The People Of The Dragonfly – Second to last part-Kathestalda and the remanent of the People of Haleth

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Ta ‘Agan and Eldarion rode lightly in order to keep track of the prints left by the group they were tracking. When they reached a small clearing in the wooded mountains, they saw what had become of most of the solders and the camp.

“Astrid?” Eldarion whispered softly then called out, “Astrid? Beodred?”

“Brother?” Ta ‘Agan called. “Look, prince, there are some tracks that lead away.”

“I am sick of worry, she is not here, it’s plain to see that she is not among the dead, thank Ilú.”


“Nothing you would do??” Arwen yelled. “He’s still a boy by my standards, and he could be thirty thousand years old for all that I care, he’s still our little boy!”

“Seradron claimes to know exactly whear they should be by now, and it’s a simple task.” Aragorn tried, but was becoming exasperated.

“Simple task?” she mocked. “Did you not get even a glance at the refugees? He may never come back, and she could verry well be dead alredy, or were you not listening to the messenger who had passed through there and saw a camp of Rohirrim obliterated?”

“I worry for them just the same as you, but you must realize that there isn’t much that can be done when those two runn off like that.”

“Because Astrid is ruled by a need she can’t quench and Eldarion is just a bull headded as you and my father? We can do something about it, and if you don’t do it now, I will.”

“I will not interfear with what has to be done.”

Arwen turned away from him and left the King’s quarters. She found thoes she was looking for walking the hall tward her. Elladan and Elrohir, nearly halted by the look on their face that they hadn’t seen in manny hundreds of years, rushed to her.

“Brothers, do you remember the story of Kathestalda?”

“Kelestan?” Elrohir asked.

“Of course we do, sister.” Elladan said.

“I need you to help me find my son befor it’s too late for his wife.”


Draugsul’s head jerked up at the same time as Astrid’s did. A voice was calling for her and Beodred then a woman for her brother. It wasn’t far, but just out of range for the Rohirrim to catch.

“Do you know those voices?” Draugsul asked.

“Yes, my husband and Beodred’s sister, Ta ‘Agan.” Astred gritted her teeth as she tied off Beodred’s bandage. “It looks as if we didn’t do a good enough job in running off, now did we?” she asked the prince of Rohan.

“They both are swifter riders than we are in this state.” Beodred commented. “I should remain here with my men so that we may lead him off your trail.”

“They will see our tracks.”

“I will tell them that it is only a hand full of my men that have gone serching for you.”

“Eldarion will know your lies.”

“Ta ‘Agan is a better lyer, but believes mine in a heart beat. If I put it differently to them but with the same message, my men, she and I will be enough to convince him. If they don’t believe us, we will simply have to hold them here untill you come back to us.”

“If it works, I thank you, but if it dosen’t , I thank you for trying.”


“Arwen, pleas do not do this.” Aragorn pleaded as she and her brothers mounted their horses.

“If you can trust me to protect the fate of Middle Earth, why can you not trust me to bring back our loved ones to safety?” she countered, softly.

“Lissë nin…”{lissë nin: my love} he clasped her hand. “You do not have to do this. I will go.”

“No, you will not. It is too late to take back what has alredy been said and done.” She kissed his forehead and rose back into her saddle. “Nin veleth min, lissë nin.” {Nin veleth min: I love you}

Aragorn cried for the first time since Eldarion was born as he watched the three leave him standing in the stables. Not one turned to look back… not one. He fell to his knees and wept harder as his elbows hit the ground as well.

Bregil opened the side door to find that the king was curled up on the ground alseep with wet cheeks as he clutched a pendant of the finest silver in his hand. For a moment, he could not help but thingking, ‘Such brightness in the silver! How can it shine like that?’ but was soon brought back that the king was asleep, but far from his bed, and that the queen was also now counted among the missing.

“My lord, Elesser?” he knelt down to awaken him. “Elesser?”

