The Popular Crowd – Chapter 5

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Recap: The Hobbits, the Teens and Ruby had a very interesting evening at Bree. Strider now joins them and the Teens know about the Ring. Ruby has trouble trusting them, especially Danny.

They have settled their business in Bree and are on their way, unfortunately missing their ponies but having gained a new one.

Ruby: I had a dream last night that I was Spider woman and I saved Frodo’s life and he kissed me upside down.

Laura: How did the suite look on you?

Ruby: Hot, like every thing else I wear.

Laura: I had a dream you and me were competing for the Miss United States pageant and you won. It sucked. You were wearing a long red sequin dress and the crown was on your head and William Shatner was singing that stupid song from Miss Congeniality.

Ruby: Hey, I like that song.

Laura: You would.

Ruby: Watch it, blondy.

So merrily they left Bree for Rivendell. (merrily, my foot) It was like an episode of Out Back Jack or The Simple Life. The stupid uptown teens were complaining and whining and making funny noises. Ruby would have sworn that when Laura did her little Paris Hilton impression , Strider reached for his sword.

Ruby tried desperately to think of some way to keep the kids quiet. All day long, the only sounds she could hear were: Would you stop touching me? She touched me! Yeah, but he touched me first! Don’t you dare mess up my hair! Are we there yet? I have to go!

The sad thing was that when a fight broke out amongst the Teens, The Hobbits and Strider seemed to think Ruby could handle it. they look at her as if to say “Their your kids, deal with them”. Ruby would shake her head and steep back to try and take of the situation.

Ruby Who started it this time?

Danny: Laura!

Laura: Danny!

Zack: Zack!

Ruby: I would threaten to throw you into the trunk like I used to on field trips, but there is no trunk. So if one of you touches another person or says another word till we stop for the night, I will personally feed you to the Black Riders on a silver platter with fries on the side.

But despite Ruby’s efforts, five minutes later: Would you stop touching me! He’s touching me! She’s touching me! Your touching me!

Ruby wasn’t sure if they were serious or if they were trying to drive her mad.

Pippin: Can I kill them? Please let me kill them!

Ruby: Not before dinner, sweety.


The Teens were naturally unaware of their own stupidity. In their minds, small though they may be, Ruby was just trying to torment them. The thought crossed Laura’s mind that she was being punished…..Nah! What could she possibly be being punished for. She played a few harmless pranks. She said a few sarcastic things that perhaps people took a little too seriously. She tried to pierce her own belly button while one of her mothers was out. So what? She certainly didn’t deserve this. No T.V., no salon, no radio, no Ashton Kutcher. Nobody deserved what poor Laura was going through.

What really ticked her off was when they got to the Midge Water Marshes and the Hobbits took turns carrying Ruby through so she wouldn’t get her big feet and her pretty dress dirty. Danny and Zack didn’t even offer. So Laura had to trudge through all by herself. At one point she fell straight into nasty wetness and screamed like a spoiled child. Danny walked by without even noticing her. She stood up and punched him in the arm as hard as she could.

Danny: What? I didn’t do nothing.

Laura: I know you didn’t do nothing! That’s your problem! You never do anything! Your such a jerk!

Zack: What’s her problem?

Danny: Must be a girl thing. Lets not ask.


The next day, when they were out of the marshes, Zack decided to ask Ruby a question and see how long he could talk to her without ticking her off.

Zack: Hey, Ru…

Ruby: Shut up. I’m thinking

Zack: What about?

Ruby: None of your business. Its a personal matter.

Zack: Huh. I was wondering how long it be before we get to Ravendale.

Ruby: Its Rivendell, stupid head. And it will be a couple weeks.

Zack: You mean that we have to just keep walking like this for weeks? Isn’t that bad for you?

Ruby: What? You could use a work out. You have the muscles of a twelve year old. I how ever am in perfect shape for my age and that’s why I don’t need to stop every two minutes.

Zack: Would it kill you to try and get along with us for one minute?

Ruby: Oh yes. Everyone knows its quite fatal to converse with a serpent.

Zack: Yeah, but why cant you talk to me?

Ruby: I just told you.

Zack: No you didn’t. You said you’d faint if you read poetry to a servant.

Ruby: What? Your such an idiot. You’d get along really well with Ted.

Zack: Who’s Ted?

Ruby: He’s an aquaintense from the Shire.

Zack: Cool. How come Strider likes you and the Hobbits more than he likes us?

Ruby: Because we have IQ’s and self control and a personality that isn’t copied from someone else’s.

Zack: Oh. Thanks for clearing that up.

Ruby: No problem. Thanks for wasting my time.

