The Memory of Love – Chapter Four

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“Do not fill your heart with sorrow my husband.” Galadriel had entered, she sat next to him and nuzzled his cheek with her forehead, “We will see each other again. Someday.” Celeborn nodded and kissed his wife. Celebren noticed Haldir standing at the door and slipped, as quietly as she could, over to him.

“Lets leave them alone for awhile.” he whispered in her ear. The lord and lady noticed not that they had left. Together they sat under a tree. Haldir held her in his arms and ran his finger slowly down her arm. “I’m glad your staying.”

Celebren buried her face in Haldirs lush blonde hair. “So am I.” He kissed the top of her head. She laid against his warm, gentle body, not wanting to let go. She just laid there. Wrapped in her dear ones arms. Rising and falling with his each breath.

“im garo amin lle.”-I have something for you- Haldir fastened a necklace around her neck. It was silver with a green gem in the center.

“Ta varana.”-Its beautiful- They heard a fair sounding horn blow. “It is time for Lady Galadriel departing. We must go see her off.” As they passed the library, Galadriel and Celeborn were coming down the stairs.

“Celebren, Haldir, come here.” said Galadriel, who had one arm around Celeborn. Wrapping her other arm around Haldir she said, “Don’t you two kill each other when I’m gone. Understand?” All four of them laughed. Galadriel didn’t frighten her anyone.

“Don’t worry it’ll take a lot to make me want to kill him.” Said Celeborn still laughing.

“Keep an eye on them, Celebren.”

“Yes, my-lady.” They reached the ship the ship that would be taking Galadriel away.

She again kissed her husband, whispering something in his ear. Galadriel embraced Celeborn sadly. “Flaew mel’ lle ten vee’ ann vee’ im guinar.”-I’ll love you for as long as I live- said Celeborn softly.

“Im karas.”-I know- She kissed him again and boarded the ship. For a moment, Celebren thought she was haring things, but Galadriel was talking to her in her mind, “Watch over Celeborn for me. He considers you as a second daughter. He has already lost his first. He will protect you like his own. Haldir loves you and will do anything for you. You have seen this. Namaarie, Celebren.”

Celebren walked closer to Celeborn, who put an arm around her shoulder. Tears were streaming down his fair Elvish face. Celebren wished she could do something for him, but there was nothing. They watch as the ship sailed down the river.

“Lets go,” said Celeborn in a tiny voice. As they turned to leave Haldirs friends, Orophin and Rumil, were waiting.

“Its time to go on the night watch, Haldir.” Reluctantly, Haldir followed his fellow elves, but just after giving Celebren a kiss on the cheek.

They went back to Celeborn’s garden and stood starring at the waterfall. Celeborn’s eyes were brimmed with tears. His heart ached for Galadriel and she had only just left.

“Don’t cry my-lord.” Celebren said quietly, but he couldn’t help it. He fell to the ground weeping. She threw her arms around her Lord of Lothlorien. With her touch his crying ceased.

“I must look so silly crying.” whipping his eyes dry with the end of his sleeve.

Celebren shook her head, “No one should feel ashamed of crying. Even the Lord of Lothlorien.” They ate dinner in the garden. Though neither of them seemed to have much of an appetite. Afterward, they both went to their rooms. Celebren just noticed she had a room in his house. While most were farther off. They said good-night and went into their rooms. Celebren changed and climbed into bed. She realize how extremely tired she was and fell asleep quickly. A dream came into her mind. She was in some sort of house. Her house. There was a girl at the top of some stair. Celebren assumed it was her. She starred down the stairs where a man and women stood. Her mother and father . Then she screamed. Her father carried a knife in his hand, it was covered in blood. Her mother now lay on the floor. Dead. Her father saw her spying on him and pulled her down the stairs. She could actually feel someone shaking her.

“Celebren! Celebren! Wake up sweet child!” Celebren woke up shaking. Celeborn was sitting on the bed with a concerned look on his face.

“Celeborn!” she collapsed in his arms still shaking.

“Hush. Everything alright I have you.” He brushed her hair away from her face, “What happened?” Celebren told him her dream.

“My mother is dead, and my father killed her. I remember now. I remember my past!”

Celeborn looked at her amazed, “My name is Rhiannon. I lived in a village outside of Edoras. He tried to kill me too, but I escaped. And the first place that I knew I would be safe was Lothlorien.” She still lay in Celeborn’s arms, her body shaking not as badly.

“Its alright.” he whispered, “Lay back,” He laid her body back on the bed, “Go back to sleep Rhiannon.” He stayed with her until she was asleep again, then retreated back to his room.

The following morning Rhiannon woke early. Not felling at all refreshed. She got up and dressed. Quietly, she past Celeborns room. She just needed to be left alone. So she went for a walk along the river, though she didn’t get far. She was attacked by a cloaked man who came from behind. He gagged her and tied her hands together. Hosting her upon a horse he snapped, “Your not getting away this time!”


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