The Natvitiy – Part One

by Nov 19, 2004Stories

“Rrrriiiinnnnggg,” went the sound of the doorbell. Dominic Monaghan rushed to answer it. “Bill, how are you? Come in.”
“Hey, Dom.” Billy’s armed were filled with wrapped packages. “Hey let me take some of those.” Dom took a few out to arrange under the tree. He noticed one had his name on it. “What did you get me?” he asked.
“You’re going to have to wait and see,” Billy said as he took of his coat and scarf. “I’d like a warm Christmas, thank you very much,” he muttered. Dom laughed.
The doorbell rang again. “Elijah, Sean, come in, guys.”
“You know Dom, my wife was thrilled at the idea of Christmas in England. This was the best idea you ever had.”
“You are so right, Sean. Thanks for inviting us over for this little reunion,” Elijah added.
“Thanks guys.”
After the presents were arranged under the tree, the four hobbits sat back on the couch talking about old expiriences.
“You guys should see Christmas in Germany. It is gorgeous.”
“That can’t beat New Years in Glasglow.”
“Iowa’s lovely this time of year.”
“L.A. is moderate, as always.” They laughed.
Suddenly the room began to fade. Then the four actors felt a sudden jerk and the room went spinning. They screamed. The next thing they know was that they were standing in what seemed to be a desert.
“Look at you!” They shouted at once. Their modern clothes had been replaced by biblical-looking robes, they had mantles on their heads, and leather sandals on their feet. Most unusual of all, they now wore beards on their previously clean-shaven faces.
“I look like the Shah of Iran!” Billy exclaimed. They laughed, but it was an uneasy laugh. Where were they? How did they get here? And how were they going to get home?”
“Okay, where did that come from?” Dom asked. Sean unknowingly was holding the reins of a pack mule loaded with food, water, and blankets.
“Don’t ask me,” he replied. “There’s a cave. Let’s get out of this heat and discuss it there.” They walked in the cave. “Hmmm, kinda cozy,” Dom said. They sat down.
“Okay, one minute we’re a gathered around Dom’s Christmas tree and then we’re here, in the middle of nowhere, dressed like this!”
“Excuse me,” a new voice said. “May we share this cave with you?” They looked up to see a sweet faced man. He looked about 28.
“Sure,” Elijah said. The man smiled and left.
“I wonder where he went,” Dom said.
The young man soon returned helping a pregnant girl. Sean immediantly jumped up and spread out a blanket for her to lie on.
“Thank you,” the girl said. She looked no more than fifteen. Her hair was dark, and her eyes were brown. She seemed to have some soft of other-worldness to her, and so did her husband. Even though there was nothing really memerable from her appearence, she was incredibly beautiful.
“What are your names?” she asked.
“My name is Elijah, this is Dominic, this is Sean,” He looked at Billy. “And this is William.”
“My name is Joseph and this is my wife, Mary.” the man said.
“We’re pleased to meet you,” Billy said.
“How long have you been married?” Sean asked.
“Six months.”
“When is the baby due?”
“He will be due any day now.”
“You think it will be a boy?” Dom asked.
“Yes,” Mary answered, gently stroaking her swollen stomach. “Someone told us that He would be a boy.”
“Who?” Sean asked. He was interested in the expiriences of other couples.
“Just Someone,” Mary said with a mischievious gleam in her eyes.
“Mary, are you feeling any better?” Joseph asked.
“Yes, I’m fine now.”
“Good because if we are to get to Bethlehem before nightfall, we need to be getting of the road again.”
“All right, Joseph.”
Joseph turned toward the hobbits. “We’re traveling to Bethlehem for the tax. Where are you traveling?”
“Oh, Bethlehem,” Dom piped up.
“Would you like to travel with us?”
As Joseph helped Mary back up on their donkey, Billy whispered, “I don’t know what it is, but something in all this sounds really familiar.”

*Disclaimer* The characters in this story were not made up by me and I do not intend to profit from this story. The characters were made up by the greatest Author in the World, The LORD. Mr. Tolkien is #2.

*Author’s Note* This maybe a little early for Christmas, but I wanted to make sure it would be on the website in time.


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