The Man Slayers – Chapter #10: 10 Years Later

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~The Man Slayer~ Chapter #10~10 Years Later~

Well, it’s been ten years since the end of the Revolution, and the beginning of the Megi Government. No sign of the Lasto Lalaithamin or Hitokiri Batousai has been seen since then. It is said that they died, or went to live with each other peacefully, for there was no more for killers like themselves to do in peaceful times like this. But I don’t buy that.

Recently there have been many killings in the darkness of the night here in Tokyo. The killers claims to be the Hitokiri Battousai, and Lasto Lalaithamin, who both claim to be of the Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu style, the style that belonged to my father, and the same style I know teach. Tonight, like last night and the night before, I am going to go out and put a stop to this man claiming to be of the Kamiya style. I will not let him keep disrespecting my father’s fighting style, I’ll even give my live to make sure he doesn’t. ~Kamiya Kaoru


That night, Kaoru, who was walking in the streets at night, carrying a wooden sword, otherwise known as a Bokken, suddenly saw two figures ahead of, both of them carrying swords at their side. She tightened her grip on her sword, and rushed forward. “I got you now!”

The two of them, startled, turned. “Die Manslayers!” Kaoru yelled, bring her sword to slam down on one of the people’s heads. That person, with ease, jumped out of the way. Kaoru turned, and leapt at the person again, seeing now it was a female, and could very well be the person claiming to be Lasto Lalaithamin of the Kamiya Style. “Die Lasto Lalaithamin!”

Again, the person leapt out of the way. Kaoru turned, and struck again, but this time the woman stepped to the side, allowing it to barely miss her, then grabbed the wooden sword, and wrenched it quickly out of Kaoru’s hands.

Kaoru fell back wards after the woman kicked her in the stomach, and landed hard on the ground. She closed her eyes, waiting for the deadly stroke that was sure to come from the Man Slayers. But it did not come.

Instead, the woman knelt down next to her, and laid a hand on her shoulder. “Are you ok miss?”

Kaoru looked up, and was surprised, for she thought that she’d see eyes that were only looking for her blood. Instead she saw a set of eyes full of worry and care. “I-I guess so.”

The woman smiled gently, put a firm hand on Kaoru’s forearm, and helped her to her feet. “You should be careful. You really shouldn’t be attacking people in the middle of the night without knowing who they are.”

“I-I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else. There have been two killers around lately claiming to be of the Hitokiri Battousai and the Lasto Lalaithamin. The police think that they truly are the Battousai and Lalaithamin, but I don’t think so. They claim to be of the Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu style, the style that I teach, and this has led to my fighting style being cursed, and many make my students and their families to even be associated with the dojo I run.”

The woman took a quick look back at the guy she had been walking with, then looked back to Kaoru. “So you’re running around in the streets in the dead of night trying to find and kill these two with no more then a wooden sword?”

“I will give my life to restore the name of my family, and the style in which I teach!” Kaoru scolded, reaching for the bokken that the woman had taken from her. But the woman did another quick manurer, grabbing Kaoru’s arm with her free hand, and pinning it behind Kaoru’s back. Kaoru tried to get out of the grip, but failed, and finally gave up.

“Perhaps it would not be such a wise idea to go blindly attack anyone in the dark with just a wooden sword. You might accentually run into the wrong person, and that wrong person could be the Hitokiri Battousai, or Lasto Lalaithamin. You never know what you might met in the darkness of the night. My friend and I know that well…”

Kaoru turned and looked at her. The woman slowly let go of her grip on Kaoru’s arm, and handed her her Bokken. “You should go home, let me and my friend handle these Manslayers. A little girl like yourself could get yourself killed when going up against steal with wood. Go home.”

This just forced Kaoru to glare at her even more, but then there was the sound of sword clashing, and sword meeting flesh not far away. There came cries like: `it is the Battousai, only he is that stronge!’ and `Lasto…Lalaithamin…to fast! To strong!’

Kaoru immediately turned, “I’ve got them now!” And, before either the women or her friend could stop her, Kaoru ran off, heading towards the sound of the sword clashing. The women exchanged a look with her friend, and they immediately ran off after her.

Kaoru saw ahead who she was looking for. He was clashing swords with a policemen, knocked the policemen’s sword aside, and ran him through. Without waiting, Kaoru leapt forward. “Die Battousai!”

The Battousai turned, saw her attack coming, and held his sword up to block. He easily cut through Kaoru’s sword, and, when she looked in shock at the blade, he threw a blow to her arm, and then to her leg. Then, he kicked her up against a wall where she fell to the ground, holding her arm.

He held up his sword to deal out one last blow to her head, a blow that would kill her. He brought his sword down to strike, but, suddenly, two strangers came running up. One of them, quicker then lightening, picked Kaoru up, and ran her to safety, while the other held up his sword to block the attack.

The Battousai looked down at the one blocking the attack, and saw that it was not a male, but a female. She pushed up, with a great deal of strength, and sent him flying backwards, landing on his butt. The woman then stepped forward to confront him again when suddenly the one the police had been calling Lasto Lalaithamin leapt in-between him, and the woman who had just knocked him onto his butt.

