The Passion – Chapter One

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Dom smiled as he placed the last Easter egg under a bush. Those were for Alexandra to find tomorrow.

“Hello? Anybody home?” he heard a voice call.

“I’m in the back, Sean!” Sean soon came around.

“Hey, this looks really good.”

“Thanks but my mum should take the full credit.” They laughed.

“You don’t think that the eggs will be too hard for Ali to find, do you?” Dom asked.

“Nonsense,” Billy’s voice answered. “Ali is a smart girl.”

“And we’ll be there if she needs any help,” Elijah added as he and Billy walked to Dom’s garden. The four friends had a masssive hug.

The sat in Dom’s lawn chairs, talking about various things.

“You know Dom,” Elijah began. “I would have never thought about Easter in England, but this is really awesome.”

“Yeah,” Sean said. “I think Christine wants us to move to England, she loves it so much.”

“You should take her to Scotland, Sean. She would love that even more.”

“I will let you give us a guided tour one day, Billy.”

“Aw,” Dom said. “No matter what he says, England is better.”

“Is not.”

“Is to.”

“Is not.”

“Is to.”

“Okay,” said Sean. “Dom, you say what you think makes England better than Scotland, and Billy, you say what you think makes Scotland better than England.”

“This should be good,” Elijah said to himself.

Dom sat there for a moment. “England produced Dominic Monaghan.” He crossed his arms and looked at Billy.

“I can beat that. Scotland produced Billy Boyd. And England technically didn’t produce you, Dom. You were born in Germany.”

“Drat.” Sean and Elijah laughed at the silliness of their two friends, and soon Dom and Billy joined in the laughter with them.

The world began to fade. They felt a strong jerk and their world began spinning. They screamed. They had been through this once before, but it was still terrifying.

Finally the spinning stopped. They looked at each other and saw that they now had beards, wore biblical robes with leather sandals on their feet and mantles on their heads.

“Where are we?” Dom asked.

“It looks like an ancient city, probably from the Roman era,” Elijah said, applying what he had learned in Roman civilization. “Telling from our dress and the dress of the people around us, I would say that we might be in Jerusalem.”

“That crowd over there seems to be heading that palace thing,” Billy said.

“Come on,” said Sean. “Maybe we’ll find something out.” The gates opened and the crowd rushed in. The actors flowed with it.

“I can’t see anything!” Elijah said. Dom stood on his toes to see through the many heads.

“There’s a man up on the stairs. He looks Roman.”

“The governor, no doubt,” Billy said.

“There is a man standing all alone. There are people standing around him, but not too close. He is chained. This must be about him.”

“Shhh, they’re talking.”

“Do you always punish your prisoners before they are judged?” the governor asked.

“Governor…” a man stepped forward. He looked very important

“What is your charge against this man?” the governor interupted.

“Well, if he weren’t a malefactor, we wouldn’t have brought him to you,” the other man said.

“That’s not what I asked. Take him away and judge him by your own laws.

“Consul, you know that it is unlawful for us to condemn anyone to death.”

“To death? What has this man done to merit such a penalty?”

“He violated our Sabbath. He has seduced the people, taught foul disgusting doctrines.”

“Isn’t he the the prophet you welcomed into Jerusalem only five days ago? And now you want him dead? Can any one of you explain this madness to me?”

Another man stepped forward. “Your Excellency, please. So far the High Priest hasn’t told you this man’s greatest crime. He has become the leader of a large and dangerous sect who hail him as the Son of David! He claims that he is the Messiah, the king promised to the Jews.” The high priest stepped forward again.

“He has forbidden his followers to pay tribute to the emporor, Consul.”

The governor motioned to the soldier beside him. “Bring him here,” the soldier said. Two soldiers went down and led him into the palace by his chains. Dom could tell from the way he was walking that he was very tired. A sinking felling told him that the man would have to endure much more before the day was over.

The crowd mumbled to itself while it waited. Elijah looked around. He saw two women and a young man. One of the women was young; she looked no more than twenty-five and she was very beautiful. The man looked like he was in his early thirties. But it was the older woman that caught his attention. She appeared to be in her late forties. There wasn’t anything memorable about her appearence but she was extremely beautiful, as beautiful as the younger woman. She seemed familar; he knew he meet her before. It only took him a few minutes before he started running toward her.

“Mary! Mary!” he called. The older women looked at him, her brow furrowed in thought. Her eyes grew wide and she ran toward him.

“Elijah!” They hugged.

She studied his face carefully. “Elijah you have not aged a day since we last met and it’s been thirty-three years. Age has not been so gentle to me.”

“Nonsense Mary, you are very beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“Elijah, you…” Sean and the others stopped short when they saw Mary.

“Mary,” Billy said.

“Sean, William, Dominic.” She squeezed their hands. “I never thougt I’d see you again. Especially after we moved to Egypt.”


“I will tell you later. It is a long story.” The young man and woman walked up to her.

“John, Magdalene, these are my friends: Elijah, William, Dominic, and Sean. They were present at Jesus’ birth. My friends, this is John, son of Zebadee and Mary Magdalene. Both of them are Jesus’ disciplines and John is Jesus’ best friend.”

“That’s Jesus who’s on trial?!” Dom exclaimed.

“Yes, and he’s done nothing wrong!” Magdalene exclaimed.

At that moment the governor emerged with Jesus.

“I have questioned this prisoner and find no cause in him,” he said. At this there was an outcry from the crowd. Mary clutched her mantle a little tighter.

“He is a Galilean, is he not?”

“He is,” the high priest answered.

“Then he is King Herod’s subject. Let Herod judge him.”



Not mine. It’s based on the four Gospel accounts and Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

I hope you found it worth your time. Please leave a comment. But please be gentle as my stories and I have very sensitive feelings.


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