The People Of The Dragonfly – Part 3- Dagger Under The Moonlight.

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Her back ached constantly for manny days. Astrid couldn’t even open her eyes from the pain that weled up from her spine. After it had been a few weeks since she’d collapsed, she slowly made progress.

Again the wife of the prince was able to stand. Their planns set back manny months, but now she could move about freely as long as nothing brushed her scar whear it remained tender, yet it was healing. Healing slower than a snail, but healing none the less.

Rest this night seemed impossible. Her mind screemed to have rest, but her body wouldn’t let her stay still for long. Darkness had fully fallen over the land, provoking all others to their beds that did not have to stand gaurd after nightfall. The stars were bright as Astrid walked out of a side door to sit under them in an atempt to calm her nerves.

For some reason, the dagger that had fallen becide her had found it’s way into her coat pocket, but she made no attempt to take it out. It made her feal safer, though it was most likely the one thing that had nearly taken her life.

“I see that I am not the only one who cannot sleep in such a place.” the familler voice of Elessar came from the shaddows to the left of whear she sat.

“My lord..” she stood. “I did not know that you had come here.”

“Eldarion sent word of what had happened. I wished to see what I could do to help.” he paused and walked out under the moonlight. “I was unable to come at first, but Arwen insisted that she could mannage more than her normal shear of duties.”

“I see. I would have done the same for you, my lord.”

“No, Astrid. A friend aids a friend out of care. For now I am only the ranger. Few know that I have left Minas Tirith. It’s not good for you to give me titles when not in court. If the people of Gondor and Arnor did not need me, and if Arwen did not capture my heart, I would not have been king at all. Juts the Ranger called Strider stopping in at Bree evry now and again, keeping his past hidden and only about evrybodies busness without them knowing.”

“If it wasn’t for Eowyn, I would be much different.” Astrid said. “A girl raised by an elven prince who hardly visits home seems to become nothing like what her parents might have indended. Even so, I am still not the princess that others may see. I’m gald, however, that those who saw what happened a coupple of years ago most likely don’t remember it.”

The night wasn’t quite as cool as origionally thought. Astrid jerked her coat off during the small silence that followed. The dagger fell out and allerted Elessar. Astrid did not notice it, but mearly sat down whear she’d been befor, with her legs near the edge of a small drop.

“Whear did you get this from?” the ranger handled it, taking it from it’s sheeth to inspect the blade.

“It was near by me when Eldarion found me. No others could reconize it.”

“I do.” he said gravely.

“It is yours then? How did you come across a blade made in Lorien?”

“It was not mine. It had belonged to Haldir. Whear exactly did you fall?”

“Just up there on the wall walk.” she pointed off to the inner wal high above them on their left.

“Just there is whear I stood. Down there in the dip, you see?” he gestured. “From that angle I had a better view of what happened on the wall. As we retreted, I saw your father fall there. When I had come to him to see if he was in good enough condition to be pulled back inside, Haldir was alredy dead. The dagger had fallen there, but after we reclaimed the Deep, it was missing.”

“Who could have left it? Why would they leave it with me?”

“I do not know.” he shook his head as he placed it back in it’s sheeth. Handing it back to her he said, “Do not let this come up with my son. He will not know much about it. He became concerned for his mother once when she had a memory of being Luthien. Do not let this pass to any others hand. It is yours by right.”


“No, don’t leave just yet!” Gimli puffed has he ran along behind Aragorn. This must get to the lady Arwen. It must!”

“Then why won’t you just tell me what it is that you want her to know. I will tell her myself.” he asked.

“You wouldn’t understand it at all. I just ned another piece of paper and you to wate a moment for me to finish it.” the dwarf pleeded.

“Why would I not understand it?”

“It’s for her eyes only, and you can’t read it anyway.” he waved what he’d written befor the king in hiding. All of it written in dwarvish.

“And you expect her to read this?”

“She can. I taught Eldarion, and at the same time the lady sat by to learn for herself.”

“All right. I’ll wate for one moment long enough for the seal to be placed on it, and then I have to leave. There is barely enough time, Gimli, so make it quick!”
Arwen looked over the letter again. Concern for her daughter-in-law weled up in her heart like a fountain. She was so intent on the message, that she didn’t notice Rhiannon comeing into the study.

“What is it, mother? You look troubbled.” Rhiannon voiced.

“It’s about Astrid. Gimli reports a story that he had been told by Eowyn. He believes that Astrid is in verry real danger. She may not be able to escape her own destany. Your father pulled through his, but this looks as though she may not.” the queen explained.

“You mean, she could be the Dragonfly of Kesenet?”

“Yes. Kesenet was long believed to be an ancestor of Haldir. His features alone said that. All expected that the story was a little off and that it would be a male to redeem it, but it looks as though it was right and Astrid will see herself in a place not ment for a woman of royalty.”

“Kelestan will be then?”

“Unfortunately, yes.”


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