The Plight of Roenduilas and Dunfenrond – Inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien

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In the golden time when great ambitions
bestowed upon conquered fates of those who lingers
when sorrow created by thy bane of lover’s felt
between two from distant realms that dwelt. 4

Dunfenrond, Tarmacar Arenforod’s son,
from the Northern mountains of Tolennumen,
where the fairest of elvenhome does exist,
and the line of Aerdor, the sea-lord persists. 8

In the misty meadows of songs of late were heard
of the tale of fair Roenduilas, Fearnor’s youngest daughter.
Lovely was she that walks along the isle of Dorenloth
with golden hair and enchanting voice that the fell loathes.12

Then the fated day came Dunfenrond’s path
to fair Roenduilas thy lingering eyes have cast,
catching in sight through keen eyes the maiden fair,
whispering words say, “Lo! Thy heart beats with loveunawares.” 16

Glittering in the breeze of thy father’s land,
fair maiden of the stars that shines brightly o’grand.
with Elven grace she bestowed upon his way,
Dunfenrond of Malerinnor none truly could say. 20

She so pure of Elven lights glow forevermore
soft as feather’s touch her voice said more
than the words spoken hushly in a note
that wanes the brightness of the sun that smote. 24

Singing the melodies of time far yet near
the fair maiden’s voice sounded so true and dear.
Of the times unnumbered begotten by tears,
the song of sorrows with pain that was clear. 28

Lament casts upon the hearts of those who can hear
for the maiden’s fair voice brings sorrow and tears.
To many race that fell in the shadows that conquered,
the songs of ancient times that still beleaguered others. 32

Many troubled thoughts came running down
Dunfenrond’s heart felt laden with a frown.
Words that carry meanings both heavy with truth
of old tales sung of passions sinners have soothed. 36

Questions ran aggrieved in the elven-prince’s mind
of how one so fair have sung in lush meadows of songs the like.
When sorrows and despair were chased by fears of tomorrow, a beauty begets sadness when all hope was treaded in path narrowed. 40


The enlightened answers came flooding the meadows,
where Roenduilas walked the path gazed by Dunfenrond.
Remembered the graceful footsteps of the maiden follows,
by the elven-prince of the Forodrim who dwells far in the North land. 44

For time it seems the paths have not crossed,
fair Roenduilas of the golden voice have yet to know.
The eyes of a stranger from afar have lingered on,
on a day of melodies that caught the bright gaze of yore.48

In the hidden woods, that dwells a prince,
with bright moonbeams reflected from the trees.
Dark was his hair; valiant was he whose face of fair,
a worthy prince among his golden kin. 52

Besieged by dreams of a day not diminished
In thy mind committed a fair maiden of enchantment.
“Who was she?” a voice in thy mind questioned
as his traveling gaze wandered in the beauty’s way. 56

Tarmacar, high king of the mountains had seen
his valiant son’s gaze wandered bright and keen.
To a space in the gay halls since he had returned
from travels abroad came whispers the king has heard. 60

Troubled by thy son’s mindful unrest
the wise king of the mountains bade everyone at best
conceal thy whispers when thy son’s abreast
of wonderings which begins with tidings of afar. 64

Common to all even to thy son’s mother have known.
Ninniachwen, fair mother of bright rainbows
glows in the night’s unfathomable depth
diminished not of a maiden’s bright shed grace. 68

To the mournful eyes of Golodhir’s stance and might,
Haldor, the seafarer, brother always there.
Beriahir with his sons, Gilfin, Belehir and Himlas
all have witnessed the far off twilight in thy brother’s eyes.72

Tarmacar’s first son could not have been gay of late
though times before then when he was quiet without say.
Considering the day’s not lost and many things must be done,
the dark-haired prince had yet to rise from thy chair and come. 76

With bow and a quiver wrought by nimble elven hands
the sons of Beriahir urged Dunfenrond the will to roam the lands.
To seek and to hunt the wilds of the day,
even the glorious sun on its bay could not come and sway.80

Cornered for the love of his fair and bright nephews pleas,
the dark-haired Dunfenrond cease the wandering gazes.
Together they hunt and bask in the summer’s warm breeze,
still remembering one golden maiden upon meadows agleam. 84

Caught to memory the sound of thy fairest maiden’s voice,
it lingers and bound Dunfenrond’s will to rejoice.
The name that was given from birth had been neglected
to find or search for whom the maiden fair realm resided.88

