The Peoole of the Dragonfly – Elven Sight for the Mortals

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Gimli was almost redy to fall over now. The new way that he saw things made him dizzy. One way he looked at Draugsul he saw a simple elf soldger, but with the next blink he saw a being of light in a world of shaddows.

“How am I supposed to fight when I can’t even tell if what I am seeing is real or not?” the dwarf asked Legolas.

“You will learn.” the elf said. “But don’t think that your eyes are now playing tricks on you, all that you see is real. You are mearly seeing both natures of what you look at.”

“Then it is you who are playing tricks on my eyes.”

“No, Gimli. It is simply that you are less acustomed to the way one changes between the normal sight of men and the sight into the shaddow world.”


Aldor, newist Marshal of the Mark sprinted to Eomer as the king came with the band of elves. Distress was written all over his face. A nasty bruise was forming around his eye.

“My lord!” he called out. “My lord, do you know any by the name of Haldir?”

“I am he.” Haldir answered from Eomer’s side.

“Then maybe you can help with the man who came in yesterday morning.” Aldor said, hopfully. “He came from the northern boarders and speeks in a language alian to us. One of our soldgers managed to understand that he was called Rumil and was looking for a man by the name of Haldir.”

“Where is he?” Eomer asked quickly.

“Rumil.” Haldir embraced his brother. “Man na i?” he asked. “What is it?”

Rumil answered in the only language that he knew fully, “Orophin has returned from the Brown Lands with knews of things beginning to flourish there as if they had been there for as long as Lorien. He said that there are many fair animals the likes that have not been seen since before Sauron. I went there myself to see it as he had said, and evrywhere there were flowers, and manny ffair animals, but alwasy the great number of dragonflies here and there in the grasses. What is this, brother?”

“Kathestalda.” Haldir said. The one word said it all.

“Then the armies are arisen.”

“Yes. The unseen is heading here, Gondor, and is alredy in Illithin.”

“Who? Who has brought Kelestan back?” Rumil asked, eyes wide.



Arwen plunged her father’s spear into the last of the attackers throats. She sighed heavely, looking up at the stars overhead. Tears began to fall from her eyes as she crumpled on the spot. She never wanted to have to kill any, but this was more than she could ever think of being able to do.

“Mother?” Eldarion limped to her side, finally able to see her clearly again. “Where did you get that from?” he asked, pointing to the spear.

“Your grandfather sent this to me as we fought.” she said, lifting the blood stained weapen.

“How? Who would be foolishenough to just walk through a battle to give any person something like that? Or did Draugsul give it to you while we were in the mountains?”

“No. It came from-. Oh, it is of no consequence now. We need to get back to Minas Tirith to protect it’s walls now.”

“I don’t think so.” Merry said. “They said that this was the part sent to distroy the White City. The others may need help.”

“Now, master Brandybuck.” Rhiannon said. “Look to the south!” The hobbit and the others faces twards Minas tirith to see smoke rising in the air. The Wite City was again set aflame.


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