leather and the top of the blade had a dragon on one side and a tiger on the other carved into it. After I looked at the sword I read the note. It went as follows:
I have to run to the elder’s house to discuss some important
items of your big day. The task you have volunteered for is
to retrieve an item of great power. It is the fabled sword of
flames. The reason I had (now you do) to retrieve it is for
my life. During the War I was on a mountain path when a
boulder smashed me. I was a surly going to die when a mage named Purwer came by and offered me my life if I could retrieve the item. This is now your job. I give you your sword and I will answer your questions when I get back. You leave after your big day.
The note explained the quest that I was to go on. The fabled sword of flames, is just a handle that is suppose to turn into anyone weapon you can think of. The tale goes that it has tremendous power in magic and fighting. Anyone who holds it is practically invincible if you know how to use the weapon to its full extent. No one has ever heard about its whereabouts so it’s a mystery and a fable.
A knock came from my door and Lilken shouting for me to get up followed it. I jumped out of bed and threw on my clothes. I grabbed my belt and hooked on the sheath (it was a plain black sheath) the sword had. I opened my door and saw Lilken sitting in room of our chairs in the main room. I took a seat near him. He knew something was wrong (I can’t hide things important that well) and he just looked at me waiting for the explanation.
I could have told him a thousand different things. But I shrugged my shoulders and relaxed into the chair.
“So what’s up?” He asked.
“I’m gonna leave the village soon. Not sure on the exact day but soon.”
“You moving away?” He asked, now leaning forward so he rested his arms on his legs.
“No, just me,” I then told him of what happened yesterday and what the note said.
“I’m going with you.” He said when I was done. I knew it, I said to myself. But to him I just shrugged again. We than just talked of more pleasant things.
When my father got home. It was around noon. Before he said anything he noticed the sword and started making lunch. When I went to him I saw him wipe some tears hoping I wouldn’t notice, but he should have known better with my eyesight (the last strange thing you should know about me, incredible eyesight).
“What’s for lunch?” I asked to get his mind off of my quest.
“You leave the day after your birthday. My guess is that Lilken is going since he’s here, and probably so is Angel. Three friends on a quest to save an old man. Funny isn’t it?” With this he gave a small chuckle, “I’ll tell you where to start your quest before you leave. That is all I can do for you.”
“So umm what’s for lunch?” I asked again with a weak smile. It made him laugh a bit.
“Don’t lose that sense of humor, your need it.”
I couldn’t think of any reply so I just returned to the chair and my thoughts. Lilken stayed quite for a while but he couldn’t last too long. So, soon he got up and looked at me.
“Well I better go talk to Angel and get prepared. See you later.”
I looked up and waved to him as he left. Then I just went back to my thoughts. What does my father know about this fabled weapon? Where I’m I to go to find it? And should I bring Lilken and Angel or is it too dangerous? These questions kept coming up in my head.
When lunch was ready, we ate in silence. After lunch, my father went into his room and I sat back on the chair thinking again of those questions. I was in this state of mind that Lilken and Angel came in.
“We are ready to leave when you are,” Angel said.
I nodded and pointed to the other chairs. They both sat down and I started.
“I know you two want to come. I thank you, but I think I should go alone. It’s too dangerous for you two. I’m going to be chasing a fabled weapon. There is no reason for the both of you to risk your lives. Let me go alone. I can do this on my own, you two would just hold me up.”
I could tell they wanted to laugh but were trying to be nice. But as soon as I mentioned them holding me up however, they broke out laughing. I joined them since I knew it was a dumb thing to say.
After we all stopped laughing, Angel spoke up “You knew it was a waste of breath. We are going no matter what. So just tell us when we are leaving and we’ll be ready.”
I couldn’t help but give a little chuckle again. I told them I’m (she corrected me of course), we are leaving in three days. They left after that. It was getting dark so I went to bed. Only two more days till me party. I wanted it to come so much, but after knowing about this quest I dreaded the day after.
The next day was pretty much uneventful. On the second day, I turned 16. I became a “man” in the eyes of the village. I celebrated with Lilken and Angel. There was a big feast and the whole village came to see me. After a while the adults were the only ones left, all the children had gone to bed.
“How old are you two again?” I asked, only slightly drunk, Lilken and Angel.
“I’m 16,” Lilken replied.
“15 here,” Angel said.
“Ok, I just forgot. We better get some sleep for tomorrow, so I’m going to head in for the night. Goodnight.” I left the party a little later, although it didn’t end with me leaving. I went to sleep quickly ounce I got home. When I awoke my father was right next to me sitting on my chair.
“Son, I’m not good at good-byes. You need my advice however; always be ready, never sleep to soundly. You must start in the city of Emerald. Look for the inn named the Flying Dragon. Talk to the inn master there about your quest. He will than put you on the road to your next destination. That is all I can help you with. Good luck Son and good-bye”. With that he got up and left the house.
I got dressed and put on the sword last. I then walked to Lilken’s house. He was completely ready and waiting for me. He took his wand and his spell book for any fighting. We went to Angel’s house next. She was outside waiting for us. She had her bow and quiver, and two daggers for up close combat. I told them our first destination. They nodded and we headed for the road.
We would have to travel on a road that took us through marshland and plains, but with the Black Forest ever to our side. We didn’t get far when we found my father and the elder with three horses for us. My father gave me a silver steed with black spots. His name was Windwalker. Lilken got a black steed with a brown mane named Swift. And Angel took a beautiful white horse named Snowflake.
And so we set out after more good-byes. We had little money but enough food to last us till we got to Emerald. Our adventure together had begun.


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