The People Of The Dragonfly second story of The Young Eldar – Part 1- Memory Etched In Stone.

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Astrid brought her horse down to a gallop. The Mountains came up infront of her. She was leaving the Fields of Rohon and making her way to Helm’s Deep on the directions given to her by Eowyn.

Eldarion slowed his horse to gallop by her side. The two were getting sleepy now with the sun’s setting and a long day behind the young husband and Wife.

When they finally reached their stop for the night on their way to Gondor, the sky seemed ready to pour buckets down on them. Thunder crashed above them several times befor the rain began.


Astrid walked alone allong the inner wall of the Deep. The storm had eased off by now. The morning was early, daybreak was still about two houres off, yet she did not have need of light to see her way. When the lightning did not nearly blind her, her elven night sight was enough to see s if it were mid morning.

Some one yelled out from below, “To the Keep! Fall back to the Keep!” It sounded like Eldarion’s father, but he was miles away in Arnor at that time. How could he be here?

The sound of heavvy rain was all around her, but the mist was still light on her skin. Another falsh of lightning came, but this time it was as if she saw thousands of orcs at the outter walls of the Deep wating to attack, but with the falsh, the sight was gone.

Another sight streemed befor her face. She saw the dead and dying at her feet, their blood being washed away with the rain…

“Astrid?” Eldarion’s voice called. “Astrid!” he said again. Her eyes opened; she found herself sitting in the middle of the walk. The light was just beginning to creep above the horizon. She was drenched. Drenched in more than mist. Swet trickled down her face as if she’d just ran the mile in two seconds flat. Pain throbed in her back. A dagger lay in it’s sheeth by her side. It was jewled in the elvish fasion and upon it was the makr of the march warden of Lothlorien.

What had she seen? Battle and deth in the Deep, but nothing of the ruin that her eyes had captured was to be seen.

“What happened?” Eldarion asked.

“I…I…” she couldn’t put it to words.

“Here, let me help you up.” he took her arm and began to gently pull her up, but she fell back from the pain in her back. It felt as if there was a long slice mark tearing along her spine. “By Iluvitar!” the prince swore. “Help! Get a docter! She’s hurt!”

“What happened.” she said, hardly able to breeth.

“I don’t know, but you are bleeding verry badly.” he knelt back at her side. “It looks as if some one nearly killed you last night.”


“It is odd how it happens. She’s not the first to have fallen there at that spot, but she is the first to have had more harm than exaustion.” a man’s voice said. Astrid couldn’t even open her eyes, but she could still listen.

The man spoke again, “The others say that they have seen things, sights of war and deth. Those who do say that it is the stone there that had recorded the memory of the battle that nearly finished the people of Rohon. Only one other has claimed to hear the voices of those who fought here that still live. But you say that your father is in Arnor and that she claimed to have heard him giving a comeand to fall back. I say that the memory is etched in the stone here, and that all who are sensitive to such things sould not walk that wall.”


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