The Man Slayers – Prologue: Hitokiri Battousai and Lasto Lalaithamin, the Man Slayers

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Authors note: This was inspired by one of the newest releases on Tonnomi, Rurouni Kenshin. For those of you who don’t know, Rurouni Kenshin is about a Man Slayer, who’s nickname is Hitokiri Battousai, From a revolution in Japan (Around the 1860’s).

Anyway, my story is about two Man Slayers, Hitokiri Battousai, and Lasto Lalaithamin, an Elven Man Slayer. Now, I will begin all my stories with one of my charaters introducing it. Alrightie then, let’s begi the story.


Everyone has a destiny. Everyone has a beginning and a end. Well, not me. I have lived for thousands of years. I have watched my species murdered by the Humans. I have turned into a heartless Man Slayer. My Elven name use to be Luktiene Fuia (not Lady Luthien), but I am now Lasto Lalaithamin, the most deadly Man Slayer ever to live.

I was not always like this, I use to be a young, respectable women, but then it happened. My four children, and my entire family was accused of witchcfat, and were all hanged by the Humans. I was outraged, but had to go into hiding, because the Humans were hunting us down.

They slowly killed us off, one by one. Now I am one of the last. The remaining Elves have turned from being nice, respectful creatures, to ruthless, unfrogiving Man Slayers, or, as some like to call themselves, Human Hunters.

I’m starting to wonder if I am the last of my kind. The last time I saw anouther Elf was over a thousand years ago. I have become sick, sick of being away from my kin. In Fact, I have prayed for death for a long time, so I can fly to the Halls of Mandos, and join my kin again.

Well, now you know the beginning of my story. I am the most deadly Man Slayer in all the history of this planet. I am Lasto Lalaithamin, the most deadly Elf ever to live, and this is a Man Slayers story.


“Stop! Come back, Lasto Lalaithamin. Come back and fight”!

Her footsteps were quick and light. The wind rushed through her long, red hair. Her blue eyes, with an outline of red, shined in the slightest ammount of light in the pitch-black forest.

She rushed forward, seeing light up ahead. She could still heard cries from her persuers, but she couldn’t fight them no. She had been severely wounded, and had had her sword taken away.

She rushed out, into a clearing. Lucious golden light blinded her. But she continued forward more, but tripped over a log, and fell to the ground.

A foot was suddenly sat down three centimetres from her head. She looked up to see a man with red hair, and murderous red eyes, looking down at her.

Unfrightened by the man, she looked back, and saw her persuers jump out at her. She scrabbled to her feet, and rushed past the man, nut stopped when she saw more or her persusers in front of her. SHe took a few steps back, only to bump into the man.

Falling to her knees in defeat, she waited for someone to dispose of her, or something. Sh would die anyway if she did not get medical attention soon anyway. But nothing happened for the longest time.

She looked back up to see the man pull out a sword, and face her persusers. They all seemed afraid of him. “Gee, and they weren’t afraid to chase an injured Lasto Lalaithamin. Why are they afraid of him”?

One of her persusers stepped forward. “We don’t want any trouble, just hand over Lasto Lalaithamin, and we won’t hurt you”.

“Hurt me? You look like you would cower in fear before you could even fling your swords from their sheaths”. The mans voice was cold, and deadly, and made the persusers cower in fear.

“Frogit it, I want to live”! One of the persusers turned, and ran off.

The man turned back to her, and put his sword away. He bent down and began to examining her wounds. “Why did they want you so bad”?

“I was hired to kill one of their generals, and almost suceeded, put it must have been a set up. They overwhelmed me, and disarmed me. Left with no other choice, I took my chances in the woods, where I could have been killed. I think you can guess the rest of the story”.

The man nodded. “You need help, I can make temperary bandaging on your wounds, but we need to get you to a doctor. athey may not be too friendly with you, because their enemies, but they’ll have no other choice”.

“What do you mean”? Her eyes were glued together by blood that had been rushing down her forehead, so she really couldn’t out anything but his red hair, and red eyes that had that murderous look to them.

“I am Hitokiri Battousai, the Man Slayer”.

“Hitokiri Battousai? Hmmmmmm, why are you helping me then? Man Slayers usually kill all those they run into”.

“In your case I’ll make an exception,Lasto Lalaithamin”.

“Oh, you know who I am”?

“Yes, and I know your scars. I have heard stories about you that I always figured to be children’s tales”.

Lasto Lalaithamins eyes suddenly flashed with flames. “Why you lit-” She was suddenly cut off by a flood of pain in her stomach. She slipped into Unconciousness.

Hitokiri Battousai picked her up, and began heading for the nearest town, feeling that Lasto Lalaithamin slipping closer to death.


Lasto Lalaithamin woke up to see people rushing about her, working on her wounds. She looked over at the wall to see Hitokiri Battousai sitting in a nice cozy chair, watching the doctor and their nurses rush about her, doing what they could for her wounds.

She closed her eyes again, and waited for the people to stop working. It took them an hour of two to finish, but they saved her. When they wer done, and had left the room, Hitokiri Battousai stood up, and walked up to her. “How do you feel”?

“I’m alive, I guess that’s all that matters”.

“You’re alive, but how are you feeling? I need to know how many limbs I need to cut off that doctor. It took me forever to convince him to help you”.

“You don’t need to hurt anyone. Just get them to pay for a new sword. I lost mine back there, if you don’t remember me telling you so”.

“Alright, I’ll be back in a few minutes”.

“Thank you”. Battousai left to get Lalaithamin her new sword.

“He later returned with a brand new sword. “I hope you like it. Those doctors were a little stubborn, but when I threatened to hurt them, they thought otherwise”.

“Thank you, Hitokiri Battousai”.

“You can call me Kenshin”.

“Kenshin, alright”.

“Is there anything else I can call you by”?

Lalaithamin thought, it had been so long since she had used her real name, she could hardly remember it. “I use to be known as Luktiene…Fuia, but I don’t like be called by that name anymore. I guess tou can call me… I’ll let you decide”.

“Leaving the choice up to me? That is going to take me some time”.

“Take as long as you’d like, just get me out of this hospital”.

Kenshin nodded, and picked her up. “We’ll get you something to help you walk while we’re leaving”.

“I don’t want anything to help me. I can walk”. She pushed herself out of Kenshins arms, but she just fell to the floor.

“Fine, I’ll carry you everywhere we go until you heal”. Kenshin picked her back up, and wlaked out of the hospital. The Doctor and nurses were more then happy to see her go, for they were cursing the two for ever coming to their town.


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