The Man Slayers – Chapter #12: And Next They Met

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~The Man Slayers~ Chapter #12: And Next They Met~

It has been so long…so long since we last parted. In fact, he no longer lives…It is now 2004, over 100 years after I was last there to talk to him. Kenshin, Kaoru, and all those that I did know are now long gone. May their souls rest in peace. Today, I am a agent in America, working on the streets of New York with a secret agency that protects the innocent who walks the streets at night. I am now known as Katie Johnson, having had to drop all my old names due to the time that has passed. I have not killed a soul since those days when I was considered Lasto Lalaithamin, the Manslayer, and never again do I intend to. Today is the anniversary of the day that Kenshin, and I first met. I am currently back in Japan, paying my respects to the man who I loved so much, and the woman who I asked him to leave me for. I only pray that their last years of life were spent living in peace, and harmony. -Lasto Lalaithamin, Luktiene Fuia.


Fuia walked up a small set of stone steps, and look around the graveyard that Kenshin, Kaoru, and all their descendants had been buried in, and sighed lightly. She was wearing a pair of tight leather pants, and tight, sleeveless leather shirt, combat boots, and a nice, long, leather trench coat. The top button on her coat was buttoned up. Her blood red hair had been pulled back into a long ponytail that went down to her waist, and the hair about her ears was positioned in such a way that it hid her pointed ears. She wore a pair of black sunglasses, and there were a pair of fingerless gloves on her hands. She looked almost like a secret agents, or maybe one of those people off the matrix movies that had come out not so long ago.

In one arm, Fuia cradled two bundles of flowers, and there was a combat knife tucked into her boot. With another sigh, Fuia stepped forward, and quickly made her way to where the graves of Kenshin and Kaoru were. She looked down at the stone that marked their graves, and smiled faintly. She looked at the one that was marked: Kamiya Kaoru, and nodded lightly as she knealed down next to it, and one of the bundles of flowers next to it. “Hello, Kaoru-san. It’s me again…forgive me for just leaving like I did all those years ago without saying goodbye. There are times when I wish that I could just turn back the clock, and correct my mistake. But it is just best that I left. I thank you for taking care of Kenshin…I am very proud of you, and all that you did for us. I am grateful that I knew you at one time.” She then laughed lightly, and shook her head. “Have you noticed that every year I say the same thing to you? I will have to come up with something else to say next year, yeah?”

Fuia slowly stood, and stepped over to the other grave that was marked: Himura Kenshin, and tears began to fall from her eyes as she sat the last bundle of flowers down next to the stone. “Kenshin…only now that it is too late that I understand…I should never have left you…You were totally right about many things that you have told me over the years that I knew you. New eras don’t come because of swords, they’re created by people who wield them. Kenshin, I am glad that I knew you, and held you at one time. I am sorry that I never helped you with any of your fights with those people so long ago. And even more, I am sorry I did what I did to you by leaving you. I am just glad to have heard that you lived the last of your years peacefully with Kaoru, and that, even though you must have missed me, you never said a word about me to anyone unless they asked first. I am proud of you Kenshin…really, I am.”

With another sigh, Fuia wiped the tears off of her face, and pulled the combat knife out of her boot, and slit her wrist. She then held her arm over the grave. “And even now, I bleed for you. And, by my blood, I promise again that this year, like the rest, I will not kill a single soul. And, though I don’t have to tell you because you must already know, I have kept my promise…and I have not taken a life since we vowed not to. Now, continue to rest in peace, my friend. We will meet again in heaven, hopefully, should the Valar wish it on Judgment Day. Until then, rest forever in peace beside you wife.” She then stood, and bowed her head to both graves before turning, and walking away.

Fuia made her way out of the cemetery, and climbed onto her motorcycle. She pulled on her helmet, and started her bike up. Then she took off, heading for the hotel she was staying at.

Along the way, someone suddenly ran out in front of Fuia’s motorcycle, and Fuia was forced to put on the brakes, nearly making her flip over the handle bars. Immediately she took her helmet off, and began to step from her bike to yell at the person when the person ran up to her. “Hey lady, mind helping me out?”

Fuia looked at him, and gasped lightly. It was him, or so one would think. He looked so much like Kenshin…and right then she knew who he was…

She looked over his shoulder at the men who were chasing him. The people looked like gang members, and Fuia frowned. She handed him her helmet. “Get on, quick.” She sat back down on the seat, and waiting for a moment longer until she felt the man’s arm wrap around her slender waist before taking off again on the bike. She heard gunfire behind them, as though the people were trying to shoot them off the bike, but it was too late. She was turning a corner, and was off, taking the man to safety.


Fuia stopped the bike in the park lot to the hotel that she was staying in, and waited for the man to climb off from behind her before she climbed off herself. She slowly took her glasses off, and turned to the man, smiling lightly.

The man bowed his head to her, and handed her the helmet back. “Thank you very much for your help.” He then stopped for a moment, looking at her. “You look…familiar, have we met before?”

Fuia smiled lightly, “in another lifetime perhaps.” She reached her hand out to great him in the western fashion. “My name is Katie Johnson, from New York city. Who are you?”

“My name is Himura Kenichi.” The man said, shaking her hand.

“A Himura? Descendant of the great Himura Kenshin I presume.”

The man looked at her in curiosity, “yeah, how did you know?”

“Call it a wild guess.” Fuia then motioned to the hotel, “I am guessing that whoever was chasing you will be looking for you at the place that you are staying at. If you want, you can stay with me until it’s safe.”

Kenichi smiled, and nodded. “I would like that.”

Fuia lead the way, smiling, knowing that this man was, not only a descendant of Kenshin, but Kenshin himself reincarnated. As she had said, they would meet again, and they did. But where does the story go from here? Well that may never be known.

[Lol, I hate to end it like that with such a cliffhanging ending, but that’s it. Who knows, I might come out with a sequel to this, and show the two of them helping the innocent, and start restoring the Elves to their former glory. However, at this point, I am thinking that I may no longer have the time to do that. Thank you, everyone who has read the story, and have fun!!]


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