The realm of Tarmacar in mountains of the North trees abound,
there farthest the dark-haired prince from his maiden’s love.
He calls for her name, unknown yet known to be wonderful
and longing in thy heart for a day as fair and beautiful. 92


Then the time have come to beset with arms,
Thalionorod and Aranorod, cousins from other realms.
Seek favor upon the high king’s valiant sons
to haunt fell foes that dwelleth near the bounds. 96

Knowing that this time has come to see her face
and finally realize from what realm she grace.
The dark-haired prince valiant with sword and bow
gathered his kindred of allies to fight the fell foes. 100

Together they went the fair folk to fend the fell foes,
With his mighty sword at hand, Flidring it was called.
Hideous monstrosity they fought with strength of will
the valiant Fair Elven skill made the battle easy to fulfill. 104

Aranorod, glorious elf-lord wise and fair of the South
bade the sons of Tarmacar to abode in the realm of Arangalad.
His sire, he says, will welcome the telling of victory
as favor fulfilled and rejoicings are awaiting. 108

So, they went with valor of their battles with the fell foes
that ever harbors threat in the borders of Arangalad’s meadows.
With well intentions and hailing of victors,
Arangalad’s people sang praises for Tarmacar’s sons. 112

Soon the halls of gaiety and celebration have quieted,
but the longing in the dark-haired prince was undivided.
He stared in spaces between Arangalad’s walls,
as he had done in his own father’s hall. 116

Then as if strayed in a dream he hath created,
he heard a voice remembered and not abated.
The glorious melody sang of beauty and fairness
enchanted the valiant prince to seek with quickness. 120

He sought throughout the thickness of the woods
for the life of him that hung in a thread, he sure would.
The peace he craved to see the maiden fair
once again haunted thy hearing of times he bear. 124

Long had he sought and finally had found,
a lovely star that fell from the night’s sky abound.
He drank from the glorious maiden’s sight
of his dreams that contrive to best his mind. 128

He lingered and listened so far from the maiden
of lovely melodies, she uttered which he craven.
Tonight, he deemed, the right time to tell
of thy prince’s love for thy fair maiden dwells. 132


He threaded secretly, silent feet upon footfalls as not to startle
fair maiden beneath the stars clothed in bright blue silken mantle.
Lovely with the bright shine above conjured by a dream
in the eyes of the valiant, dark-haired elven prince. 136

A foot pace far from the glorious elven lady,
Dunfenrond Taramacarion walked in thy lady’s path shady.
Once more, he beheld under moonbeams of thy maiden’s glance,
final decisions brought forth Dunfenrond’s presence at hand. 140

“Oh golden maiden who dwells in the South,
snow thaws within the songs from thy mouth.
The sounds of songs upon your cherry lips
touched thy humble servant’s heart appeases.” 144

Glancing his way, the fair maiden feared at bay
the stranger looks of danger amok yet feeling astray.
Appeased not was she, the golden lady of whom he spoke
clutching thy sparkling mantle by the throat, she says. 148

“I recall not by what name thou hast been called
for we have not met ere beyond the walls.
Tell me, stranger from whence you came?
Are you of the Folk or from what fair realm you stay?” 152

Believing for the moment that it was a dream
the meeting long since has plagued him still.
Braving the unthreaded depths of love and care,
poor Dunfenrond found no words of comfort to say. 156

Seeing for the first time the glory of the prince
of wishes long desired inside thy maiden’s heart.
If dreams begotten can only be real,
then let her remember still the moment until. 160

As if words were spoken out loud,
Dunfenrond of the North spoke of his thoughts.
“Is this a dream I am trapped to feel?
A dream so real am I aloud to keep?” 164

“The answers it seems to what you wish
is neither could we to summon and flee.
Better let this meeting end with memories carefree
if thy intentions not true and real.” 168

With that answer Dunfenrond’s hoped abated
for at last he could face and spoke what he waited
to let the fair maiden of the meadows know
what haunts the poor dark-haired elven lord. 172

“Forgive such boldness from thy servant’s words.
I am Dunfenrond of the mountains,
the high king Tarmacar of North’s son,
begotten in the realm from whence Calenriel — the queen’s kin.” 176