“Leave me be.” the king whispered. “Let me lay here untill I die.”

“No, my lord. That is one comand that I will not follow.”


“Beodred!” Ta ‘Agan ran to her brother’s side.

“Sister.” he gasped. “It is good to see you unharmed.”

Eldarion came to him, “Where is my wife? Whear is Haldiriana?”

“You sould not worry for Astrid as of yet, for she is not out of the mountains at this time.” a hooded solger said from behind Beodred. “You should be thanking him for taking your place rather than asking for her.”

“Taking my place?” Eldarion became slightly angered.

“Rather than you lying there, so wounded, he has done it for you, boy.”

“Whom are you to speek to a prince in such manner?”

The solger stepped forward, head uncovered, “The one who sent Seredron back to keep you in your city.”

“I did not meet with him on the road, so that means nothing to me. I ask again…Who are you?”

“Draugsul is my name, and you shall remember it well the next time you challenge me with that tone of voice again, child.”

Beodred stoped Eldarion, “He claimes to be from a place called Valimar, and has shown to be true to his word.”

“Forgive me, lord!” he knelt with a sudden change of adittude twards the elf. “I mearly wished to know the whear abouts of my wife, and did not know that you held her safely.”

“We do not.” Draugsul said. “She has gone without us, and all that I can say is that she cannot be out of the mountains as of yet, but that this man needs help as soon as possible for I am not able to give it to him with what little that I have and that is here in the area.”


“Come on, you two…We’re almost there.” Astrid beckoned Andon and Gillian.

Gillian picked himself up off the ground whear his horse had thrown him. “Almost whear?”

“Don’t start that again!” Andon said. “I don’t feal like wasting my breth on you again for a trillian years.”

“You know that you’re not going to live that long.”

“I give up on you!” Andon said in a humph. “How much farther, Astrid? These horses aren’t going to last us much longer.”

“Here is good enough.” she said, and dissmounted her horse.

“Now what?”

“A simple drop.” she pulled out her father’s dagger to put a nick on her finger and let the blood form a small dropplet on the skin.

“What’s one drop of your blood gonna do when thousands of others have blead alredy in these lands over the years?”

“This-” she kicked at the leaves on the ground to open a bare patch of dirt and squeezed the droplet out of her finger and let it fall there.

“Make your finger sore?” asked Gillian.

“Kelestan.” she whispered to herself. A blue dragonfly lit upon her finger and the wound healed when one of it’s little feet touched it.

“What the-!?” Andon yelled and backed away from a tulip taller than he that had seemed to pop out of nowhear.

The three looked all around as the land began to change slowly then faster and faster untill it was nearly a compleat paradice,except for the statue standing befor Astrid. The statue was not ugly, but seemed out of place. What was a large tablet doing in this place?

The words written there were in the language of the ancient Noldor, and they described the story of Kathestalda and Kelestan. It had it all, even down to a line of tiny crystal ballsat the foot. Each contained a drop of blood for each of those befor Astrid as well as hers. However, hers was placed above the others on a pedistal whear a large dragonfly carved out of the tablet held it.

As they moved around to the other side of the tablet they saw a sculpture depicting the faces of all in Astrid’s lineage. Tow people were placed side by side and their whole bodys were shown. One was male, and looked exactly like the portrait that Astrid had been shown of her father, and the other was she herself in the same dress that she’s worne on Beltine when first arriving in Minas Tirith to find that her own clothes were soaked from the river.

As they looked around, they noticed that there were hundreds of lady bugs, butterflies and mostly dragonflies. They turned to look at Astrid, and found that several of the dragonflies had congragated on her head in an almost perfect patern in her hair. They froze in place and became linked together by a sudden rush of mithril, as did others on her body. The others became a ring, a bracelet, an anclet, a toe ring, and four silver dragonflies and two flowers became molded silver around the neclace of a shifting gold and silver marble on a black string alredy hanging about her neck. Thoes on her head staied their origional colors of manny pastel colors, as did the anclet and bracelet, but the neclace and rings became of like mithril molded in place.

