The People Of The Dragonfly – Refuge and Escape

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Arwen halted in the corridor. For no apparent reason she spun around to gaze out of the window twards Illithin. The others heard her take in a sharp breth just befor darting down the hall.

Eldarion and Astrid looked out in the same direction and saw what she had… Legolas and Gimli were leading a poor looking group of people to the city. They were far off yet, just barely in sight range for elven eyes.

The servant turned to see also, but found nothing but the odd fire in the mountain that he knew they’d alredy seen befor the queen’s odd actions.

“What made her run like that, my lord?” the servant asked Eldarion.

“There are people coming from Illithin in poor health. My cousin is leading them here. He also looks badly beaten. This is verry strange.” Astrid answered for her husband.

“Where? I don’t see a thing moving out there other than the wind in the grass and trees.”

“They are out of your sight range.” Eldarion said. Without thought he grabed Astrid by the arm and pulled her allong quickly after his mother.


Nearly sunset. the few survivors that they were able to gather were about to fall down on the spot for a bit of rest. Even the horses that had come out unscathed were weary from the long treck. It had been two weeks or so since they’d seen their city being torn down by the invisable enimy.

Only Gimli was still able to keep a good pace. Chasing after the hobbits a few years agao had taught him to have more endurence than he once had. Now he could almost keep as vigilant as the king. Almost.

The city walls were only a few feet ahead now, and that was all that kept the people going. They strived to make it into the city where they hoped to find safty.

The doors were wide open, people were in the streets going about their dayly things; only the odd person bothered to stop and look at the new commers. Legolas spotted a face that he knew well among the citizens making his way to the gate to speek with him.

“Welcom good friends, the king has sent me to bring you to his halls.” Aragorn said to Legolas and Gimli with a wink.

Pippin gave him an odd look and asked, “What are you talking about, Strider? Have you alredy laied down being ki-“

Merry clamped a hand around Pippin’s mouth befor it got to the ears of the other Gondorians. “Shh, Pip! Right now he’s not the you-know-what… He’s just old Strider, now learn to keep your mouth shut.”

“We need to speek with him as soon as possible. There was an attack on our city in Illithin.” one of the women said coming up from behind Legolas. “My boy’s half dead from them. We couldn’t even see them… not even their weapons as they came at us.”

“Estel,” Legolas became somber as he spoke. “I couldn’t even tell when one was about to strike me. They are not of the shaddow relm. I could have seen them if they were. these are unlike anything I’v ever come across in stories or life befor.”

“Then the king and queen will here you imedeatly.” Aragorn said taking the horse’s reigns to lead him into the inner circles.


“Astrid!” Legolas called to the girl he’d know for so long.

“Legolas!” she cried back, then ran to him. She pulled away from the fatherly embrace quickly to look him over. “Why are you so?” she pointed at one of the manny cuts on him.

“Speek with Gimli or one of the hobbits, I must speek with Arwen quickly.” he said and quickly walked over to the queen.

Seredron came into the enterence then. “I have evrything redy.” he whispered.

“Dose Eldarion know anything yet?” Andon asked.

“No. All is wating on my end.” Astrid said. “where is Gillian at?”

“He’s with the horses and supplies. When will you be with us?”

“An houre ofter the sun is down I will leave for the lake.”

“Good then. We’ll be wating for you.” Seredron commented softly as the two young men walked out of the palas.


“Where have you been?” Astrid said turning to find Eldarion in the hall behind her. She entered her room, leading him in with her. ‘This is going to be tricky.’ she thought to herself.

“things were taking long with the hobbits continually conflicting with eachother”s statments. Then they kept nearly fighting, so…” he said softly as he pulled hir into his arms.

Astrid awoke. she was later than expected, but she knew that the three boys would still be wating for her. They were told to wate even untill dawn befor giving up hope on her.

She covered her body with a small quilt and fished through her cloths for the note she’d written. Placing it on the night stand, Astrid found the cloths she’d stashed away the morning befor and pulled them on.

Eldarion stirred in the bed. “Where are you going?” he asked softly.

She wraked her brain for an answer. “For a snack. I didn’t eat well enough at dinner. Don’t bother to get up, I’ll be back in a few d- minutes.” she stroked his cheek.

In moments he was asleep again, with that she left with a light pack on her back. Gillian, Seredron, and Andon had taken care of all the important supplies. She only carried a coupple changes of cloths and some secretly made lembas. The others refused to try anything different, and so she wouldn’t force them enless it was nessisary.


“Andon quit your snoring!” Gillian proded him into the tree to wake him up.

“Is she here yet?” he asked as he woke up.

“Not yet.” Seredron said, “Wate… There she is!”

“Keep it down, you three!” Astrid said in a horse whisper.

“Why’d it take you so long?”

That’s absolutly none of your busness. If you ever find a wife, then you might understand how hard it is to get away from a spouse when they follow you into your room.”

“We wouldn’t have seperat rooms, Astrid.” Andon said. “If she wasn’t alredy in there then ofcourse we’d be followed later on.”

Just shut up and get on the horses! We can talk later.” Seredron said.


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