“So, warrior of the North you are deemed,
saved the fair folk of this realm we meet.
Though stranger, still you might be to me,
any kin from my cousin’s realm I shall not fear.” 180

The smile she gave warmed the heart
of Tarmacar’s son besotted in his part.
The thought of things that he wishes to speak
in the golden maiden’s presence humble and meek. 184

“I’ve seen you long ere years passed since,
for ten years more have I longed to hear.
Songs from yonder meadows you have been
singing of tales from ages it may seem.” 188

Bright eyes keen with elven light
the fair maiden grasped and then decides.
It might be false what this stranger incite,
within thy woman’s wish, she grew on delight. 192

“Tell me, fair maiden as you were called by thy kin
what name shall I bear in the North where I will?
For I have heard you call Calenriel — the queen
your cousin you say when you spoke to me still.” 196

“Many names I’ve been called by elven bards
from many realms not common to some.
Roenduilas, Fearnor’s daughter is my name
although I fear I was too hasty to say.” 200

“There’s no hastiness to it all
oh, fair maiden of the South.
You have spoken thy name with brightness never dull
in thy voice that told me none such hastiness to mull. 204

Even thou eyes have spoketh of wish
beyond the misty glens that we have still.
Regret not in thy telling of your name
for I will treasure everything you have to say.” 208

Reading his heart with unfathomable sight
finally, she sees the truthness of thy might.
Beneath the eves of the wondrous starlit sky,
her haze had softened to Dunfenrond’s plight. 212

“You are weary at heart, dark-haired elven-lord,
of dangers and perils, thou left with scars of old.
Tell me Dunfenrond, from the mountains of the North,
why still alone when you would not want so?” 216

Seeing her bore into the depths of his soul,
uneasiness felt by the question spoken and so,
his gaze fell astray from Roenduilas one may,
hide the feelings deep most have he kept and stay. 220

“Change the matter from which you stray,
in thy ears alone my wish to spoke nay.
In my own have nothing of greatness to say
other than a warriors duty and honor I kept at bay.” 224

Remembering Fearnor, her father, wise with care
not to seek answers from someone else’s lair.
To delve beyond what imaginings may share
would be folly indeed for one who does not wear. 228


The shields that bordered on heavy souls barred,
Roenduilas have felt and seen a gentle heart torn apart.
By duties to be made of hand and mind
the first of sons would never be free to find. 232

But there’s a light borne of goodness still at thy heart,
gladness for the warrior she hath felt love from the start.
May he be stranger or kin from distant mountains so far,
always would she be taken by the elven-lord never mar. 236

The time when birds singing in the day at rest,
fair Roenduilas of the meadows have finally met.
Dark-haired prince of the mountains under the moon,
with special cares now carried within her heart so soon. 240

For days upon days of company spent together,
the two lovers wished with laughter shared forever.
Singing of melodies that brought them thereafter
to the gaze that makes all else fade and don’t matter. 244

Fearnor, father, dearest and wisest
among elven-lords of Arangalad’s land in the West,
age cannot be traced by mere man or elven race,
sees beyond the mist of thy daughter’s smiling face. 248

Trouble in the heart that gnaws of dearest love,
for Roenduilas the fair would beget so much despair.
In the beginning of thy meeting between daughter dear
thy father’s heart had worried with sight of near. 252

Roenduilas and Dunfenrond of the mountains
sorrow and pain would be their singular bane.
Thoughts of foretelling what future would bring,
not to punish thy daughter but keep her to sing. 256

With her glorious voice may the Belain grant
happiness unbounded and all good they shall want.
For all the despair that Fearnor have seen
thy daughter’s songs would make eyes sheen. 260

From saddened woes of things that might come,
only the power of the Belain would give them some
graces that would make living bearable to feel
when the time comes when the sorrow would heal. 264

For in absence in many a time could be gleaned,
poor fair maiden with her dashing elven-prince deemed.
Separation from one created together so dear,
eventually would date the gathering of tears. 268

Knowing nothing of what her father have foretold,
she of the fair voice whose songs drift away the cold.
Then sang of songs for her lover so bold
they bounded their troth beneath the promise they hold. 272


Tarmacar’s sons will bid farewell come morning soon,
of the fair meadows of thy cousin Arangalad’s land.
Yet in spite of all the gaiety bestowed and received,
one thing made the elven-prince welcome in the midst. 276

