The People Of The Dragonfly – Upon Sight

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Astrid paced back and forth as Draugsul went from man to man, giving sight into the shaddow relm to each of the Rohirrim and the two gondorian boys. The elf had asked her to wate for last. Why, she didn’t know, but Astrid trusted him. For some reason, she thought that she knew him, perhaps because of her father?

When he came to her, Draugsul placed a hand on hers, and another on her forhead, but simply droped them after a second. He said, “You do not need this gift, you already posess it from another’s hand; even befor you were borne.”

“How?” she asked. “I have never seen anything.”

“What you have seen sometimes and simply put off as one thing or another, has often been glimpses of it, but now you will be able to see more, for all you needed was a slight touch to enhance it.”

“But I have never been to Valimar.”

“As I have said, someone else was able to pass it on to you.”

They made camp after riding further on twards the mountains. The tents were set, but Draugsul warned that this would be the last night that they would be able to have such shelter; they were alredy within the area reported to have been attacked.

Astrid and Beodred walked together after nightfall and spoke of their journy to meet eachother again. A sound cought Her ear, and Astrid whiped around to see manny of the “invisable” solders, making a tight circle around their camp.

Beodred noted how she froze, then grabbed at the dagger by her side. He set his hand to the hilt of his sword. He called out to the others, “Arriase ridders of the Rohirrim! The enimy is upon us!”


Eldarion followed the tracks left by Astrid where she’d traveled only a few houres befor he found the note. Another ridder was galloping twoard him; the prince turned his head so as not to be reconized. ‘A messenger from Rohon, I hope.’ he thought to himself.

Eldarion dissmounted when he saw that her tracks were joined by a group of others traveling from the north. Ten or so others met the four he was tracking, and none of them made any more effort to hide their tracks than the others did.

The hoofprints and footprints became confused, but looked as though they led East accross the river into Illithin tward the mountains. He fell to his knees, weary of chasing them, hoping that they wouldn’t turn that way, only to find that they did. Again, Eldarion looked at the confusion of the tracks.

Were these newcomers friends or foes? Did they come to aid Astrid, or was his last bit of hope demolished, and they slaughtered her and the other three only to take them into the mountains to hide the bodies? Dispair and the loss of hope at the last thought caused him to fall over in a burst of tears and sorrow.

Yet another rider approched from the North, again unacompanied. The prince looked up to see a woman just younger than he, looking down at the tracks that had met those he had followed. The princess of Rohon, Ta’Agan, looked up from the road to meet his eye.


“At least you are back.” Perigrin Took said from the door to the King’s study. “Strider is more than a bit upset about all this.”

“Who?” Seredron asked. “Who is Strider?”

“Aragorn…” he said in a duh tone. “The King Elesser…”

Estel’s voice was heard from inside the study, “Who is there, Pippin?”

“Seredron, the one who usually sticks to Eldarion like a spot to a dalmation.” the hobbit called back into the room.

“Let him in, then, master Took.” a shaky voice belonging the queen said.

Perigrin stood aside and allowed Seredron to enter. He saw that both the king and queen had their heads down in fear, she with eyes red from crying, and he with his hand on hers, and other arm wraped around her shoulders. They stood when he entered, raising their heads high again.

“Where is my son?” Arwen demanded.

“And his wife?” Aragorn added, with a stern jaw, but eyes that looked like a four yearold about to cry from frustration again.


“El…Eldarion?” Ta’Again questioned when she noted him.

He nodded in an answer. “Yes. I hope that this is a sign that those she met along the way were not foes?”

“They were not. My brother had come this way with a hand full of solders and one that I had not seen befor. I was hoping to see why he thought that Astrid was needing his assistance.”

“This person that you had not seen befor, what did they look like?”

“I never saw his face, but his speech was fair, and tented like he was from a place not known to us…a place he called Valimar.”

“Vallinor? From Vallinor?”

“He said ValiMAR.”

“Which is just one name for the Undying Lands, but Mother said that it was impossible to return from there.”

“He was sent by some one he called Manwe.” the princess said. She hoped down from her saddle, and helped him up onto his feet again.

Eldarion refused to look her in the eyes again untill he could controle his fear and she couldn’t see how he’d been crying. His gaze went East. “It looks as if they’d went that way, to the mountains.”


Manny of their supplies were lost as the survivors ran from what was once a neat camp. Draugsul hoisted a badly wounded Beodred onto his horse. Andon and Gillian both took a horse each. Astrid ran with the briddle of her own horse in hand the same as the elf did with the prince in tow.

When they stoped, only three other solders remained alive.

Draugsul said a prayer as he encircled an area just large enough for them to sleep in. “Manwe will protect us for the rest of the night. I had hoped that we wouldn’t have been in danger where we were.” he said.

“It seems as if this daggar has helped me more than any other blade I’ve handled befor, but I’ve only had it these past two years, even though it seems as if it’s been in my hand several times within the past thousand or so years.” Astrid commented as she wiped the blood of the enimy solders from the blade of the dagger in her hand.

Draugsul noted the emblem on the hand gard, “What is a female doing as a march warden, and what is a march warden doing so far from their post in Lothlorien?”

“This was my father’s daggar befor it was mine.”

“Then their is your answer for the fealing it has when in your hand during battle.”

“Danathan.” Beodred called to one of the solders. “Danathan, take this to my sister.” he placed an envelope in the solder’s hand with a sigh.

“No, prince of Rohon.” Draugsul said. “It is not yet your time. Not for manny years.” Then the elf placed his hands on the wound as he spoke to Astrid, “Do you know what plant here that could help with such poision?”-she nodded-“then bring some if you can find it.”


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