The Naratyl Chronicles – Chapter Two

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…And a terrible foul wind swept in from the east. Faintly at first, only the wisest heard its whispers. Taunting, jesting. The lands of Middle Earth had enjoyed a quiet peace throughout King Elessar’s reign, unsuspecting to any future danger. But as the men of the West bowed their heads in sorrow as the noble King of Gondor breathed his last, another raised his in hope, for he knew his time had come at last- his time to seize the throne of Gondor. He would see no heir follow his father. Eldarion, son of Aragorn and Arwen, was just an obstacle to crush. As much of a threat as he was, he would be defeated nonetheless. The peoples of Middle Earth knew nothing of this dark stranger, for his home was in the black lands, where none now ventured. None, not even Aragorn himself, knew of the well kept secret that was this man. The thought would not even cross his mind, that the younger brother that had supposedly drowned all those years ago, was alive.

Bodvar, son of Arathorn and Gilraen, was the younger brother of Aragorn. Blessed as well to be a descendant of the Dunedain, Bodvar was only two years of age when he was pronounced dead, drowned in a horrible accident in a nearby river. Grief stricken and shocked, the family had no choice but to accept it, sending the older Aragorn to Rivendell to start his new life. Bodvar was dearly loved, but soon was just a memory, lost forever. Or so they thought.

Saraman the White, cunning in his ways, had seen his chance with Bodvar. Foreseeing Aragorn’s destiny as king of men, the evil wizard staged Bodvar’s death, taking the boy alive, deep into the woods of the black lands, where daylight dies and evil corrupts even the fairest of hearts. There, he oversaw Bodvar’s raising, shaping the boy as he grew into a man for the time when his return would shock all those on the earth. Poured into the young boy’s heart were hate, jealousy, and anger towards his brother, and all that was “good” in the outside world. Orisis became his name, Bodvar forgotten to the boy just as much as his early memories were. Saraman knew Sauron’s war would come, and he also knew, deep inside, men would have a chance of victory in the end. This is why Orisis, if kept hidden, would become his greatest weapon, even after death, and the triumph of the West.

And this proved true, as we all came to witness.


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