The Man Slayers – chapter #2: Blood in Kyoto

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Kyoto, a city of bloodshed, and fear, h how I wish that I didn’t have to return to there. After all these years of seeing nothing but blood, and death, I have found something that could take me away from all of that. A sheath to Lasto Lalaithamin’s anger, and killing instinct. But I guess it was not meant to be. For by the sword, of the slow passing of time that sheath will be destroyed, and there will be no end to my killing.

Anyway, the Battousai and I, Lasto Lalaithamin, were called to Kyoto by our leader, saying that our sevices were needed. The man that has called us here is known as Katusura Kogoro, a kind, yet serious man. It looks like my killing days are not yet done.


They walked into Kyoto, and looked around. Lasto had covered her face with bandages so no one would know who she was. They made their way to the Ishinshishi Headquarters, where they were to meet their leader, Kogoro.

Kogoro greeted Kenshin with a warm smile. “Welcome to Kyoto. We are in great need of your skills. And who might htis be travelling with you?” He did not know that it was Lasto because of the bandages.

Lasto removed the bandages. “You’re always in need of other peoples skills. What is requested of the Man Slayers now?”

Kogoro raised an eyebrow. “So you are travelling with the Battousai, what brought you to do that?”

Rage filled Lasto’s eyes. She pulled out a dagger, grabbed Kogoro by the collar, pulled him ’till he was centimetres from her face, and held the knife up to his neck. “You should be careful of what you say. Remember, you may be the leader around here, but I am the one with the sword.”

Kogoro pushed away from Lasto. “Cool down red head. You are in my headquarters, after all, and I could have you killed in a second if I wished to.”

Lasto put her dagger away. “or so you say, but I doubt it. And what is the Ishinshishi headquarters doing in the Kohagi Inn?”

“How did you know that this was an Inn?”

“First off, there’s a sign outside. Secondly, I have stayed here before. Now what are the Man Slayers required to do here?”

“We need you to protect the leaders that reside here, and also do some assassin work for us.”

Kenshin crossed his arms. “Typical, you high up people never want to get your hands dirty. What’s the first job.”

Sogoro handed Lasto a black envelope. “We need you to assassinate the one General that you were assinged to assassinate before. This is the address in wjich he is staying at, right here in Kyoto.”

“The same one who set that trap, and nearly got me killed? Ha, he shall pay. Why do you give me such petty assignments, especially when they are propoly protected by the lowest soliders in their army?”

“Trust me, he will not go down easily.”

Lasto nodded, turned, and began to walk away.

Kenshin nodded too. “Blood will be spilled in Kyoto tonight. When the night is late, he will be no more.” The two Man Slayers then turned and left the Inn.

“I told you before that the boy’s life would be ruined, now he will not have a life. He’ll turn into her.” Takasugi Shinsaku stepped from the dark corner that he had been hiden in, and approached Kogoro.

“I know, that’s why I’m going to seperate them after this. Lasto may need his help on this mission. But his life is already destroyed, I just hope that he can make a new one after this, without her.” Sogoro sat down at a table.

Shinsaku sat down across from him. “That’s why I warned you when we toke him in as a Hitokiri. His life is ruined, and he may never have a new one.”

Sogoro nodded. “I know, but, like it or not, his life is ruined, and much blood has been spilled because of his sword. Even more will be spilled by the two tonight, here, in Kyoto. Why did I not listen to you?”


Lasto looked up at the sky, and began to see stars faintly glowing in the night sky. “It is time.” She whispered to Kenshin. “you just be careful, I’m not use to haing to watch other peoples backs on assassinations.”

Kenshin nodded. “I’ll be fine.”

They then lightly jumped off the wall that they had been perched on, and made their way to the entrance of their targeted buildiing.

There were six men quarding the entrance. With two quick sweeps of her sword, they all fell, dead.

They moved inside, and began to make their way to their target. Both killed any gaurd they saw, so their target wouldn’t get away.

They soon reached him, but he was heavily guarded by many men. Some one must have escaped and had given enough warning to gather sone guards for the General.

“Hello, Lasto Lalaithamin, here to try and kill me again? And look, you brought a friend along for the party.” He turned to his guards, and sneared. “I want their heads on a plate.”

Before she reached for her sword, Lasto shook her head. “You are our target, why have me kill men that need not to die tonight?” She then put her hand on the hilt of her sword.

“Because lives can be expendable when going up against the greatest of the Ishinshishi’s army.Now destry them, and bring honour to the Shogunate!!” His troops rushed forward.

Lasto shook her head, and drew her sword. “Draw your sword, Battousai, but please do not make these men suffer.”

Kenshin looked at her, a little shocked. ‘Does she still care for Humans?’ He then nodded, and drew his sword.

Lasto and Kenshin charged forward. Lasto slashed her sword right and left, then dropped to her knee, and did a sweep with her sword. Then she slashed up, and did a roll forward. She then came up to her feet, and jabbed back, dropping a man. Then she went on to another.

Kenshin slashed down, then preformed Rairyusen, blinding some of the men. He then quickly cut through them. After that he went after the rest with Ryusousen, and ramdomly attack vital points on his enemies.

It didn’t take long for the men to fall, leaving just one left standing. Lasto looked down at her blood-stained robes. Her eyes flashed with anger, and she turned, and began to walk towards the General. “How dare you let others die, and be the last to charge in and fight! When I was young it was always the leader who started the fighting with their sword, you are no better then the rest of the polotics, and high-up people who make this contry fight! I hate people like you!”

The General, affraid for his life, pulled out his sword, and charged. Lasto met his sword with hers, and kicked him in the gut. He flew threw the air, and hit the wall with a loud thud, and slowly slumped down to the floor.

Lasto walked u to him, and put her sword up tto his neck. “Only now, when you are about to lose your life, do you understand? You cannot just sacrifice anyone for you own reasons. Those men died for no reason, and now your life is about to go as well. I hope you are punished for your crimes…” With that, she thrusted her sword into his neck, killing him.

Kenshin walked up, and glared coldly at the dead man. “I do hope that he is punished severly.” He turned back to Lasto. “Why did you show mercy to those men, I thought you said that you did not like Humans anymore?”

Lasto turned, and walked away. “It does not matter, they are dead. Enough blood has been spilled for one night, let’s return to headquarters.”


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