The One Who Will Be Reborn – Prologue: An Innocent Wish

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“May I sing a song for you,” asked the child.
“Oh! Lovely! You sing? You must have a Very sweet voice. Yes, that would be nice,” answered the guests.
“If you must, Aurora,” sighed her mother.

There’s a place, so I heard, not so long ago,
Troubled souls, welcome there, far from all we know.
There’s a place, so I heard, timeless and serene,
Nature roams freely there, in the meadows green.
Gentle breeze fills the air, skies of palest blue.
Silently waiting there, all to comfort you.
There’s a place, so I heard, closer than it seems,
One more step takes you there, way beyond your dreams.

There’s a place, so I heard, where the living’s slow,
Pain, they say, ebbs away, as the rivers flow,
There’s a place, so I heard, waiting there for me,
Free from care, life is there for eternity,
No more fear, no regret, there’s no price to pay,
Restless heart soon will ease, when you know the way,
There’s a place, so I heard, shade and light are one,
Wisdom will lead you there when the day is done,
(Lyrics by Rebecca Knight, music by Dvorak)

Clear, unwavering notes flowed from the girl’s mouth, soothing as the waters of a river, sketching faraway lands in every mind’s eye.
“That was nice, Aurora, but it’s getting late. You should be in bed,” chided the mother, who’s name was Emily.
“Good night, mother,” obeyed a dampened Aurora.
“Good night!” chanted the assembly.

“You should encourage her! She has a wonderful voice, and a sweet temper. Many mothers would be proud to have such a daughter. She still does ballet, doesn’t she?” rebuked one of Emily’s friends, Mia.
“You’re right, but her father hates it when anyone praises her,” replied Emily.
“All the more reason to encourage her! If you go on in this way, she will give up, and God knows what she?ll become. Help her, defend her while she still has the will to be a wonderful daughter, with all those qualities she shows through ballet and singing,” insisted another of her friends, Elizabeth.
“Also, she’s now starting to ask for horse-riding lessons,” added Emily.
“That’s wonderful! She’ll enjoy it very much, and it will build her confidence,” said Mia.
“I’ll try, but it won’t be easy, because of her father,” accepted Emily.
“We’ll help you if we can,” said Elizabeth.
“Thank you”
* * *
She was running towards the reddish shadow of an unseen light. She was in a long, dark corridor, and from the shadow of light, she saw a bend in the corridor. She felt too hot for comfort, scared and desperate for a ray of light. Her once long white dress was torn to her knees, and dirty around all the edges.
* * *

“Mother? Did we ever live in a castle once?” asked Aurora.
“Of course not! Why do you ask?” responded her startled mother.
“I keep having a strange dream, where I feel as if I’m in a castle”
“We all have strange dreams”
* * *
She was leaning against a tree, in a forest, at night. The forest was too silent for her comfort. She started to walk. Slowly, a nameless fear crept into her heart. She kept on walking, stooping to avoid a curtain of ivy, hanging from a tree. The fear was becoming unbearable. She broke into song, and was immediately joined by other, merrier voices.

Snow-white! Snow-white! O Lady clear!
O Queen beyond the Western Seas!
O Light to us that wander here
Amid the world of woven trees! ?
(Words by J.R.R.Tolkien)

Speedily, the fear disappeared, as she joined the other singing voices, discovering them to be elves. Funnily enough, she found she was only slightly smaller than the elves. Was she an elf-maiden?
In the dark, two small figures ran towards them, relieved. They were hobbits.

“I wish my songs had as much power here. I wish I were an elf-maiden in Middle-earth. I would fit in there so well.”
Aurora had awakened from her dream.


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