The People Of The Dragonfly – Signal In The Mountains

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Arwen looked over the papers again, then she turned to the letter that had been sent through her husband from Gimli. Birds sang outside her window, the morning sun evaproated the dew drops on the earth and trees. Flowers were blooming evrywhear outside and nests were filled with eggs, but what sat befor the queen, was anything but happy.

“Kelestan.” she whispered. “The stories are so cloce, so much older than that of which fortold Elesser.”

“Kelestan, my Lady?” Astrid asked softly. She didn’t think that she’d heard it befor, but it semed to nag at her they way that a few things dealing with her father had been doing lately.

“Can you not read this? Have you not been taught more than Westron and the more common Elven languadges?”

“No. Eowyn taught me the ways of the Rohirrim, and Legolas taught me what he could of evrything else. Other than that, it was only you and Elesser.”

“It is something that will find you in time, but time it seems has left you too far ahead, and some would say behind. Kelestan once held a sect of elves that called themselves The People Of The Dragonfly. They lived in what is now Mordor. But it wasn’t always so devoid of life. Once, it was full of life, more beautiful than Illithin could ever be, and ever was. Butterflies and Dragonflies were in abundance, but there were about three times more dragonflies than butterflies, and so they called themselves such. When Kelestan died at the hand of his own son, the words that lase escaped his mouth were to say that it would only be full of life again when the blood of the youngest of his decendants living was spilt in the same spot as his. he lived just long enough to also say that it would be after the reuninting of old kingdoms from a second darkness.”

“What has this to do with her, Mother?” Eldarion asked as he walked into the room.

“She is his youngest living decendant. Once it was Orophin, but because he was not an only child, he was dismissed, and the people wated. The people diss banded when the land became dessolate, and will only return when it is whole again. Your father cleard the path, son, but it will take your wife to revive it.”

“Who says that I am the youngest?” Astrid asked.

“The line was nearly distroied not long ago. The line of Kelestan had been carefullally watched for manny generations. The other Quindi would know.”

Yelling was heard from the halls, pounding footsteps came into the doorway of the privat study. A panting servant appeared.

“Forgive me, my queen, but the lord has called on you. He has spotted a fire. It is huge, milady, grand and atop the mountains. No amount of water could put it out.”

“But the land there is empty, none could set the signal to call for aid.” Eldarion advised.

“Yet it is lit, milord. It is ablaze.”
“Who could be in such need?” Aragorn asked himself.

“More importantly, why?” The old inkeeper asked.

Andon’s father had come to retreve him from his ruteen misgif with the other two boys and the prince, but had found himself cought up in the court when the flame was reported.

“It’s just like the last time. Do you remember, Strider?” Pippin asked.

“Why do you call your king such, boy?” the inkeeper asked with a hint of distaste in his voice.

“Because he lets me, and I’m no boy, thank you.” the hobbit crossed his arms.

“It is one of my names in the North, Feter. To tell the truth, Telcontar is elvish for just that.” Aragorn said. “He has remained a gaurd here since the great war of his own free will. This hobbit it held in high esteem here and in Arnor, but it was his own foolishness that brought him here.

“This signal is unsetteling, and some one must help find a way to see hwat is happening.”


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