The Man Slayers – Chapter #11: Battle Under the Moonlight

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~The Man Slayers~Chapter #11~Battle in the Moonlight~
(we’re going to skip forward some, seeing how I have not seen all the episodes, and have it so they have already met Yahiko and Sanosuke. This is where they will meet the old manslayer from the revolution, Udou Jin’e. Enjoy, hehe)

Well, we have made many knew friends, and I even have a knew student now. I guess allowing the Battousai and Lalaithamin to stay was a good idea, they have really helped me out with this place. Well, onto the next part of the story I guess.


Kaoru, Kenshin, Fuia, Sanosuke, and Yahiko all sat around a small stove. Kaoru was happily filling everyone’s bowls with food that she had just cooked. “I hope you like it. I think I overdid myself this time!” But then she saw the faces of Sanosuke and Yahiko. “What is it?”

“This is really bitter, and doesn’t taste good Kaoru.” Sanosuke answered, sitting his bowl aside. “Maybe you should take cooking lessons.”

“How dare you, you know how much this stuff costs!?” Kaoru began to pick up vegetables, and began to throw them at Sanosuke. Sanosuke immediately grabbed a hold of Fuia, who just happened to be sitting next to him, and used her to shield him from the fly vegetables. “Cool down Kaoru, I was just suggesting!”

“Ack! Somebody help me!” Fuia put her arms up, but couldn’t block a wooden spoon that hit her in the head

Suddenly, someone stepped into the yard they were all in. Everyone turned, and saw that it was the Police Chief. “Forgive me if I was intruding in on something.”

“Oh no, you weren’t.” Fuia said, standing up, brushing some vegetables off, and giving him a formal Japanese bow. “Have you come to join us for lunch?”

“No, actually I came to speak with the Battousai and Lalaithamin on a certain matter.”

Fuia frowned. “My friend and I no longer go by Battousai and Lalaithamin. Our names our Kenshin and Fuia now. What is it that you wish to speak with us about?”


An hour later, they were siting inside the dojo, listening to the chief. He was telling them of a man who had recently been killing many politicians. “We believe that he is named Shinsen Gumi Jin’e. The problem really is that no one has had a chance to kill him. Guards with guns were slain before they could pull out their weapons. There’s also been numerous innocent women and children killed too. We are in need of your help, Kenshin and Fuia, to caught this killer before he kills again.”

Kenshin and Fuia were sitting near the door which was open some, leaning against the door frame, and wall, staring out the door. Both of their faces were emotionless. No one could tell what they were thinking. Their eyes were just like their faces, emotionless to all that was going on.

“Well, do you think you can help?”

Again they remained silent, just staring out the door at the sun. But then Lasto spoke up. “Long has it been since we’ve had to draw our swords against another man slayer, Chief. I do not wish to again, but I will do what I must…”

“Very well. We shall be waiting at the governors place. Please come soon. He wishes to attack tonight, when the clock strokes twelve. And he’s never late.” The chief stood, and walked out of the house. Fuia, and Kenshin exchanged a look, stood, and left the room without saying a word to anyone else. Sanosuke followed them.


Later that night, at the governor’s place, a bunch of swordsmen were gathered to protect the governor. Kenshin and Fuia were at the side of the room. Fuia sat on the floor, her head cast downward, and her eyes closed. Kenshin stood next to her, his head hung low, and his eyes closed as well. Next to him stood Sanosuke, who had refused to let them come and fight on their own.

Just then, the sound of the clock tower hitting midnight was hear, and murmurs went up all around the room. Everyone’s eyes turned to the door, and windows, while Fuia’s and Kenshin’s stayed closed.

Just then, a window flew open, and silence filled the room, as everyone looked upon the man who now stood there. His head was bowed down, but an evil smirk was seen upon his face. It was Shinsen Gumi Jin’e, the manslayer who had been killing many of the Meji politics.

Fuia felt the wind upon their faces from the open window, and slowly stood. They kept their eyes closed, and stayed hidden in the background of all the people. Slowly, they opened their eyes, and saw that everyone but themselves was frozen in place. Fuia and Kenshin recognized this, as it was the one that froze someone where they stood by fear. If the person did not have a strong spirit, then they could not break it.