Astrid took off the head band only to find it come to be live insects again that flew all around her only to re settle on her head again as others came to encircle her, or land here or there for a break.


“Túlo!” A female voice cried from the woods to the right of Elrohir. The twins and their sister stoped.

“Should we obey?” Arwen asked her brothers.

“Not all who know our speech are friends any longer.” Elladan said.

“You aare needed, sons and daughter of Elrond!” she called again. “We have wounded, and the prince Eldarion is among us!”

Arwen urged her horse tward the calls befor her brothers could say anything more. They were forced to follow.


“Legolas!, come quickly!.” the king yelled into the elf’s guest quarters.

“What is it, Aragorn?” he said immedeatly opening the door.

“I need you to come with me. Arwen has gone in serch of Eldarion and I have had another report of an attack just reacently. I fear more for her now that I did when she left with Elladan and Elrohir.”

The two sped off only to find that Gimli was alredy prepairing two horses in the stabels. “Thank you, Gimli!” they said in usnision as they grabbed the reigns and left in a hurry.

“Hey! You’re not going anywhear without me, you stupid!” the dwarf yelled and ran off behind them.


Astrid, Andon and Gillian walked their horses back to the secondary camp slowly to be able to enjoy the new scenery. It was not hard to find their way back, their origional tracks still showed the way.

“Astrid! Gillian! Andon!” Eldarion ran to them.

Astrid ran into his arms with a running start. As they fell over, he pulled her head down to his and pressed his lips to hers. A smile replaced the frown and tears on his face as they stood again.

“Quite unexpected behaveyor for the son of one of the most sadly sung elves in history.” Elladan said.

“And the same for the daughter of another sadly remembered elf in our history.” Elrohir added.

“And I’m not pleased with eather of them at the moment.” Arwen said sternly.

Eldarion looked up when he heard their voices. His mother’s tone made him tence. She did not often deal out any punishmet, but when she did, they were harsh and memorable. She smiled for a moment as her eyes passed over the jewls now adorning Astrid, and the way that she clung to his arm, but moved away quickly when she noticed the others were watching.

“An even greater foe that even Morgoth has been releaced for what you have succeeded in doing.” Draugsul said.

“Why didn’t you speek of this befor?” Andon retorted angerly.

A hand clasped Astrid’s shoulder as another elven voice answered, “Because now there are leaders who can comand the right army, and the right army to be comanded to stop it.”

They all turned to see whom they least expected to see. There stood Haldir, and his father, and his befor him, and all the line of Kelestan would be kings and their famalies, but none waould say to Astrid that it was her father, or even Haldir when she asked. They wished for her to learn of it on her own. Behind them stood two figures of great stature…two Valar, Manwe and Ulmo.

“We have not forgotten the Noldor, but still do not excuse them frome their oath without reason.” said Manwe.

“Yet we do still remember to give them aid when their need is so great.” Ulmo added.


The night passed with Gimli finally catching up to Aragorn and Legolas. He said to them, “This is impossible, keeping up with the two of you, even when you’re not on horses.”

“These horses are the most ragged of the steeds that were left were in the stabels; you purposly gave us horses that were no good in speed.” Aragorn said.

“How else did you expect me to catch up?”

“Shhht!” Legolas hushed. “Manny are coming on foot. There are some horsed in the front line, mut manny of those are torne from battle, or so I hear from their talk.”

“The enimy, or our friends from the North?” Aragorn asked.

“Riders of the Rohirrim, two of the Gondorian boys that Eldarion is friends with are destinctly loud, and manny elves.”

“How manny?” Gimli proded.

“Several thousand. Whear they would have come from, I cannot tell, for I had believed such numbers nolonger existing in all of Middle Earth.”