Lasto’s eyes were cold, but not as cold as the eyes of a true killer should be. In fact, they seemed young, and did not fulling understand what she was doing. The woman who had knocked the Battousai got into a defensive stance, and waited.

Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the Battousai leapt to his feet, and said to Lasto. “Let’s go.” He then turned to the police, and yelled. “I am the Battousai of the Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu style!” He then turned, and disappeared into an ally, Lasto not too far behind him.

The woman turned back to her friend, and Kaoru. With a sigh, she put her sword away, and walked over to them. “How is she?”

Her friend looked up at her. “She passed out, but at least we know where to take her.”


The next morning, Kaoru woke up with a sore arm and leg. She sat up, and looked around. No one was in the room, but she heard some commotion coming from outside. She stood, put on her Kimono that was laid out next to her bed, and walked outside.

Outside, both the strangers were playing with Doctor Grenzai’s Granddaughters, Ayame and Suzume. The woman turned to her, and said. “I see you’re awake Miss. Kaoru-san.” She bowed in a formal Japanese style.

Kaoru, in not so formal of a way, bowed back, and looked about. Her friend, quickly remembering that he was cooking a meal for Kaoru, ran back over to the food, put some on the plate, and handed in to Kaoru. “I hope you like it Miss. Kaoru. I am not much of a cook, but I did my best.” He said in a nice, soothing voice, with a smile upon his face.

Kaoru took a bit of it, and let out a bit of a cry. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“You’re cooking is better then mine!”


Later, the woman left for a small hike around the town to see if she could find the Battousai and Lalaithamin. While her friend stayed with Kauro. When she got back, she was immediately rushed to join her friend in a locked room.

She turned to her friend after Kaoru had stomped off. “What did you do?”

“I-I accidentally ran into the bathroom when she was taking a bath. I thought she might had been committing suicide…”

She shook her head, and sat down on the floor, leaning her back against the wall. “So, we actually got people that are claiming to be the Hitokiri Battousai and Lasto Lalaithamin. Ha, what fools.” She and her friend both shared a look, one of knowing, for they knew who the true Battousai and Lalaithamin were, and they were not the two that claimed to be.

“Did you ask Miss. Kaoru about the man claiming to be Battousai? His right thump was injured to the point to where he could never wield a sword in that hand again, that’s why he was using his left hand.”

“Yes, I asked her, but she just glared, and yelled at me for actually thinking that it was a student of her fighting style.”

“I see…”

Later that night…

Kaoru could not sleep because of all the thoughts and guilt’s on her mind. The main guilt was that she had put both the Rurouni’s out in the shed, and locked the door. They were the same two Rurouni’s that had saved her life too.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, stood, threw on an outer garment, and walked outside to the shed. She stood at the door, and hesitated, wondering what to say. “Rurouni’s? Are you in there?”

There was no answer, so Kaoru banged on the door. “I know you’re in there!”

Still there was no answer. Kaoru then unlocked the door, and walked in, expecting to see both of them just plain out ignoring her. But the room was empty, safe for the mattresses she had thrown in there for them. “Where did they go?”

She turned, and walked back out the door, scanning the night for the Rurouni’s, but saw nothing. With a sigh, she turned, and walked back into her room. She fell into restless sleep, and began to have a dream.

Suddenly, after a bit, she jolts out her sleep, remembering something about someone who had been expelled nearly eleven years earlier. She stood, and walked to the book that kept a list of all those who had ever attended the Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu Dojo. She cracked it open, and began to search through the names. She found one that had been crossed out eleven years earlier. His name, Hiruma Gohei.

Suddenly, the door behind her busted open, and the voice she had hear from the man who claimed to be the Hitokiri Battousai was heard. He began to tease her, saying that he had been planning his revenge for the past eleven years, though he had wished better more to take it out on her father, but that she would serve for a replacement.

Angered by this, Kaoru picked up a Bokken that was lying nearby. “I will not let you dishonour my father any more!” She then charged forward.

Gohei laughed, knocked her sword aside, and picked her up by the throat. “Don’t worry, you won’t die right away, I need my revenge first.” He then began to laugh.

A young women walked up next to him, laughing as well. She had been the one who had claimed to be Lasto Lalaithamin, and, for a moment, Kaoru began to belief that she was. For she had red hair, and icy blue eyes, just the way she had heard the real Lasto had looked.

Suddenly, two figures appeared in the doorway, and everyone with Gohei stopped laughing, and turned to face the newcomers. They stepped forward, and it turned out to be the two Rurouni’s who had left Kaoru’s dojo earlier. Their eyes were cold, and held a deep fire of one who once killed many.

“Put her down.” The woman said in a harsh, cold voice that sent shivers up everyone’s spines.

Gohei dropped Kaoru. “And what are you going to do, Rurouni’s?”

“Careful boy, I have seen many more deaths, and have inflicted more death upon others then you would have ever of imagined.”

“Besides, killing one for revenge will not be the end. You’ll continue to seek revenge, and after awhile you start to kill innocent people. Stop while you still can.” The guy standing next to her said.