Sanosuke was still slightly moving, and Jin’e saw this. “Aw, so there is a strong one here. I’ll make sure to kill you first.” He then began to charge Sanosuke. He began to bring his sword down to behead Sano, when Fuia leaped into the way, and blocked the sword. Her eyes burned with a slight flame, the blood red outlines around her icy cold irises beginning to expand over the entire iris.

Kenshin leapt to Fuia’s side, and Jin’e smirk. “Do not attempt to fight death, for that is what I am.” He then tried to use his technique on them, but they were of equal spirit to him, and were able to fend it off.

“I had heard of a man who used the Shin no Ippou to paralyze people with their own fear. But those who have an equal or greater spirit then the man trying to use the technique will not be affected.” Kenshin said, standing up straight. Fuia stood behind him, remaining quiet as he continued on. “But I will let you know, it will not work on neither me nor my friend, Shinsen Gumi Jin’e. Indeed, we know who you are. A manslayer left over from the revolution, with only death in your eyes.”

“Well, if it is true that you will not be paralyzed, then I will have to kill you the hard way. It is a pity, you wouldn’t have had to suffer as much. Heh, just more fun for me, I suppose.” He then charged for Kenshin, but Fuia leapt into his path, and began to take the blows with her sword. But then she made a wrong move, and Jin’e grabbed her wrist, making her drop her sword.

He then hit her in the face with the hilt of his sword, sending her flying into a wall. She fell to the floor, and remained motionless, as she was out cold. Jin’e began to step towards her. “So, is that true the Lasto Lalaithamin I’ve heard so much about? Eyes of ice, hair of blood, one would almost mistaken that woman to be her. It’s a shame that her skills are not as good as the real Lasto.”

Kenshin stepped between Fuia and Jin’e. “That is the great Lasto Lalaithamin, and I am the Hitokiri Battousai, what of it? We have both taken an oath not to take a life ever again, that’s why you yet live. She would have killed you without trouble if we had not taken that oath. Now it’s my turn.”

Jin’e laughed wickedly. “Well, I now see that you might very well be the Hitokiri Battousai. But in either case, you cannot defeat me.” He then charged forward, and they fought for a bit. They fought so quickly that their blows and blocks could not be seen. But when they stopped, part of Kenshin’s sleeve was cut open.

Jin’e shook his head. “I want to fight the real Battousai. I will give both you and Lasto until tomorrow night to recover what you once were.” His eyes darted over to Fuia, as she awoke, and stood back up. Her eyes began to glow red. “I see that for one of you it won’t be hard.” He then leapt out the window, and Fuia and Kenshin locked glances.

“This is not good Fuia, you need to control Lasto. Your eye color is changing.”

“She is hard to control…” Fuia looked at the other men who had finally broken the trance they were in. “It’s time to go, and break the hard news to Kauro. She will not let us go easily…but we must not get her involved.”

Kenshin nodded, and motioned for Sanosuke to follow them. The three left, without so much as a word to anyone, even though murmurs were heard about Fuia and Kenshin.


Later, Kenshin and Fuia had left the place before Kauro returned, fearing that she would try to persuade them not to go. They now sat by a river, thinking silently. “Kenshin…I think that you should just let me go alone. Risking having both the Battousai and Lalaithamin coming out at once is not worth it.”

“But it would be worst it was Lalaithamin and not Battousai. You and I both know that.”

“Look, Kenshin…I just don’t want anything to happen to you, nor to any of the others…” She cut herself off as she heard someone begin to walk up.

“Kenshin…” Kenshin turned, and nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw Kauro. “Kenshin! How dare you just walk off to a fight without saying anything to me!! What do you have to say for yourself?!”

“I-I” Kenshin stood up, putting a hand behind his head. “I just didn’t want to put you in any danger, Miss Kauro.”

“What he means to say, Miss. Kauro-san, is that we have an appointment with someone who would rather call himself death, then Jin’e. We did not want you to get involved, nor hurt in any way. Please go back to the Dojo.” Fuia stood up, turning to Kauro.

“I will not go home without getting a promise from you that you shall return.” Kauro walked in front of Kenshin, and took her purple ribbon out of her hair. “This is my favorite ribbon. I want you to return it to me after the battle.” She handed it to him.

