The Naratyl Chronicles

by Jul 6, 2004Stories

All characters, places, events, creatures, etc in this story are property of J.R.R Tolkien, unless they were my creations. This will be rated PG-13 for violence. I am in no way trying to replicate Tolkien’s style and depth of writing. Enjoy!

Then came the Fourth Age of this world, and shadow began to quietly creep back into the lands of Middle Earth. Long had the War of the Ring passed, its hero’s carried into legend, never to be forgotten. Peace had resided and settled as the years grew. But even light must pass. King Elessar’s reign was coming to an end, Samwise Gamgee had gone to join his Master Frodo Baggins over the glass sea, and Peregrin and Meriadoc were aging in years in their beloved Shire. Their tale was over, like the sweet red haze of yesterday’s sunset.

But this is not their story.

Middle Earth once again would face a war. None could ever believe a war bigger than the ring would ever threaten. Yet it did. The hero’s of the Third Age would faintly call, summoning Middle Earth to save what they had so bravely fought for all those years ago. They waited, hoping their request would be answered. And it was.

Here in lie the records of Naratyl.


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