The People Of The Dragonfly. – Part 3-The Diary In The Wall

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The lawn visible from the prince’s window captured the setting sun’s rays just right this afternoon. Little blue flowers were evry whear. The pinks, yellows, and purples of the planted flowers seemed to attract more butterflys and other beautiful insects rather than ants and wasps. Oh, there was the ocasional honey bee, yes, but not a wasp or a hornet to be found armong those flowers. A vine of morning glories, though these bloomed at sun rise as well as sun set, climbed along the white archway on the bath that shaded the fountain in the middle of the lawn. By the stand of evergreens was a stone bench with designs of the trees of life on their supports held a bit of fallen leaves in the deepening shaddow of night fall.

Eldarion mused over Astrid’s odd collaps a few weeks befor. Acording to Gimli, she’d done it about two days befor the wedding as well, but that was said to be from the poision that had come into her from the thorns she’d ran through while hunting, but it was still of the same man. How could this be?

A soft tapping broke his concentration.

“Yes?” he asked.

The door opened enough to let in a skinny man about the prince’s own age. The boy refused to grow a beard like the majority of all the other men of Gondor and Arnor. Eldarion didn’t have much choice in that matter. Onlike this man, the prince was unable to grow a beard as he wished.

“I know it’s been a while, Eldarion, but I just cought wind today.” Andon said.

“A while!” the prince drug out the words. “it’s been over a year! Andon, next time you say that you’re going to take a trip to Illithin, I’ll not be expecting you back for three years, the way you carry on a short month.”


“Elenore, do you see that crack there in the closet wall?” Astrid asked. She was still not allowed to do much. Walking was out of the question untill she did not become dizzy from the loss of blood after that odd incedent in Rohon not long after she and Eldarion were married.

“Why, of cource! Did you just now see it?” the younger girl asked, as if it had been obvious all allong.

“I never really paied it much attention, but is it just me, or is that a bit of paper sticking out from the wall?”

Elanore stood and looked clocer, she not having the sight of the elves like Astrid. It was there, a few leaves of yellowing paper stuck out from the crack. The hobbit girl pulled it out, only to find more pulling with it, but thankfully they had been bound by a bit of string so that they would not fall apart all at once.

She took a peek as she handed it to the new princess of Gondor and Arnor. “I’ve seen that simblo befor.” she commented. “It’s like the one on that dagger you found.”

Astrid’s eyes moved down the page to a signature and the simbol the hobbit pointed out to her. Indeed, it was exactly like the simbol of the March Warden of Lothlorien, as Legolas had told her.

“But I can’t make out the rest of it. I don’t read the Angerthas like your mother dose. It’s all so much like that dwarvish Gimli mumbles some times. Straight and confusing as ever, it is. If my Da saw me looking at this, he’d have a few words comming at me like he said his old Gaffer would at him.”

“I can’t read it eather, Elanor, but you did say that the queen could. Are you shure about that?”

“I’ve seen her wright in them befor. Said it was a letter to her father and brothers.”

“Then we’ll have to show it to her at dinner, now won’t we?”


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