Kenshin smiled. “I promise to return it.”

Fuia got a bad feeling. “Kauro, you should go…something evil is drawing near.” Just then she pushed Kauro down to the ground, and someone picked Fuia up.

“Hello Battousai!! I have one of your women. This is one of them right. In either case, I’ll see you tonight. And the old you had better return, or else she shall die!” Jin’e put his hand over Fuia’s mouth, who began to struggle to get away. But even her old skills did not help her out.

She struggled enough to move Jin’e’s hand away from her mouth, and cry out to Kenshin. “Kenshin!! Don’t come!! Don’t become the Battousai again!!”

Kenshin’s eyes were wide, as he stood there. “Fuia!!”


Jin’e threw Fuia down on the ground. She immediately stood back up, and kicked him in the jaw. He fell backwards some, but immediately caught his balance, and grabbed Fuia by the throat. “You are not the Lasto Lalaithamin that I remember fighting ten years ago. What happened to you? You use to be the most feared manslayer around.”

Fuia growled, and grabbed his wrist, sinking the nail on her thumb into the pressure point, making him loosen his grip on her neck. She then twisted her body, and slammed her knee into his breastbone, making him let go of her completely, and to stumble backwards, gasping for air.

Fuia fell into a squatting position, and looked up at him. “I no longer have any linkage to that name, Jin’e. I am no longer Lasto Lalaithamin, I am Luktiene Fuia. I carry no such name as Lasto Lalaithamin, nor do I know much of that foul named woman.”

Jin’e laughed, and walked over to her, staring down at her. He then kicked her in the stomach, sending her onto her back. He then stepped down on her stomach, pinning her there. “You cannot deny that she was once a part of you, nor can you deny that she is no longer a part of you. She is always there, always inside of you. A manslayer is a manslayer…until the day he dies.”

Fuia just laid there on the ground, her eyes half way closed from the pain of the weight being forced onto her skinny body. She looked up at Jin’e. “True as it may sound, do know this, I refuse to let Lasto Lalaithamin come out from the deep jails that I have imprisoned her in inside my heart. She can stay there and rot. And you are right, I cannot deny either of those, but I can say that Fuia is not Lasto, that Fuia is Fuia, a woman who does not kill.”

Jin’e put more pressure on her. “We shall see just how long you last sweet heart, but I daresay that once I kill your sheath that I will actually have a fair battle with you. One that I know you will fight all out on.”


“Why, the Battousai. You have become each other’s sheaths to lock your manslayer side away in. Admit it, your feelings are strong for him.”

Fuia gritted her teeth again, and looked away. “I can neither deny that, nor can I accept it. He is love with another, and that is good for him, for he does not have to live with another who is as unstable as he is. It is better that he is not with me.”

Jin’e took his foot off her, and picked her up by the front of the robe she was wearing. “Is that so? Then tell me who else he cares for.”

“A woman more deserving of him then me.”

“I see, and this does not upset the Lasto Lalaithamin within you?”

“Lasto Lalaithamin is not allowed to decide my feelings for me anymore. I have given up the art of killing, but I still use the arts of what was suppose to be killing to protect, and only to protect, never to kill. And so, no matter how jealous she may be, I cannot allow Lasto Lalaithamin to come out for any reason.”

Jin’e grinned, and threw her aside, back into the little hut thing. “Now you be a good little girl, and stay there. When Battousai comes you can feel free to try and escape while he is fighting for your life.”

Fuia began to stand, but smirked, and stayed where she was. “I expect that he not come unless someone else wills him to other then you. My life has been threatened more times then I can count while I have been unarmed, and defenseless, but it matters not. I have always found a way to survive, through the harsh ones, and the easy ones. Through the ones that I had a great chance of survival, and those that I had no chance. You will see. The last of my kind I am, and more luck then any that came before I have as well, along with more skill. So do your worst, for we shall do ours.”

Jin’e smirked, “don’t worry, I will.”

Just then, Fuia’s head shot to the side as she heard the snap of a twig. There stood Kenshin, his head hung low, and his hair brushed into the way of his eyes. But from the way he stood, Fuia understood. The Battousai was coming back out. She began to raise herself off the ground, while looking at him. “Kenshin, no…” Tears began to seep from her eyes, she did not want to see the Hitokiri Battousai again, never again.

