The Man Slayers – chapter #3: The Fates Were Against Us

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As much as I enjoy the fact that Lasto and Himura have become friends, I’ll have to break that new bond. For she could completely destroy young Himura’s life. I am Katsura Kogoro, and I was warned by my fellow co-worker, Takasugi Shinsaku, that Himura’s life would be destroyed, why did I not listen? Now I have to break the two most feared Hitokiri’s friendship, and order them to go their seperate ways. Oh why, oh why did I not listen to Shinsaku?


“What?! You want us to break our friendship?!” Lasto stood there, shocked by what Kogoro was saying.

“If you two remain friends, then he will surly have his life destroyed. Now please, let the friendship go, it’s for his own good.”

Lasto sighed. “Okay. but it’s not going to be easy for either one of us. it’s been too long since I had a friend like him. I’ll be surprised if either one of us ever forgives you.” She turned, and began to walk away.

“It’s for the boys own good, think about it.” Kogoro said to her back.

Lasto did not turn, but went to find Kenshin. She found him sitting on a bridge near the edge of Kyoto. He was staring into the blue water. He looked up, and gave her a small smile. “Good morning Lasto.” He said, climbing to his feet.

“A good morning it is not, Kenshin.” Kenshin looked at her in surprise. “I’m sorry Kenshin, but all things must come to an end, some sooner then others. I have just received orders that we are to be friends, and that I’m to leave Kyoto to do work in other places of Japan.”


“I’m sorry Kenshin, but I must leave.”

“No! Yo… yo… yo… you just can’t leave me.” He fell to his knees.

Lasto walked up to his side, but did not turn to comfort him. “I will leave now. But I want you to go out, after all this is over, find a wife, have a bunch of kids, and life the life I once had long ago.” She began to walk away.

“Wait! Lasto, I want to be with you after all this is over. I want you to become my wife so we, WE, can live together in peace.”

“You deserve better then I, go find someone else.”

“But I don’t want anyone else! I want you.”

“I’m sorry, but peace I will never have. The fates were against us, and we have lost the battle. If I stay, then your life will be destroyed. If I go, you will have a chance for a new life with someone else, and somewhere else.”

“But I don’t want another life without you.” Kenshin turned to look at Lasto, but she was not there. She had silently disappeared into the nearby forest. “Lasto.” He wishpered in dismay.

“I’m sorry Himura, but I had to do that.” Kogoro said, walking up to him.

Himura stood, and wiped a tear from his eye. “I wish not to be disturbed, that I do not. Go away.”

“I did what was best for you.”

“And took what was begining to mean everything to me away?!” He turned, and ran off.

Kogoro shook his head, and those haunting words came flying back to him. ‘This will destroy the boy’s life, Kogoro.’ “Oh why did I not listen to you Shinsaku?”


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