Zack: Uh…Okay.

Zack stepped back with Danny and Laura. Ruby giggled a little, happy that she had hit Zack so hard. She seemed to be winning the little game of chess. The Queen had just taken out a pawn. Even as Ruby inwardly praised herself, Frodo came beside her and spoke in her ear.

Frodo: That wasn’t terribly mature, was it?

Ruby: Oh please. He deserved it.

Frodo: Ru, do you remember what Gandalf said that day when he first told us about the Ring? Many that live deserve death…..

Ruby: And some that die deserve life. I know, I know. But this isn’t about death.

Frodo: I know. Its about your ego.

Ruby: Its not about that either. Its about them knowing that I’m not some little dork they can just push around as they please.

Frodo: And why didn’t you do this in America?

Ruby: Because I was on their territory. What could I do? I have the advantage now.

Frodo: But Ru, they haven’t even really been trying to push you around, as you said.

Ruby: I know. I’m finally getting to them.

Frodo: So why are you still being unkind to them if they have stopped for the most part?

Ruby: Because I….they were…

Frodo: They were horrible to you. But cant you try to forget it and forgive them?

Ruby: How is it you are always right?

Frodo: Just lucky I suppose.


Laura: I don’t think your brilliant plan is working Danny. She still doesn’t trust us.

Danny: I’m telling you, keep trying to be friendly with her and eventually she will. And plus, unless the old Danny charm isn’t working, not only will we get her to trust us but she’ll be head over heels in love with me before this is over.

Zack: And once she wants to be friends with us and she’s in love with you….

Danny: That’s when we spring the ultimate revenge on her. We’ll make her dog meat. I’m telling you it will work.

Laura: What are you going to do?

Danny: Something involving a ring and her real lover. She’ll beg on her knees. She’ll pay for getting us stuck out here.

Laura: Your not gunna hurt Frodo, are you?

Danny: No, not much. Just enough to really make Ruby suffer.

Zack: Why not just do what ever you were gunna do to Frodo to Ruby?

Danny: Everybody knows you cant physically hurt a girl. However emotionally and mentally its totally fine.


Ruby: I think Danny has gone nuts.

Frodo: What makes you say that?

Ruby: He’s been staring at me all weirdo the past couple days. If I didn’t know any better I’d think he was flirting with me. But that’s impossible. But if it turns out he is, don’t hurt him. He’s just a little boy with a crush most likely.

Frodo: Alright, but if he touches you I’ll have to do the same to him as I did to Lotho.

Ruby: Oh, I remember. Bloody noses and black eyes all over the place. But that was several years ago, Honey. Your a little old to be fighting. But then, if my honor was at stake I might let you.

Frodo: Glad to hear it.


The next several days, Danny continued to flirt his little head off to Ruby, while Zack and Laura tried to make friends with her. They surprisingly enough weren’t doing that bad of a job. They found reasons to compliment Ruby and ask her questions to make her think they were interested in her and the Hobbits lives. Laura even got Ruby to laugh at one of her jokes. Even the Hobbits were beginning to trust them a bit more. Strider kept his opinions to himself of course. Frodo was still a bit suspicious of the way Danny was constantly complimenting Ruby and being suddenly so sweet to her. But he forced himself to remember that it was he who suggested she try to get along better with them. And so she was. As were the hobbits. No one had made a blond joke in days.

So, by the time they reached Weathertop, they were one big happy group of hobbits. And so they all sat in a little circle together. Strider had gone to look around and stuff and hadn’t come back yet.

Laura: So, since we’re all be so buddy buddy now, hows about Ruby finishes that story she was telling in the woods all that time ago. I’m really anxious to hear it and you said you’d finish it some time.

Ruby: I was hoping you’d have forgotten it by now.

Pippin: Ruby, please tell it. I haven’t heard you tell a story in weeks. No one tells a story like you.

Danny: Yeah, I’d like to hear it too. You such a lovely speaking voice Ruby.

Ruby: Well thank you Danny. That’s very sweet of you.

Frodo didn’t like the way they were staring at each other so he coughed to try to get their attention.

Frodo: I’d like to hear you tell it to Ru.

Frodo leaned in and placed a kiss on her lips to remind Danny that Ruby was his. Ruby naturally returned the kiss. She ran her fingers through his hair and closed her eyes as they kissed. Danny rolled his eyes.

Ruby: Well, you’ve persuaded me. I’ll tell the rest of the story.

The Hobbits leaned in closer with excitement in their eyes.

Ruby: So, I think I left off with Mungo hearing the song up above him and looking to see somebody. It was a fairy.

Laura: A fairy? That’s weird. what happened?