Kenshin slowly looked up, but did not look at her. “I do not want you to be harmed Fuia, go back to the Kamiya Dojo. I will handle him.”

Fuia began to step towards him, “but Ken-” She suddenly stopped, frozen in place. She found that she could not breath, it was almost as though something had a hold of her throat, and would not let go.

Jin’e started to laugh, and looked at her. “You could break it before, but just barely. Now you will die unless you allow Lasto to come back out, or your Battousai decides to kill me. You, as Luktiene Fuia, are not strong enough to break the paralyzing now, you are far to weak.” He then turned back to Kenshin, “what does Battousai say now? Are you going to let her die?” He began to laugh insanely.

Kenshin growled, and narrowed his eyes. “Jin’e…”

Jin’e laughed some more, “there is no time for small talk. If you have something to say, say it with your sword. Lasto Lalaithamin has very little time left, unless of course she allows the manslayer within her to come back out.” He looked back over to Fuia, “and I doubt that is going to happen any time soon Battousai.”

“Jin’e, rest assure that I will kill you tonight, if that is what it takes to save Fuia.”

Jin’e continued to laugh insanely, as he looked over at Fuia, who was struggling to say awake. “Well then, Battousai, you had better get the job done now, unless you would prefer to allow her to die. Like I said, there is no time for small talki.”

Kenshin’s gaze narrowed more, and Fuia could see it, could see that he was almost back. Fear overcame her heart, and she knew she had to break this or he would come back, and in turn so would she. Lasto she did not want coming back, not now, not ever. Lasto was a myth, and she did not want her to rise out of the ashes from whence she fell into.

Kenshin growled in his low tone, and it sounded so much like that of the Battousai’s that Fuia grew even more fearful. “Shut up.” He then dashed forward, and caught Jin’e by surprise. He thrust his sword up horizontally, and slammed the flat end into Jin’e’s nose. Jin’e fell to his knee, and Kenshin slowly turned to him. Kenshin’s eyes were red.

Jin’e began to laugh. “Yes! It’s him!” He slowly looked over his shoulder at Kenshin. “This is the Hitokiri Battousai.”

Kenshin, was indeed, reverted back to the old Hitokiri Batousai, the man that Fuia knew so well. Fuia downcast her head. “No…K-Kenshin.” She was able to stammer out.

Fuia looked up when she heard Kenshin sheath his sword, and step back into a defensive position. “Now that I have said that I will kill you, your death tonight has been assured Jin’e.” Kenshin hovered his hand just over the hilt of his sword. “Now, step forward, and face me man to man! I will show you how I got my name.”

Jin’e stood there for a moment, just staring at Kenshin’s stance. Fuia knew just as well as he did what it was. A Batou Jetsu move, in where the user of the sword would draw his sword at the last possible moment, and inflict a death blow upon the enemy, unless, of course, the enemy found a way to dodge it. And, with Kenshin’s speed, that was next to impossible…for the speed that Kenshin possessed was that of a god.

However, Jin’e gritted his teeth, as though he knew a way to survive it. He then charged Kenshin. Everything then began to move in slow motion, and Kenshin began to unsheath his blade. Jin’e forced his legs to dig into the ground, and forced his movements to pause for one moment, just long enough for the blade to pass by, missing him by mere inches. Kenshin was now left wide open, and Jin’e took a quick step forward, bringing his sword down to strike Kenshin. “I got you now Battou-” But then, he was cut off by a large jolt of pain, and what sounded like a bone snapping into two.

Jin’e slowly fell down to the ground, looking at Kenshin. He had brought his sheath behind the sword, so, just in case the first attack were to miss, the second would hit. And it did. “A double Batou Jetsu…using the sword and the sheath…” Jin’e murmured in a near whisper that could be heard by almost only himself.

“I have perfected every move of Batou Jetsu, and that is how I got my name as the Hitokiri Battousai…But it really doesn’t matter. I’m going to kill you.” Kenshin said, as he walked up to Jin’e. He then held his sword up over his head, and turned to so the sharp end was facing Jin’e, and paused.

Jin’e began to chuckle lightly, “having second thoughts? That is where your weakness will defeat you. You have to kill me should you choose to save your woman. Though it is strange, she was able to break the spell last night.”

