The Modren Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Chapter 2

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Rain. A great metal wall. Four hobbits approached the gate, wrapped in thier rain jackets. A security camera looks at them. Out comes a synthesised voice: ” Hobbits. Four hobbits. What business brings you to the town of Bree?” Frodo looks up and says, “Our business is our own. We wish to stay at the Inn.” Out came the reply: “All right, young sir, I meant no offense. It’s my assigned programing to watch the gates. Cannot be to careful.” The gates opened, and the hobbits trudged on into the town, walking on the sidewalk to avoid the traffic. Then they came to the sign for the Inn, the Prancing Pony. The sign said that they had “The Best Beer in Eriador.” Pippin plunged in. The other three hobbits followed. They threw back thier hoods, and were greeted by a fancy-ish type of resteraunt, you could say, because the inn archetecture contrasted with the Men and hobbits that sat around dozens of tables, who were ordering food (lots of this) and drinks (even more of these). The innkeeper leaned over them bar before him and said: “Good day, little masters, we’ve got some nice cozy hobbit-sized rooms. Mister, ummm” “Underhill.” Said Frodo. ” My names Underhill.”
A few minutes later, they were seated at a table and were ordering food. Frodo noticed a tall man sitting in the corner of the smoking section with a hood masking his face. As Mr. Butterbur began to set food in front of them, Frodo asked his question, Butterbur answered, ” He’s one of them Rangers,” Usual stuff. Frodo noticed the Ranger was smoking. Suddenly, the Ranger started to cough, and he threw his pipe away and said (between coughs), “That’s it… I quit…” Frodo gave him a thumbs up.

To be continued…


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