To fair Roenduilas he bade for the moment farewell
but still to see when come to the Northern kin of Calenriel.
Then both shall plight and prove their hearts in a while
anything love they’ll endure through distance and time. 280

“Despair not my love thus only begun,
our paths will cross once more with the rising sun.
When that time comes and all’s well,
we will pledge our love and together we’ll dwell.” 284

“I choose to be with you, oh lord from the North,
but heavy of heart it may seem that questions the worth
of all the passions delving inside these soul
could there be evil lurking within shadows call?” 288

Sadness in her eyes bore in Dunfenrond’s thoughts
of what will become when distance and time loath.
For to endure the separation that will cost
in time that comes, it could be lost. 292

But then although laden with a heavy heart,
fair Roenduilas tenderly grasped her lovers’ hand.
Upon it, she bore something that will make him remember
the days spent with laughter and love forever not slumber.296

“I give to thee a token of thy love
to the mountains, you carry the glorious sound.
My voice thou shall hear when feeling incomplete
and in your heart I shall stay forever and a day.” 300

Clasping thy love’s soft hands with a pledge that will last,
Dunfenrond bequeathed a kiss made of long enduring trust
upon the lady’s lips with trembling fear for a tomorrow cast
would give to them she loath for the parting that must 304

“To this day I pledge my heart and my long life with you,
to my dying breath when the sun shines no more, I woe
till there the rivers ran dry, my troth set upon this land,
I shall stand before thy love while blood still flows in my hand.” 308

“I grasp the meaning behind words that you’re telling,
but this parting brings me no joy but pain as my heart’s calling.
There can never be peace that would dwell again,
as long as there will be great distance to the North regain.” 312

Like tragedy set upon the torment of young lovers,
Dunfenrond’s path went apart from fair Roenduilas.
Taking with him in the North realm a token given
to treasure forever and remember moments of gladden. 316


In Malerinnor, abode of the northern elves,
lay the kingdom set before the fallen times.
There the valiant sons of Tarmacar returned
with deeds of battle and victory had long been heard. 320

When Ninniachwen- the queen at last saw,
her dark-haired son with sadness that grew,
consulted with Tarmacar what tidings happened
which made thy dear son look so saddened. 324

She gathered her velvet skirts in one graceful touch,
sat beside her dearest son and placed a comforting hand,
then spoke of wise words upon a lovely day as such,
when there was nothing in that moment to do to command.

Like the times have not changed as sons in mother’s sight,
Dunfenrond sat sadly beside thy mother below the sun’s light.
At ease with the gentle voice whispered softly in his way,
thy mother’s comforting hand against his shoulder made him say. 332

The desire to share the thing haunting him for long,
made him say all without a thought it might be wrong,
To the only soul from others around, he knew he could trust
other than the one love in the South he left, that was a must. 336

“How could such sadness be a bane in you, my son?
with all the gladness of thy homecoming, still lonesome
from whence you came, no one could tell why
the light from thy eyes shone not once but dull and dry. 340

There are such troubles written in thy very stand,
from the footfalls from thy soles and your lifeless hand
to the quietness of thy presence which all come to know
but neither knows the reasons behind such sorrow. 344

I tried to ignore the sullen and gloom written in thy face
as thy dear father bade me come and listen to thy case
of loneliness that beset inside thy son in golden halls
who commune to no one and stare in spaces between the walls. 348

Once in a time when it was such a lovely day such as this,
the son I saw with far off stares that no one could miss,
then return to fair dwellings with saddened face still,
brings the worry inside the heart of any mother could not will. 352

Tell me son with fair face and dark tresses,
for the grievous foretelling, I could not regress.
From the wise of yore who sees far like Iaurwe,
to whom shall I fear when things not clear here? 356

Deep shadow above thy head with mazes
no one could tread upon with hastiness.
Not even I, thy mother wizened and hardened
through years of sorrow and who forever cared.” 340

Eyes cast down upon the sweet earth,
her dearest son’s gaze like fire from the hearth.
She clasped the hand that bore scars of war
and gently sang a song so soft carried far. 344

All those fair beings and things that roam around,
could hear the anguish upon the sad sound,
and sympathy arises from the gloomy faces
of the fair Prince Dunfenrond’s empty gazes. 348


