The Memory of Love – Chapter One

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I got the idea for this story from Eavenstars:Kate and Haldir. So I recommend it to those of you who haven’t read her story yet.

Chapter one
The only thing she could hear were the wolves in the shadows. The only thing she could see were angry, red eyes. They were circling around her. Planning. Preparing for her death. The leader stepped forth, so that she could see its horridness. It spat and snarled as it leaped at her. The beast sank its teeth deep into her side. She screamed out in both pain and terror.

Suddenly an arrow struck the leader. The rest of the pack fled. An Elf with long golden hair stepped out of the trees. He ran to her and laid her in his arms. He examined her wound. It was deep and bleeding furiously.

“You poor little thing.” He lifted her from the ground.

The girl groaned, and spoke weakly in elvish, “amin a- lyena tura edhel.” -I am too weak Master Elf- Her eyes began to shut and her breathing slowed.

“No! Stay with me dear maiden.” He carried the precious jewel to Caras Galadhon. She was still alive once he reached the Healing House. He laid her on a bed. While Mirriel, the elf healer, tended to her wound, which had become infected, the elf held her feverish hand and whispered to her.

As he did so, to his surprised, she opened her eyes and spoke, “am n- us- amin.” -Do not leave me-

The elf kissed her hand, “gorga n- amin kai n- amin lle.” -Fear not I will not abandon thee- She smiled and fell back asleep.

She slept in peace for three days. On the evening of the third day she awoke, her wound healed and her fever subsided. She found herself looking at the elf. He was sitting on the floor with his head on the bed. He was asleep. There was also another elf. He looked much like the elf that rescued her, yet he seemed fairer.

Kindly he spoke to her, “Greetings fair one. I am Celeborn, Lord of Lothlorien.”

The other elf was now awake, he then spoke, his voice was sweeter then any she had ever heard, “I am Haldir. What is your name?”

She did not answer right away. Then slowly she said, “I….I can not remember. I can not anything of my past.”

Haldir walked over to Celeborn and asked, “What can this mean my-lord?”

Celeborn shook his head, “I do not know. This has never happened before. Not here anyway. But she will need a name, unless she prefers being called stranger.” He paused, “We will call her Celebren.”

Mirriel took Celebren behind a curtain to dress. When she came out Haldir couldn’t take his eyes off her. She wore a white dress with flowing sleeves. Her hazelnut hair fell loosely amongst her shoulders., and a white circlet was fixed upon her brow.

Celeborn saw Haldirs reaction and tried his hardest not to laugh, “Well, I think you can handle it from here Haldir. I must go speak with Galadriel about our guest.” Celeborn walked out of the room.

Haldir held out his arm to Celebren. She took it, not wanting to be rude. He lead her outside into the warm air. The sun was beginning to set.

“Welcome, Celebren, to Lothlorien.” Haldir was happy to see her smiling as he lead her to the Dinning House.

“Oh Haldir! Your home is beautiful!” Her brilliant emerald green eyes glittered in the evening light.

“I am glad you like it.”

They were now at the door of the Dinning house, which had on very long table. At one end there were two grand chairs in which Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel were seated. The rest of the chairs, where the other elves sat, were more simple.
“ni hamas hin.” -Be seated child- said Celeborn motioning to the chair beside him. Celebren sat down and Haldir sat next to her.

“Celeborn tells me you remember nothing of your past.” Galadriel looked curiously at her, “Is this true?”

Celebren could not get herself to look at the eyes of Galadriel. She was in fact made Celebren quite nervous. She wished she was only talking with Celeborn and Haldir. She had grown comfortable with them.

“I can see that I intimidate you.” said Galadriel. How could she know that?

“Lady Galadriel can see into the minds of others.” explained Haldir.

“No my-lady. I do not remember anything of my past. The only thing I can remember is the speech of the Elves and how I still know it I do not know. For I don’t even remember what my true name is.” Her hands were shaking, thought there was no reason for them to do so. Celeborn laid his hand on her shoulder. Celebren looked at him. He had the brilliant blue eyes of the elves. Celeborn smiled at her. She tried to smile back, but was still a little nervous about being in the presence of Galadriel. They ate in silence.

After they had eaten, Haldir lead her to her room. “Thank you.” Celebren whispered.

“For what?” he asked, though he knew why she was thanking him.

“For saving my life. I would be dead if it wasn’t for you.” She looked into his gentle blue eyes.

“Ar im sal’ garo amin na kweth im kai al- awar lle Celebren. Lle ku varna na hin.”- And I still hold myself to my word. I will not abandon you, Celebren. You are safe with me- Haldir said quietly to Celebren.

“Goodnight Haldir.” Celebren went onto her room.

“Good night Celebren.” whispered Haldir.



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