Kenshin growled, and glared down at Jin’e. “Due to events, she weakens from time to time. And I understand what you say all too well…If this is the only chance for me to save Fuia, I will risk becoming a manslayer once again!”

Fuia’s eyes widened, and she had a flashback. In the blink of an eye, she saw Kenshin walking towards her, smiling, but as he walked the smile began to fade. `The sword is a weapon, and the art of swordsmanship is used for killing. No matter how much we have tried to avoid it, it is the truth of our lives. But I have learned to turn away from the past, and the only person that matters to me is you.’ Fuia then shook her head, tears falling from her eyes, the spell broken. “Kenshin! Don’t!”

Kenshin suddenly stopped, and looked over at Fuia. “Fuia!” He dropped his sword, rushed over to her, and caught her as she fell, her body exhausted from lack of air. “Fuia, are you alright?”

“Yes Kenshin, I’m fine.” Fuia coughed lightly, and stood back up by herself, looking over at Jin’e as he stood.

Jin’e shook his head, and grabbed a knife. Kenshin noticed this, and shook his head, “stop it Jin’e, it’s over.”

“No! It’s not over! There is one thing that I still need to do.” Kenshin immediately began to step in front of Fuia, should he need to protect her, but, instead of charging them, Jin’e ran the sword into his chest. He coughed some, spitting out blood as he fell down onto his back. He then looked up at Kenshin and Fuia as they walked up to him, and frowned at their soft eyes. “Don’t look at me like that, I liked the way you were looking at me better when you said you were going to kill me.” He then began to laugh lightly, and shook his head. “Neither of you may know it yet, but both of you will always be manslayers. Take it from a man who knows what blood lust is all about. A manslayer is a manslayer till the day he dies. You’re a fool if you think you can deny your true nature. I’ll be there to greet you at the gates of Hell.” Jin’e laughed some more, and coughed a bit more. He then rested his head down on the ground, and breathed his last breath.

Kenshin slowly turned to Fuia, and took one of her hands into his. “Maybe he is right…I’ll be a manslayer until the day I die.”

“Kenshin, he is right. However, even though we are manslayers, doesn’t mean that we have to preform the acts of a manslayer…However, I think it is time for me to take my leave of your company. This will make it easier…for the both of us to avoid becoming who we once were again.”

Kenshin shook his head, and grabbed Fuia’s shoulders. “What do you mean?” His eyes were wide, and tears seemed to rim the edges of them. “Fuia, I lost you once, I will not loss you again.”

Fuia shook her head, and looked down at her feet. “Kenshin…it is for the best that we just go our separate ways. I am immortal, part of an ancient race…and you…are Mortal. One day you will die, and I will be forced to live on. It is a simple truth…I have come to understand that I will not be allowed to decided the time of my death…The Valar will take me when it is time for me to go, but I will not be allowed to join you. Do yourself a favor…go back to Kaoru. She loves you, and I know you have had a hard time decided between me and her. I will make the decision for you now. Go to her, marry her, and live the happy life that you will never have being with me.”

Kenshin sighed, “but how can I let you go?”

Fuia smiled lightly, “you won’t…I will always be there.” She put her hand up, and placed it on his cheek. “But…in time you will see why I am doing this. We will meet again…maybe not in this life…but possibly in another one of yours we will meet.” She slowly leaned up, and kissed Kenshin lightly on the lips. She then pulled away, and began to walk away. “Goodbye…Himura Kenshin. May your life from here on out be peaceful.”

Kenshin began to follow after, but he stopped, and watched her walk away with sad eyes. He stood there, and waited until long after she had disappeared out of his sight. Suddenly, he began to hear people talking, and running towards him. He turned to see Sanosuke, Yahiko, and Kaoru run up to him. Sanosuke looked down at the body. “So you killed him huh?”

Kenshin shook his head, “no…He killed himself.”

Yahiko surveyed the surrounding area. “Where’s Fuia?”

“She has left…”

“When is she coming back?”

Kenshin turned, and looked at Kaoru. “…She’s not…” He then walked past Kaoru, and began to make his way back to Tokyo.

[And, just so everyone knows, this IS NOT the last chapter yet. That’s coming though. I hope you all enjoyed.]


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