The People of the Dragonfly – Almost the end

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Haldir didn’t quite know what to think. He was glad to know that his child was alive, glad that she had reclaimed Kelestan, but not sure what to really think of her. He saw that she was a good soul and determined, but she hardly spoke to him of anything. She did stand up for him, respected him as a daughter should respect her father, but did she love him as a father? Did she even really think of him as such?

How could she? She may have his memories, his blood, but she did not truly know him. Haldir gathered that his old pact with Legolas had stood firm and she was taken into his custody. He also knew that her mother’s family had had some part in her bringing up. Other than that and her marrage to the Gondorian prince, he knew little.

She favoured her left side slightly, kept it gaurded at all times, never wore anything that would reveal it even through silky cloths. When he first beheld her, Haldir had thought that she was wounded with a great bruse there by her actions, but the prince of Rohon was quick to say otherwise.

Again he found himself with an army at his back, heading to Rohon to protect it from an unseeable force to mortal eyes. With him was the royalty of Rohon and a boy of Gondor, Andon.

They made the tiersome march with all haste, but not so much as to fully weary thoes on the march who were unused to traveling so much distance in so little time.

Haldir remembered the pace that he’d had to set the elven army at once befor. It was faster, more steady, but there were not nearly as many who followed him then. He knew that the main fight would be in Illithin, but a great part of it would also take place here, as it had only twenty years befor.

Upon seeing Edoras, he was discouraged emencely. It was even more open to attack than previously discribed to him by Legolas.


Arwen, Rhiannon and Eldarion led the remanent of the army they were to comand down the River tward Gondor. They did their best to not overestimate their chances in the comming battle. Mother and son alike had seen battle on their own teritory befor and come out alive, but that was a seeable enimy to all. This, mostly unseen, enimy was a new thret that called on their skills as elves, as elves who had to keep the spirits of an entier army and nation alive with flame in the heat of a battle that none were sure of winning.

As they followed the river south again twards Gondor a shout arised. Eldarion was the first to note the comotion’s cause… The enimy was alredy upon them. His first thoughts went out to his mother and sister who rode by his sides in the front lines, but he had no more time to thing of anything else.

A figure, hazy to his eyes but still there, jogged at the steady pace of a skilled warior at him, sword drawn and redy to attack. Not having any time to draw his own sword, Eldarion pulled out the dagger concealed in his boot to try and block the attacker. He was unsucessful in his attempt and bore the first strike of a premature battle on his thigh where a deep gash made him calle out in utter pain. The blad had sliced deep into the prince’s musscel.

Arwen had barely enough time to draw out her blade and block the coming wariors. She was lucky that they were hesatent to strike a female in battle. It was the only thing that saved her and her daughter’s lives, or so it seemed. With that in mind, she signaled to Rhiannon and they came clocer to Eldarion.

They held off the attackers as best they could to try and give Eldarion some time to bandage his wound enough to stop the bleading for a while. It didn’t work as well as they’d hoped, but it did enough for him to tie off his leg with a loose piece of leather on his saddle. At the same time, all hesitation in the attackers’ minds was lost when they noted the skill that the Queen of Gondor posessed in handeling a blade, and that her daughter was skilled some what as well.


All of Astrid’s mind broke apart. Her thoughts were scattered and hope spread about all Middle Earth. Her newly found father was marching away from her to Rohon, her husband and his mother and sister were riding back to Gondor, and she was placed with the most mixed up bunch in all Ea; Gillian, Perigrin, the “Hunters”, and no other women.

The elves gave her an unreadable look, but the looks at Perigrin and Gillian were definitly that of curiosity, however she did not like the comments that they made about the Hunters. Legolas had some what lost his stature among the elves when he’d befriended Gimli. Aragorn was hard pressed to keep his own with all three races represented in the three Hunters because of his friendship with them. gimli had gained a slight bit of favor with the elves while at the same time he lost some with the dwarves. All the while they each gained something in return. Their stature politicly may have fallen half a notch, but respect was gained by the thousands of hearts around Ea.

She thought again on her father. Was he sent to Rohan because Galadriel knew that he would die there? It would have been sincible punishment for disobeying his orders not to leave his post or let any come cloce to Lorien’s boarders, but would they really do that to one who could have been the cause for the distruction Sauron wished on the world?

She didn’t know how to react. Legolas had been more of a father to her than any other. Eomer, Faramir, Gimli, and Aragorn were like uncles. Arwen had been like a aunt. The prince and princess had been like brother and sister. Gillian, Seredron, Andon and the hobbits were like other bits and pieces of family from cousin’s cousin’s or something of that sort. but what was she to think of Haldir?

Sure he was her father, but did he really have a place in her heart? Where would he fit other than the memories embedded in her mind? She barely knew him, and had no way to come to know him, or atleast it seemed that way. if he couldn’t survive Helm’s Deep, she thought, how will he survive this? How will any of us?


Legolas worried for his friends. He was not able to give the needed gift to the other Hunters no matter how much he wished to do so. But the secret of his mother gave him a new hope. She was an unknown Istar, an Istar in legue with Melian, and that gave him hope. Drwaing the mortals that he cared most for aside, Legolas spoke with them.

“I can try to help with your problems.” he said. “I have some skill with the giving of unseen gifts, or I should say that I may have some skill in it.”

“How so?” Aragorn asked.

“I may be able to enhance your ability to see into the shaddow relm, Aragorn, but as for you other three, I will only be able to try and enhance your ability to sence the enimie’s coming and placement.”

“I don’t understand, Legolas. I don’t know what you are getting at.” Pippin said quickly.

“If you thought that Galadriel was powerful, I will be more so. If I can do this for you, no one will be wishing that Gandalf were here. I will be less powerful than he is, but more so than he was as a Grey Istar for my mother was a black Istar.”

Gimli, Perigrin and Gilliath eased back away from him slightly. Now they were unsure of him, didn’t know if they could still trust him or not.

Seeing this, Aragorn spoke up, “I will let you use me for your first attempt.”

“Then you understand why I could not say befor now about my mother?”

“Yes, any Istar or family member of an Istar with that kind of power needs to keep on their gaurd. It is not good to involve two master sorcerers together in battle, or the whole of Ea may suffer the consequences no matter the outcome of the battle.


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