The Man Slayers – Chapter #4: A Woman In the Night & A Battle In the Stream

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Lasto, how I miss her. We may not have been together for that long, but I do miss her. She had said that I deserved better then her, but I don’t want better. She had said that my life would be destroyed if she were to stay, but I believe that I would have been given a life.

It has been a month since she left, and I have heard romuors of where she might be. But I cannot leave to see if these are true, for my duties are too great here to leave now. So I stay, and wait for the day that this war will end, and that I’ll be able to set out to find her. Maybe I’ll find her, maybe I won’t, only the future can tell.


Kenshin walked through the dark night, thinking, as he made his way to a drinking tavern.

He ran a hand over the scar that was on the scar that was parrel to the jaw line on the left side of his face. He then thought of the person who had given it to him. The man’s name was Akira Kilowatt, a bodyguard of Administer Shidejura Jubee, a man the Batousai had been assigned to kill around six months ago. Akira had been one of the many victims to the Battousai’s sword that night.

As Akira had died, he had tried to say something, but Kenshin had killed him before Akira got the chance to finish what he was going to say.

Kenshin walked into the tavern, sat down at a small table, and ordered a cup of Sake. He sipped at the sake, and began to think about all that he’d ever taste in his drinks would be blood.

A beautiful woman then walked into the tavern, and sat at the table behind Kenshin, ordering a cup of sake. She caught the eye of two drunkards, who walked over to her. “Care to join us in a drink, won’t you cutie?”

“No thank you.” She said, lightly sipping her sake.

“Oh, but we insist.”

“I said no thank you.”

“Come on pretty lady, join us in a drink.”

Kenshin finally decided to help the woman. “She said no, now leave her alone before something happens to you.”

Angrily, the men turned, and left. Kenshin paid his bill, and left the tavern.

Kenshin walked down a dark street, not far away from the drinking tavern. Suddenly, a Shogunate assassin ambushed him. “Well, Battousai, we finally meet. I will kill you, and bring honor to those I follow!” The assassin rushed forward, and went to strike Kenshin.

With one swift motion, Kenshin unsheathed his sword, slashed, and put his sword back. The assassins blood flew all over the place, and the assassin fell to the ground, dead.

Kenshin looked down at the pool of blood he now stood in, and shook his head. Suddenly, he heard the sound of wooden sandals coming from behind him. He turned, and saw the woman from the tavern. Her Kimono had been stained from the blood that had just been spilt. She began to speak, “I came here to thank you for your assistance back at the tavern. But I only came to find that you are the man who has been causing all this bloodshed…”

She kept speaking, but Kenshin just stood there, and stared at the woman. Suddenly, she passed out from drinking too much, and fell to the ground. Knowing that he could not leave an eyewitness, Kenshin picked her up, and carried her back to headquarters.


Lasto looked into the beautiful stream, it looked so beautiful, so pure. She waded into the knee-deep water, not bothering to take off her sandals, or pull her robes up to keep them from getting wet. She had stopped in a village a ways away from Kyoto to take a rest.

She smiled as the delighting feeling of the cold water touched her. But that joy was soon taken away when she heard a voice say. “So, the great Lasto Lalaithamin has come to our great Shogunate village. We shall kill you, and bring honor to this very village!”

Lasto turned, and saw a group of men from the village, weapons ready to kill. “Please go away, I wish not to cloud these pure waters with your blood.”

But the men did not listen to her, and rushed forward. Lasto shook her had, and drew her sword. “Killing you will bring no pleasure to my heart.”

She stood her ground, as the men plunged into the stream, swords swing, chain whips slashing. The first one to come at her swong his sword, she avoided it, and slashed up at his stomach, cutting deep into his gut. He fell into the stream.

Lasto then felt a chain whip wrap around her stomach. She was lifted off the ground, and was flung into the air. She landed heavily next to the man who had the chain whip. He went to throw her again, but Lasto pluged her sword up, and into his neck, killing him.

She then stood, and went to turn to face her other attackers, when one of them jumped onto her back, and bit into her back. She cried, and plunged her sword back, lightly clipping herself. The sword went through the man, who let go of her, and fell to the ground.

She then turned to face the last two standing. “Please go before you die.”

“Never!!” they rushed forward together, one of the swong his sword high, the other low. Lasto dived inbetween the gap, seeing what they were trying to do. She quickly slashed through the one of the mens stomach, and swong her sword around, and plunged it into the other ones back.

She landed, and did a role back up onto her feet. She turned, and saw the men fall down, both of them dead. She sighed, put her sword away, and looked at the bloodied water.

“I’m sorry, it seems like where ever I go there’s nothing but blood waiting for me.” She looked around her, and saw that some people from the village had gathered, and had watched the massacre of the men she had just killed.

She heard crying, but paid no heed to it. She just stood there, and stared into the red water.

A young sixteen year old boy knelt next to his fathers body, crying. He looked up at Lasto, picked up his sword, and stood. “Die Lasto Lalaithamin!” He rushed forward, sword ready to behead Lasto.

“No Hono!!” His mother cried.

Lasto’s killer instincts kicked in, and she reacted without thinking. She pulled out her sword, spun on her heel, and slashed. Her sword met flesh, but it was not the boys.

“Mother.” The boy managed to squeak.

His mother looked down at the Lasto’s sword, which now was deeply wedged into her side. She fell into the water.

Lasto threw her sword aside, knelt down gently, and cradled the dying woman. “I can do nothing for you as you die, but I can offer to carry out any last request you may have.”

The woman roughly began to speak. “I wish… for you to take…my son with you… and raise him as though… he were… your own. Please promise me… that you will… do that.”

Lasto nodded. “From a mother to a mother, I promise to care for your child. I will teach your son to protect others, and that he will be raised under me until he wishes to leave, and find a life of his own.”

The woman smiled. “Thank you.” She then looked at Lastos sword, which now lay in the water. “Now please, end my pain, kill me.”

Lasto nodded, stood, and picked up her sword. “I’m sorry, goodbye.” With that, she plunged her sword into the womans heartr, killing her.

The boy was now on his knees, crying over his mothers dead bodies. Lasto put her sword away, gently picked him up, and cradled him like a little child. She walked away from the stream, and made her way into the wilderness. The boy buried his face into her shoulders, and finally fell asleep.


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