The People Of The Dragonfly Sequal to The Young Eldar – Part 1- The Memmory Of Helm’s Deep

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Astrid Pulled out another poision filled thorn from her right leg. It went deep and nearly broke off in her flesh as she removed it. If it hadn’t been for her elven blood, she’d have passed out an houre ags when she began to pluck nature’s little daggers away.

The sun had only been up for a few moments when she’d started, but it was now almost the 4th houre since then. Her deep brown horse of Rohon stood tied to the tree infront of her tent. His breth let off steem in the early winter air. A blue jay flew from it’s nest at the verry top of the tree. The squirrel that had been eyeing her some moments befor squeked at it and ran off in the other direction.

Astrid leaned back into her bed mat and refrained from a yelp of pain. At least I got it. If only the stupid buck hadn’t ran through those bushes. she thought to herself. Well… They aren’t going to pull themselves out for me. Again she sat up and began to pull at another, but this one did break off, deep in her bone this time, or so it felt. She screemed at the top of her lungs this time, sending a few birds away and concerning her horse.

Through her tears, she could hear the pounding of hoofs comming her way. Not long after, the shaddow of a man was cast on her tent. He held a dagger. she herself grabbed hat her own dagger when he came to the enterence of the tent.

Bothe of them sighed as he opened the flap. They’d seen one another in Edoras befor. Th brown haired, green eyed man blaced his blade back in it’s sheeth as she did. His eyes filled with worry as they found the bloody thorns that had been in her leg moments befor.

“It’s not as bad as it looks, Medwin.” she callmed. “Or at least it wasn’t.”

“But these needles would kill a man if they even scratched them.” he said lowly.

“Have you forgoten something.” she picked at the handle to her dagger that bore the mark of an elvish march warden of Lorien. “I’m lucky enough.”

“Well, at least I was smart enough to bring a few things along.” he said and went to retrieve some things from his saddle bags.

The sun was setting a week later when they arrived at Helm’s Deep. If she’d ever been there befor, Astrid could not remember. It loomed up over them in the red light hitting the brewing storm from the sun, but it felt peaceful and sad to her. As if, manny still watched it’s walls that should have been gone years ago.

The walls and gate way were adorned with decorations for the comming wedding. Medwin did not know of this. He simply thought that it was a party for a solder there or an anual celebration of some sort.

“Who do they honor, do you think?” he asked.

“You will see.” she teased. “It’s a wedding. The prince is to be married.”

“To whom?” he inquired, but she did not answer, but only smiled back. “You? then why did you trave alone?”

“I like my time alone when going on long trips, or at least at the start of them. It’s comforting some how. And it’s not easy to get when argueing with the sister of the king of Rohon to get what you want when it’s agenced what she thinks is best.” she laughed.

They arived inside a few moments later. Thunder spred across the sky along with the lightning. The wedding would hhve to be postponed for another day than tomarrow. After having their horses stables, Astrid and Medwin went their seperate ways. He to honor the war site, and she to just explore.

A face, oddly familliar to her, though she couldn’t place it, met her at the doors to one of the look out posts. He smiled and vanished befor her eyes as another streek of lightning broke across the sky. From farr off, Astrid thought she heard a screem of a child and the yell of a solder in elvish telling the others to go “Back to the Keep! Fall back to the Keep!” Yet in a second it was gone.

She fell back to the wall behind her in fear of what she’d seen. Was that a bit of my father? Am I going into his memory again like I did in Minas Tirith when the Nazgul came? She gasped for air and felt like smacking herself awake.

“Are you alright, child?” a common woman asked. She’d been mistaken for a common girl herself, but it was most likly because of her healing wound and riding cloths.

“I…I saw.” she pointed up at the wall.

“Oh yes. I’ve seen him befor. Heard the yelling, too. They say that he was an elvish capitan who brought an army here 18 years ago to help the people survive Isengard during the war, but he died and his memory still lives on in the Deep.”

“What was his name?”

“I heard one say that he was called Haldir en’Lorien, but we all know that the elves really wouldn’t come to help us. They’re not real. Never have I seen one in my life.”

“Oh but you have.” a gruff voice said. Gimli came up behind the old woman. “You just spoke to one. All but the king of the royal family in Gondor are elven. The one I came with is an elf. Manny of the guests are elves.”

“What would an old dwarf know of the situation outside of his own tunnles?” the woman asked harshly.

“Much, for I also fought along side the one you were speeking of a moment befor to help save you.”

“Lies.” the woman said and walked off with a smile at Astrid. A young boy followed and said that he was sorry for his grandmother’s forgetful mind.


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