A camp fire was seen in the distance. Arwen, the foremost of the elves in the host, could just make out three figures by the fire light, one small and stout and the others were taller and lean. When she stoped, a horn blowed from just behind to signal for the others to stop as well.

“I’m telling you, this horse was given to me by my uncle, not stolen, you idiot!” Andon yelled at Gillian.

“I never said that you stole it!” he yelled back at Andon.

“Silence, boys!” Haldir comanded the two young Gondorian men.

“Well what’s your problem, you and acting as if you can just-!”

“He can just…” Astrid whispered.


“He’s been dead for nearly twenty of the past years.”

“Dead?” Andon gasped.

“Yes, he’s my father, Haldir Astridon en Lothlorien.”

“But that can’t be! You’re his reincarnet.”

Haldir shushed them again, “There is no time to explain this to you, and you are only putting us in more danger by making such racket!”

At the head of thoes going tward Minas Tirith, Arwen was finally able to discern the voices by the fier. The three were men, a dwarf, a man, and an elf; there would only be one group like this in all the world, and she had mixed fealings about them being out this way on this night.

“My lady?” Beodred asked from his slumped posittion on his horse.

“We will camp with them tonight.” she answered.

“With whom? Here, with the elves?”

“And those who are camping just ahead.”

The solgers moved onward and did not stop untill they reached the odd threesome, which welcomed them immidiatly.

“Are you still mad at me, Arwen?” Aragorn asked.

“Yes. I am still a bit upset, but time is again running short for us, isn’t it?” she blushed in sarcasim.

“I hope that you will again accept my aid, and my thanks for all that you have done for me and the line of Kelestan.” an elf said, approching Legolas.

“Haldir?” Legolas said, taken aback by the sight. “Mae govannen, my spirit brother!” he took his arm in recognition.

“I am greatful for what you have done for me.” he said, with a gesture tward Astrid. “She is a fine young lady because of you.”

“I was not the only one who raised her. The lady Eowyn of Rohon, sister of it’s king Eomer, hase done well to teach her to be a lady of the court.” he said. “Now Arwen has also taken her in as her own, now that she and Eldarion are married.”

“As I have noticed… Did he know of this before they were married?”

“I think that he knew somewhat of it, but not about what would happen exactly. Now he is doing his best to help her, but is only making it harder than ever on her.”

Not too far behind the elves, came another unexpected group, yet they were somewhat smaller than the army led by the queen of Gondor and Arnor after the departure of the Valar. Eomer, as Arwen had, was serching for his own children that had run off into the night alone.

“Elesser!” Eomer called out when he cought sight of Aragorn speeking with the only raven haired elves present. Running to them he asked in haste, “Have you seen Beodred or Ta ‘Agan? They have gone missing during the night. I worry for them with the attacks that have been coming lately.”

“They are here.” Draugsul stated planely. “One is in great need, but the other is with him.”

“Great need of what? What hase happened to my son?”

No one answered him. Seeing that most eyes were directed to Aragorn because he was just as mortal as Eomer and could relate slightly better than the others, he took in a deep breth andsighed befor saying, “Beodred and the others that acompanied our children were attacked a few nights ago by the unseen forces. He and those with him were able to see them, however because of the gift they were given by Draugsul,”-he gestured to the new elf-“but could not escape injoury. He has a wound similer to that of Eowyn’s when she killed the Nazgul, but worse. He, like Frodo, will have to live the rest of his life with that mark from the steel of the shaddow and the pain with it. That is, if he survives at all.”

“The likelyhood is slim. Most of his stature would have died alredy, but I believe that he may have found the strenght of a hobbit to still be alive, or as alive as he is.” Arwen said solomly. “We can only do so much.”

“However,” Elladan cut in. “Our father has taught us much in the ways of healing, and we may be able to do some help in keeping him alive and healing him as much as can be healed.”

“Draugsul has laredy tended him, some what.” Elrohir said. “We can take him back to Minas Tirith to be further cared for, or we might take him to the nearist town in Illithin, but that is even less safe now.”

