The Quest of a Lifetime: Robin’s Diary – Chapter One: Following Ones Heart

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{I do not claim the rights to any of Mr.Tolkiens characters or to the story line of his great novel. This is just a Fan Fiction Insired by the novel Lord Of The Ring. So please sit back an enjoy, this is my first LOTR Fan Fiction.The Cariocter Robin is loosly based upon my character in The Mikrwood Elvin Alliance.}

Chapter One:
Following Ones Heart

After the meeting of the secret council and the preparations had begun for the journey of the Fellowship to destroy the One Ring, Lord Elrond soon found another problem had arisen. A young elvin-madien had just received word that her betrothed was leaving on that journey. “I know that we were to be wed in the spring but this is something that I must do, my love” Legolas said holding her closely. “I know, the fate of all Middle Earth lays upon a single Hobbit. Why cant I go with you, I can fight?” she replied sadly. Not knowing what to tell her he just stood there holding her tightly as they looked out over Rivendell knowing that that night just might be their last.
The next day after the Nine had left, Lord Elrond soon found his only Niece crying softly in her room. Sitting down next to her “I have arranged for you to leave for the undying lands with Arwen. You know such a dangerous journey is no place for a Lady” he said softly. Sitting up “Why? Why should this be any different than that entire journey that I had accompanied Elesser on? I want to help them! I know for certain that they will be heading to their deaths before they even get past the Misty Mountains, Uncle” she asked feeling the anger within her grow. Shaking his head “I can not loose you! I gave my word that nothing would happen to you the moment you were brought here”, ” I know that Uncle, but none the less I need to go to them or they will certainly fail and we will all be doomed” she replied placing her hand onto Lord Elrond’s shoulder. Knowing that her gift of for-sight was matched only by that of Galadriel, even then the Lady of the Golden Wood was no match” Alright, You may leave then! Go now with my blessing” Lord Elrond said standing in front of his Niece. Thanking him with all her heart she then ran off to make ready for she would leave immediately not wasting anymore time than she needed to.
Before too long Lord Elrond was personally escorting his Niece to edge of Rivendell as his way of wishing her well on her long journey. Adorned in men’s clothing, a long black hooded cape, an Elven-bow with full quiver and twin Elvin-blades. Lord Elrond himself could hardly even recognize the lone traveler and his own Niece as he watched her run off in the same direction the others had gone earlier that day. “Good journey Chosen One,” he said turning back towards his house in the center of Rivendell .
~ ~ ~
Since she had learned her tracking skills from Aragorn, it didn’t take that long to catch up with the Fellowship. Not wanting to make herself known immediately she decided to trail them for a few days. For two nights she kept her distance, until the chill of the third night drove her much closer that what she has been not knowing that a watch had been set over their camp. Then from out of nowhere a large man jumped out knocking her to the ground calling for help as they fought. After knocking him to the ground she felt the tip of a sword in her back as she had reached for one of her own, “Hold there stranger, why have up been spying on us this night” asked the one holding the sword. Lowering her hood “I have been sent to you by Lord Elrond of Rivendell to in sure your safety is well in hand” she replied turning making herself known. Lowering his sword “You are most welcome into our camp, My-lady” Aragorn replied as he led the way back towards the warmth of their fire. Leading the way into the camp “All is well” he said to the others, “Who is this that has come to our camp” Gandalf asked pointing to the stranger. With out a word Aragorn allowed the newcomer to introduce them self, “Greetings from Rivendell” she replied lowering her hood again. Shocked at whom it was Legolas stood up “I thought that you were going to the undying lands? Why? Why have you come? You know of dangers that we may face”, ” It is because of those dangers that I am here, I have seen what lays ahead if I didn’t come” she replied. Hearing this Gandalf stepped closer “What have you seen?” , “What I saw is beyond words” she said so that all could hear her, “Look, My name is Robin, I have come to join the quest to destroy the One Ring” she announced aloud.
Later that night as the others slept Legolas replaced Boromir on watch. Not being able to sleep Robin got up from Legolas’ bed roll and walked over to where he was standing, “Are you going to tell the others about us?” she whispered, “When the time is right I will, I just don’t understand why you have chosen to do this and not leave? I thought that we had decided that your leaving was what was best for our people,” he asked softly. Lowering her head “My-lord, After you had left I had a strong and powerful vision about the fate of the fellowship and what it told me was that with out my powers to aid you Middle Earth will face certain death. Only yourself, Aragorn and Gandalf know of what I am and what I can do” Robin replied softly as she walked up and stood silently at his side.
~ ~ ~
As the days went by the two Hobbits, Marry and Pippin started to grow quite fond of Robin as she was to them. Finally after traveling many miles everyone decided to rest a bit and have a bite to eat. While Sam was busy cooking, Marry and Pippin with help from Aragorn and Boromir to better their hand with a sword while the others sat about talking with Gandalf over what direction they were going to take next. Running over and standing next to where Robin was meditating “Crebain, from Dunland” he yelled to the others, ” Hide” Gandalf yelled as everyone started grabbing their things and hiding so that no trace of them could be seen. Pulling Robin underneath the bush that was near by, Legolas covered her so that she could not been seen also “Stay still, they mustn’t see you more than any of us. There’s no telling what would be done if they knew you were here my-love” he whispered softly into her ear. Finally when the Crebain had gone everyone came out of where they were hiding, “I’m sorry if I hurt you” he apologized as he helped Robin from under the bush, “Think nothing of it my-love. You only did what you thought was right” she replied kindly. Looking around at everyone “I fear the way south is being watched! We must take the pass of Caradhras” Gandalf said grimly to the group as they made ready to head out.
For many days they traveled an ancient road that led them to the foot of the mountains. After braking camp they laboriously worked their way up the steeping path until the Caradhras threw an enormous snowstorm at them. The further they all went up the mountain the more the snow grew at there feet, with the Hobbits behind her Robin tried her best to clear a path for them as the snow grew quickly in depth. As they reached the peek of a summit Gandalf and the others decided that it was too dangerous for them to go any further that night, so with the wood that was packed on the pony Bill a small fire was made so that they could keep warm. That night as everyone huddled together for warmth Legolas grabbed a spare blanket off of the pony and wrapped it around both himself and Robin “Here, you look as if this could help” he whispered softly, “Thank you my-lord, I would have been fine with out it” she replied until Aragorn spoke up “For those who can, take warmth from others while you can” he said to the others while giving Legolas a quick wink.
As daybreak was soon to arrive it was agreed by everyone that they could go no further and that they had no choice but to turn back and head back down the mountain and find a different root through. As they made their way back down they were soon faced with a cheer wall of snow that Legolas faced not that long ago when he had gone a head to scout to the path down the mountain. With Pippin upon her back and Marry upon his the two Elves made their way to the other side where the snow was a great deal less and waited for the others to make there way through the massive wall of snow.


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