Gohei just laughed. “What do you think the Battousai’s and Lalaithamin’s goals are? It is our goal to kill people, innocent or not. That was our goal during the revolution, and it will continue to be our goal. A sword is a weapon that is used for killing, you cannot disagree with that if you too kill.”

“You’re right, I can’t. But I have also found pleaser in Kaoru’s naïve statements that a sword is used to protect. Indeed, I wish more in this world thought like her.” The man standing next to the woman said.

This just made Gohei laugh some more. He then turned to his men, and yelled, “get’ em boys!” Gohei’s men charged.

The two Rurouni’s just shook their heads, and, suddenly, their eyes went cold, like a summer day suddenly turned to a nasty winter day. They both pulled their swords out, and charged.

With a few kicks here, and a few slams of the flat side of the sword there, all, other then Gohei and the woman claiming to be Lasto Lalaithamin, were knocked out. This scared the two that were now left standing.

Slowly, Gohei began to notice a few things about the Ruruouni’s. “The man…Red hair, cross scar… the woman…red hair, two cross scars…icy blue eyes. Could it be?!”

The man turned, and said, “did I forget to mention that the style of he Hitokiri Battousai is not the Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu? It’s the Hiten Mitsurgi Ryu.”

The woman then turned, and her eyes looked four times as deadly as the real Battousai’s. “And the real Lasto Lalaithamin has no style safe the one that she made up on her own. And only one other learned that style. He is now a bodyguard for my old commander.”

The one who had been claiming to be Lasto Lalaithamin took a few steps back, her eyes growing wide with fear. The real Lasto had not lost her touch, she could still drive deep fear into the hearts of anyone she merely looked at.

Gohei, on the other hand, laughed. He charged forward, and went to attack the real Battousai. The one who had posed as Lasto Lalaithamin built up enough courage to charge the real Lasto.

The Battousai watched Gohei, leapt to the side a bit, and brought his sword down on Gohei’s left thumb, damaging it to the point where he’d never be able to wield a sword in that hand again.

Lasto watched the woman who had posed as her, dodged her attack, grabbed her arm, knocked the sword out of it with her free hand, and kicked the poser into a nearby wall. The poser slumped down, and fell, crying, onto the floor. Slowly, Lasto walked up to the girl, and kicked her lightly in the side, making her roll over.

The girl then rolled over onto her stomach again, and hugged Lasto’s leg, crying on her boots. “Please don’t send me to jail, Gohei forced me to! It was the only way I could feed my family!”

Lasto looked over at the Battousai. “What do you think?”

He looked down at her, and nodded. “She is telling the truth, I am almost certain of that.”

Gohei, though he was in pain from his thumb, laughed. “Yes, she is innocent, other then the fact that she killed many beside me. But she did do it only because she needed to feed her family.”

Lasto knelt down, and laid a gentle hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Very well, you shall not go to jail, we’ll make sure of that. But, in return, we’ll need you to stay here and do only good for others to redeem yourself of the sins you have committed. You shall learn the Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu from Miss. Kamiya Kaoru. Think you can handle that?”

“Yes!” The girl cried, jumping up, and hugging Lasto. “Thank you!”

Lasto lightly hugged her with her left arm, while she looked back at the Battousai. The Battousai turned, and told one of Gohei’s men to go get the police. He then turned, and began to walk off. Lasto stood and began to follow him.

Kaosu then began to speak to them. “Well, how rude, you’ve saved my life twice now, and still haven’t told me your names.”

“You know our names, Miss. Kaoru-san. I am Lasto Lalaithamin, and he is Hitokiri Battousai. Now we must leave, for we fear that we will only bring more harm to you, and put you in mortal danger.”

“well, you could at least give me the names that you had before being Manslayers. And I do not care about the danger that you would bring if you stayed. So why not stay with me? I can provide rooms for you, as long as you work for them. Besides, it’s rude to turn a dojo into a wreck, and leave without helping to fix it. So tell me, what are your real names?”

The Battousai turned, “My name is Himura Kenshin, and, if you truly don’t mind our staying, we will stay. My friend and I have grown tired of the Rurouni life for the moment. But their’s no telling when we’ll just take off again.”

“Yes, I agree. It has been long since either of us have had a decent place to stay, and we’d be happy to take up your offer. My name is Luktiene Fuia. You can call me Fuia if you wish.”

Kaoru smiled, then looked at the girl on the floor. “Well, now, seeing how you now are my student, what is your name?”

“Jenny…My name is Jenny. My family came here from America when I was five years of age, and we have recently fell on hard times. I was only trying to keep my family fed, they knew not that I was posing as Lasto Lalaithamin to do this.”

“Very well, if your family wishes to, they can move in here too, and work for their quarters and their food. Now, go and deliver the news to your family.”

The girl smiled, and ran off. Kaoru then turned to Kenshin and Fuia. “Well, know that we are friends, and gohei is taking care of, help me start to rebuilt this dojo.” She leaned over, picked up a hammer, and a few nails, and handed them to Fuia and Kenshin. “Get to work.”


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