The One Who Will Be Reborn – Chapter 1: She Has Come

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A young lady was walking slowly beside a large, mirror-like lake. It was early autumn in Scandinavia, and the sun was starting to set, surrounded by a circle of pinks and reds, broken only by the pine forests that bordered the faraway banks of the lake. The sun was reflected as an aura of red and gold light surrounding the young lady’s hair, which fell to her waist in a thick plait of a rich auburn colour. She was quite tall, maybe around 18 or 19 years old. Her complexion was that of a porcelain doll, she had an oval face, eyes that, depending on how the light fell, were either greyish green or blue. Her red lips complemented her features. She had a hazy, faraway look in her eyes as she looked into the sunset, a tear rolling down her cheek.

* * *

She was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car; her brother was in the driver’s seat. She was 15, and her brother had picked her up from high school to take her home.
Suddenly, deafening noises erupted from all around them. She felt liquid trickling down her forehead. Shaking, she called for her brother.
“Aurora! Are you all right?”
“Yes… I love you.”
“I love you too. I couldn’t have dreamed of having a more wonderful sister… Whatever dad will say, none of this is your fault.”
She realized he knew he wouldn’t live much longer.
“Aurora, I’ll always be with you, protecting you, as I always have done. Don’t let dad destroy you. You have so many inner gifts, and so much inner beauty that can’t shine through because you live in fear of dad. You’ll be alright as soon as you leave home, and you’ll be considered as a jewel by all who meet you. Just hold on until then, for my sake. I’ll help you along. Remember, I’ll always be with you”
Christian whispered his last word. He was losing consciousness.
“Christian! I love you!” Aurora cried.
She took her brother’s hand and closed her eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks.

* * *

Once again, her father had destroyed the pleasant holiday atmosphere, for almost inexistent reasons, wishing Aurora had died instead of Christian, and blaming her for his death. She closed her eyes and hugged the nearest tree, hearing her brother’s deep, calm voice inside her head.

She looked up from her tree, and walked into the forest. Slowly, she began to see a light, like a hanging, sparkling mist that had caught the full moon’s rays, far in the distance. But the sun hadn’t yet set.

“Aurora! Where are you going?” called her mother.
“Not far. There’s something I want to see.” She shouted back.
“Don’t be too long, or you’ll make me sick with worry!” Reproached her mother.

“Emily! She’s almost 19! She doesn’t need worrying about!” Claimed her father.
“I am genuinely worried about her, because of the effect your monstrous behaviour towards her is having on her.”
“If she hadn’t needed picking up from that high school, Christian would still be with us!”
“Even before the accident, you always did your best to mortify her.”
“I never wanted that silly girl in the first place. Our lives would have been perfect without her, and I’m sure Christian would agreed.”
“Our lives would have been perfect without YOU, and don’t you dare put words in a dead person’s mouth. I know for a fact that Christian cared very much about his sister. He was always trying to comfort her after you’d had a row involving her. You are the one who always creates trouble, with your petty, ridiculous disputes, and if it weren’t for the fact that you can’t live without me, I would have divorced long ago.”
Another 10 minutes passed, but still without a single sign of Aurora’s return.

She walked on towards the misty light. She thought she could hear beautiful voices singing in a strange language.

* * *

On the cinema screen in front of her, she saw a lady dressed in white, riding a white horse, illuminating the scene with her blinding white aura. An angel’s voice had announced her arrival.
“Tinuviel elvanui, elleth alfirin”

* * *

Gradually, she felt herself blacking out, and leaned against a pine tree to avoid falling.
* * *
“Faramir ! Do not throw away your life so rashly!
“Your father loves you, Faramir, and he will remember it before the end…”
* * *
She wanted to wake up and run back to the encampment, but she couldn’t!
Instead, she heard faint voices.
“Manwe, transport her, but gently, for you are the Lord of the Winds”
“Varda, my spouse, show her your light and heavenly beauty, that she may trust you.”
“Please don’t hurt my sister. She’s still fragile.”
She saw a blinding star in a night sky, on which her view zoomed. She then saw a radiant queen surrounded by stars. She smiled and seemed to hold her hand out to her.
“When you are afraid, just sing my name, Elbereth Gilthoniel”

She was leaning against a tree, in a forest, at night. It wasn’t the same tree, or forest. The forest was too silent for her comfort. She started to walk. Slowly, a nameless fear crept into her heart. She kept on walking, stooping to avoid a curtain of ivy, hanging from a tree. The fear was becoming unbearable. She broke into song, and was immediately joined by other, merrier voices.

Snow-white! Snow-white! O Lady clear!
O Queen beyond the Western Seas!
O Light to us that wander here
Amid the world of woven trees! …
(Words by J.R.R.Tolkien)

Speedily, the fear disappeared, as she joined the other singing voices, discovering them to be elves. Funnily enough, she found she was only slightly smaller than the elves. Was she an elf-maiden?
In the dark, two small figures ran towards them, relieved. They were hobbits.


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