Across the land in the south kingdom of Edhillond,
the heart of the fair Roenduilas longed by the pond,
with thousands of vision fleeting in her mind,
of what the deeds of her love who’s far to find. 352

Seeing thy lonely daughter from afar,
the wise Lord Fearnor sends thoughts in her heart,
that the distance between these two lovers would mar
the beauty of love they bear to each other even apart. 356

As he shook his head and approach the lonely maiden
in the pond of fond memories of him and his lovely lady,
during the younger years of magic and glorious lights of olden,
and doves roam the skies and golden trees shone went shady. 360

Gazing with mournful eyes far from thy sight,
remembering the moment of that magical night,
when they bind themselves with promises of love,
and forever in each other’s arms which broke her into sobs. 364

With tears glistening in her eyes,
her father bore down upon where she lies.
The comfort she needed from anyone dear
could abate the loneliness from someone not near. 368

Fearnor crouched with one knee in front of thy daughter,
grasped her tightly clutched hands shaking making it better,
as the gentle strokes of one beloved and dear,
as the trembling heartbeat and pain he could hear. 372

Father to a child with labors that are great,
advised the younger heart to see without hate,
the plan of the Belains would soon reveal through pain,
what the beautiful love between two lover’s fate. 376

With bowed head and broken voice wrought by tears,
Roenduilas implored thy father with eyes to truly hear,
the desire to join Dunfenrond of Malerinnor in the North,
and there stay for a spell with Calenriel in love’s worth. 380

Pleading with unquenchable desire fro parting,
from the one being she loved more than anything,
but the call of love from the distance she could not forbear,
and stall thy beating heart to bear the continued wish to care. 384

With sorrow that scorch a distressing pain in his heart,
Fearnor’s insights of foreboding days for the child to depart,
in a place far away where he could hold and guard,
his precious one more than anything else he held with regard. 388

Despite the wishes he so desire but he have to disclose,
that his daughter’s tear-stricken face holds sway than most,
when the troubles that they may find the lover’s path that will rose,
from the painful journey in mortal lands to tread carefully and smote. 392

In the break of daylight that shone on a sad day’s parting,
of two hooded figures in tight grasps and hush speaking,
from an indefinite future that they might yet find,
the path to meet again in good times and peace of mind. 396

With last goodbyes shed with tears that will mark that day,
riding with a ray of light undiminished in the foggy forest way,
with the radiant wind softly playing through raven tresses that sway,
and a sad song that accompanied the silent travelers without delay. 400


For many days journeying unforeseen by those that passes by,
with gentle horses they rode in silence one must wonder why,
the gloomy faces and each foreboding feeling of dangers,
will make an experience something not worth to remember. 404

Roeme the Belain of the chase and the wilds saw a glimmer of light,
and wondered upon which way the Malenharadrim would come that night.
He quickened his pace but silently he went along the path,
to know the traveler’s purpose in journeying with faces quite so sad. 408

Then like a dash of wind that cut through the tall trees,
Roeme came face to face with the folk of the golden race.
As he stood with hands on his hips that one wouldn’t miss,
he asked the travelers of thy sad eyes and sullen face. 412

“Good night to you, Malenharadrim of Edhillond!
To what haste are you going with the fairest of maidens,
that no songs could be heard from birds that accompany
the folk of songs that enchant and bewitch folks of many?” 416

Staring and waiting for a sign to speak from their gracious lady,
the escort of the bravest and fairest among them became muted.
From the tears welling and in danger to fall upon hearts a heavy,
a silent moment lingered as the shadows around haunted. 420

With trembling hands and shivering body,
Roenduilas looked at the glittering form.
The compassion that masked the Belain,
made her heart give way as it lay torn. 424

“I seek a love that resides far away,
with the grace of my father, I travel the way,
to the love that was lost my heart beat astray,
and a future without the love my life will be nay.” 428

“Oh, why do you punish yourself lovely maiden fair,
when the grace of the Belain shines on you like your hair?
The future holds nothing when apart you stay
and go you shall see that love is needed come what may.” 432

“My lords Roeme, your wisdom and compassion touches
even the hardest and foolish of hearts that faces.
My gladness bring a light that cometh from you
and I wish our next meeting would come with brightness too. 436

Then the good Belain wished the company,
swift journeying to the northern lands with hurry.
For trouble’s afoot in the path that was chosen
by poor Roenduilas and her love mustn’t happen. 440


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