The Quest of Endill White Bear – Part 3

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In Chapter 2, Endill descendant of Fëanor and from the mortal house of Hador of Dor-lómin, the third group of men to walk into Beleriand discovered Gollum in the mountains of Emyn Muil but has another person to face before he can tell Aragorn about Gollum. That person is The Nazgul Chieftain and the Captain of Sauron.

The night air was cool and all was calm as the Nazgul Chieftain circled Endill in a valley in the mountainous region of Emyn Muil. Rain started pouring down from the heavens in the darkness as the Nazgul Lord suddenly gave off a blood-curdling scream, which sound as if it was the voice of death itself. The scream was very high pitched and froze Endill’s blood where he stood. As the rain poured down it drenched the three figures in the valley that the mountains could not shelter.

“Give up the halfling, Elf lord,” said the Nazgul Chieftain in a wary a deeply sorrowful voice his black robes seeming to become blacker and more menacing. The dark sword in his hands moving slowly into an attacking position. Endill stood there poised for battle, sword drawn, his blue shield with is white Bear emblem on it covering his torso his black robes flowing in the wind behind him and the tall Elven silver helm on his head.

“I have got no halfling for you, King of Angmar of Old,” shouted back Endill spinning his silver sword around in the air.

“From what line of people are you from, for you know my name?” asked the Nazgul Lord still circling Endill.

“I am from the line of Fëanor, Curufin, Celebrimbor and the mortal house of Hador of Dor-lómin. I am called Endill White Bear. I am a direct descendant from father to son from Endill Half-Elven,” said Endill recalling his proud heritage.

“So a descendant of Fëanor still lives. I thought they were all dead. My master has told me much about Fëanor and his oath. It was his words, which destroyed him and all his children. I didn’t know that Celebrimbor married a mortal woman from the high house of Hador of Dor-lómin. My master will be pleased to hear that one still lives in the East which is descended from the house that defeated his master in the First Age of the World. But Endill White Bear from the House of Fëanor and the mortal house of Hador, today you meet your doom. If you will not give me the halfling willingly then I will take it by force,” said the Morgul Lord drawing closer to Endill, sniffing as if he could smell no fear in Endill.

“What would a servant of Sauron want with a withered halfling?” asked Endill, trying to stop the Nazgul Lords advance.

“My master thinks that this halfling knows where one of the lesser rings of old is hidden. It is not important to him, but he is interested in the lesser rings, which Celebrimbor your sire wrought of old,” the Nazgul Lord said as his advance stopped and his dark sword was raised in front of him so that he was holding it vertically in front of his invisible face. Both of his metal-gloved hands clutching the hilt of the dark sword. Endill moved back a pace holding his sword horizontally from him, whilst he placed his round shield in front of himself.

“So your master is after the very rings which belong to me by right, is that it?” said Endill returning to looking like an Elven Lord gleaming in silver and gold, his shield and sword glistened in the faint moon and star light from the stars which had placed themselves oven the haunted trio in the darkness of the mountain valley.

“You have talked with me to long for a mortal, for you are mortal. I can now see that under the Elven armour you wear, you have the heart of a mortal man, which can be corrupted.” said the Nazgul Chieftain advancing on his brave and valiant pray. As the Nazgul Lord advanced the green gem on Endill `s necklace suddenly shone forth with a terrible blinding light, which filled the mountainside with a green fiery glow. The Nazgul Lord took two steps back and the green crystal’s light died down again. The gem was mounted on a piece of gold, which was attached to a golden necklace, which was worn by Endill.

“Were you not once a mortal man?” asked Endill blinking from the light which had come from his chest.

“Once long ago yes. I was corrupted by Sauron of old. I am but his captain now. He promised me internal life like the Eldar. Which is what he gave me. But in his doing so he could control me. That is why I must ever serve him. That is why I must slay the only man, which I think could defeat him other than Aragorn son of Arathorn who remains hidden from us. You I think are a threat to my Lord. Because from you alone runs the blood of Fëanor and you are also a mortal descendant from the house of Hador of Dor-lÙmin which my master still fears. Yet you carry a gemstone like no other. If I was not much mistaken I would say that it was a Silmaril. Yet they are all accounted for,” said Sauron’s captain as he advanced on Endill once again.

The same fire of green light blazed from the stone once again. The Nazgul closed his invisible eyes to the light, which he cursed and he grabbed hold of the necklace and broke it. Snapping the golden rings in his mighty hands. The gemstone burnt a hole in his metal gloves and burnt the evil hands of the one who had grabbed it. The Nazgul Lord dropped the blazing crystal wincing in pain and holding his hand, which was in pain from the touch of the gem, turning his back on Endill.

Endill seeing his chance and seeing his enemy weakened swung his silver sword over his helm on his head and brought it down hard on the back of his oppressor the rain dripping off his mighty sword as it swung away from its victim. Droplets of blood appeared on the floor, dropping from nowhere. Endill’s sword blazing in the starlight struck its enemy again. As Endill brought his sword down on his enemy in the darkness of the mountainous valley, death overcame his arm and he dropped his sword. Endill’s arm had become white and dead. He could not use it and he had no feeling in his arm. With his good arm he flung his shield over his back and he picked up his long sword in his left hand.

The Morgul Lord was in pain, clutching his burned hand in his bloodstained black robes. He ran away from the mortal man who had won the battle and who had single handily defeated the Nazgul Lord. Endill watched as Gollum sneaked away from behind him and ran on all fours away from Mordor and towards the brown lands.

Endill placed he sword back into its sheath and whistled with his good hand into the easterly wind in the valley bottom. A high pitched squawk replied his call. A very large silver Hawk came into view flying high and on its head Endill could see one black feather. Haqula the Wing Lord had come in answer to his call. The rain hammered down on Endill’s tall Elven silver helm making ringing noise. The rain was still pouring down and Endill’s black robes were drenched the rainwater.

“Haqula will you, mightiest of the hawks take me to Aragorn, for I greatly desire to speak to him?” asked Endill as the silver hawk swooped down into the valley bottom and perched on a stone next to Endill. The hawk was many sizes bigger than a normal hawk and could carry Endill on its back. Haqula was the Lord of all the hawks in Middle Earth and was very friendly with the Eagle Lords.

“I will carry you Endill for I desire to speak with you and also Aragorn,” said the mighty bird.

Endill climbed onto the back of the silver bird, after picking up his broken necklace and his green gem and was carried away into the rainy night his tall helm and his silver armour underneath his black robes glistened in the moonlight as he flew high into the air to find Aragorn.

Here ends the tale of the Quest of Endill White Bear.


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