Ruby: Well, you see, fairies fall in love always, and I do mean always, at first sight. And the moment she saw Mungo, she swore she loved him and always would, come what may. She didnt know wht to do. Ten seconds ago she didnt love a single soul in all the world except her best friend Luniel. And now she was certain she had found the man she was going to spend her life with. But then she remebered he was a mortal hobbit and would eventually leave this world. But she didn’t care.

He just stood starring up at the maiden who sat above him in the trees. He had never seen anyone so lovely. Her gown was as green as the leaves of the tree she was sitting in and her long dark hair nearly touched her ancles.

Laura: But, what do fairies look like? Are they as tall as hobbits or shorter or taller?

Ruby: They are about the height of hobbits. Their feet aren’t furry and their hair is more wavy curly than spiraly curly. Their ears are more pointed and their fairer to gaze upon than most hobbits.

So she gracefully climbed down from the tree to him. For a moment they just starred at each other unsure of what to say. So finally Mungo asked the first question that came to his head. “What’s your name?” he asked. “Brilliel” she replied.
Mungo suddenly realized he should just walk away. It wouldn’t be right for a hobbit to marry a fairy. Besides he didn’t know her. But if he wasn’t made for her why did his soul feel so glad that day. If he wasn’t made for her why did his heart tell him that he was? She was feeling the same thing?

She wanted to spend all eternity looking into his brown eyes but how would that be possible? She decided she needed to talk to him and stop just oogling him like that. ” Are you lost fair wonderer?”. ” Yes, I’m afraid so”. Brilliel thought that if she couldn’t be with him always she could at least help him out of the wood. ” I know these wood better than I know myself.”

Mungo smiled “So, you can help me out?”

At those words Brilliel thought, but if I lead him out, I may never see him again. She couldn’t let that happen. “Nay, from this wood do not desire to go!” Mungo was a little shocked but held still long enough for Brilliel to grab hold of him, so tight he couldn’t escape if he wanted too, and say ” Thou shalt stay here with me, whether thou will or no”. Mungo didn’t wish to go anyway. Not now that he had spoken to a fairy. He had heard tell of them all his life and now he had finally met one. She was so incredibly beautiful and he saw years of wisdom within her eyes even she showed no signs of age. He realized he would never find a girl like her in the Shire in a thousand years. All he knew about her was her name and that she was a fairy but he felt he had known her for all time.

” Come away with me” she whispered.

What else was he going to do? Ten seconds ago he had been a lost hobbit in search of adventure and now he had found her. A beautiful spirit who wanted to take him away with her to who knows where. He’d be a fool to refuse such love.

Ruby fell silent for a moment. She turned her eyes up toward the sky and sighed.

Laura: What happened?

Ruby: Mungo was lured by her beauty and the excitement of the idea of running away with a fairy to see the world and beyond.

Laura: But what happened after all that?

Ruby: He died. He was only mortal and he wasn’t made to survive out in the wilderness like she was. It would have destroyed her when he died but, he had lived long enough to give her a daughter. A girl who was half fairy and half hobbit. In a way, the first of a new species. You know what? I’m really not in a story telling mood. I’ll finish it later. I have a song stuck in my head I simply can’t get out.

Merry: So sing it. I know that’s what your hinting at.

Ruby: You know me all to well Merry. I’m always looking for an opportunity to sing. I always have been. So I shall whether you want to hear me or no.

A million stars light
This beautiful night
This is not a night to die
Let me sing and dance
Beneath the sky
I have such love to give…to give
I want a chance to live

Live For the one I love
Love As no one has loved
Give Asking nothing in return

Free free to find my way
Free to have my say
Free to see the day

Live like I used to be
Like wild but free
For the life in me

Live For the one I love
Love As no one has loved
Give Asking nothing in return

This world tears us apart
We’re still together in my heart
I want the world to hear my cry
Even if I have to die
Love will not die
Love will change the world

Live For the one I love
Love As no one has loved
Give Asking nothing in return
And love until love wears me away
I’ll die and I know my love will stay
And I’ll know I know my love will stay

Frodo: Such a lovely song.

Laura: That’s by Celine Dion, right?

Ruby: Great Laura, you’ve completely ruined to atmosphere I had going.

They laughed a little. But then Ruby looked back up at the sky. the clouds were still rolling above them. But the stars would come out at any moment. She seemed to be in deep thought about something. The past couple days she had been like this.

Merry: Ruby, what are you thinking about?

Ruby: I’ve just made a very important decision, that’s all. The sun’s going down. I’m tired. I think I’ll go to sleep for a while. Good night.

To be continued………………….


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