“Then I will come with you to Minas Tirith.” Eomer said. “He needs the care, but I need to speek with him, and be sure that he will live.”

“You do not trust us?”

“I do, but it is my own that I must keep an eye on if this is the way that they choose to act.”


Faramir sat with Eowyn. He had hard news to give her. News he wish he himself did not have to deal with, but he held off as long as he could. Eowyn placed her hand on his as he looked down at the ground.

“What is it?” she asked. “What is weighing on your mind?”

“You know that it is not easy to even defeat one elf when he is angered.” he began.


“The entire city of elves under Legolas’ rule was crushed a few days ago. Few of them escaped. And now, reports of similer devistation is comming clocer and growing in speed tward us.”

“How? What army could have done such?”

“One that few have the ability to see. Just reacently there has been the rumor of an army that can be seen, and it was to our North rather than to the South as where most of the reports have come from. I have been told that this army has split into three parts. One small part has gone to Minas Tirith, and another to Rohon. The third is fanning out through Illithin, but the greatest part of it is coming our way.”

“Why then did you not have the people leave?” Eowyn stood with a burst of shock and anger. “Shouldn’t we alredy have been far from here? If they could do that to an elven city, think about what they could do to us! Not a one would survive!”

“The new army is nothing but elves, Eowyn.” Faramir calmed her. “They are here to help, and help more so than they did so manny years ago. This army is not only of three hundred, but of thirty thousand! It is a foce not to be taken lightly. It is best to wate for them, and become allied with them, rather than oppose them.”

A servant entered the small garden and announced, “A small group of messengers have come, my lord and lady. They will not give me their names or speek with me about their errand.”

Eowyn nodded. Faramir stood and they went to greet the newcommers. As they walked into the hall, Eowyn stoped with a sudden intake of breth. Faramir turned to her and cought her arm befor she ran. The messengers did not falter or make any move as to show any emothin at her sudden fear or words, but kept their heads covered and down so that they wouln’t be reconized.

“I saw him!” she said. “I saw him come, and I saw his body after it was over! He is dead. There is no way that this could happen. I will not stand in there with a dead man speeking. I could even show you the place of his grave.” she rambled on. “Faramir, pleas do not make any agreements with these people, the dead cannot be trusted. You know this! You know it!”

“Who? Who are you saying in there isn’t supposed to be, Eowyn?”

“The one who dosen’t have his head covered is Haldir of Lothlorien.” This gave Faramir a wake up call. He didn’t expect anything of the sort.

“Then it might be for the better.” he said. “Let us just see how this plays out in the end.” he led her back into the hall.

“What is your purpose, sir?” Faramir asked.

“To bring the news of hope.” Haldir answered. “Kelestan has come again, and two of the Valar are hear to help insure that it remaines this time. Mandos has released myself and manny others to fight for it, therefor it would apear that we have come again from the dead, and that is so.”

“What is Kelestan?” Eowyn asked, trying to keep her voice steady.

“Do you remember the stories once told to you by the lady Arwen about the mountains and the other side of them?” a young female voice asked.

“Somewhat, but I took them to only be part of the lore she has learned or a story that she once believed in as a child.”

“It is come again through myself.” she said, unhooding herself and stepping forward as the others stood back away from her. “I am the youngest, and the one who has unwillingly opened out more force that crushed the elven city further south of herr, but have also raised my father and a new army to match that of the new enimy.”

“Astrid?” Eowyn asked, not fully reconizing her for not having seen her in over a year. The others unhooded themselves. With each new face, Eowyn reconized them by name. “Eldarion, Legolas, Elladan, Elrohir, Arwen, Aragorn, Gimli, Ta ‘Agan, Andon, Gillian?”

“Ancient oaths continue to come upon us as well, child of Haleth.” Arwen said. “Your people are also in it, for you and your blood kin are decendants of the people of Haleth who once lived in Beleriand.”


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