The Man Slayers – Chapter #1: History

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Her ways are strange to me, but who would they not be strange to? I meet her, face to face, a couple of days ago. She was severly wounded, and was being chased. I helped her, at first not knowing who she was. Then I fiund out, when I caught a glimse of her scars. She has one over her right eye, anouther scar just parrel to the left left jaw line, and a cross scar on the left side of her face.

Well, I helped her, and now she has excepted my company, well, until she has healed, it’s a diffrent story from there. Her name is Lasto Lalaithamin, and she is the most feared Man Slayer in all of Japan. Not much is known about her past, so I’m going to try, and get a little more out of her then what she has said so far.

My name was Shinta Humur, but then my Sensei changed it to Kenshin Himura. But I’m know as, to the people of Japan, as Hitokiri Battousai, the Man Slayer.


Kenshin looked over at Lasto, and just about shuttered at the thought of what she was. ‘She’s so beautiful, yet so deadly”. Her face had that cold, emotionlessness look to it, but he knew it was all a cover. He had seen it in her eyes when he had saved her from those who had almost taken her life. He had seen many years of pain, torture, and anger all at once in her eyes.

That made him wonder, because he knew that not much was known about her past. ‘I wonder…’ “Lasto”?

She turned to him. “Yes”?

“Lasto can you tell me anything about your past”?

It showed again, the pain, the sorrow, the torture, and the anger. “I don’t think you want to hear it. Besides, you propoly wouldn’t believe me”.

“Try me”.

Last sighed. “Alright, we’ll see if you believe. What if I told you that I was 1,621,466,146 years old”?

Kenshin narrowed his eyes. “That’s impossible, no one can live to be more then much more then a hundred”.

Lasto threw her hands up. “I give up, it’s useless”.

“No, keep going, I still want to hear it, even if I don’t believe it”.

Lasto leaned forward. “I am part of a few ancient races, immortal races to be persist. I am part Maia, Noldor, and Valar”.


“A race created by Iluvatar, he created them so they could help him create Arda”.


“The planet we’re on was not always known as Earth. Long ago, when I was young, it was known as Arda, a beautiful, reaceful planet. But then Melkor, the mightest of the Valar, created evil in Arda. After many years of sorrow and war, we defeated him, and all his followers who toke up his job after he fell. Arda was allowed to become peaceful again. The Elves travelled into the West, and sailed to Valinor”.


“The Undying Lands. We stayed there so long that the race of men forgot all about us. So, when some of us travelled back to check up on them, they became frightened, and destroyed all those whohad journeyed over there to check on them. The man then used their boats, and somehow found, and got on Valinor. And there they destroyed us. The Elves didn’t want to fight the men, for we were once great friends with them. I fear that lead to the death of some many Elves. A few were able to escape, like myself, but I fear all the others have been found, and killed. If so, that would make me the last”.

“The last…” Kenshin sat there and though. “True, or not, it was still very touching. Did you have any children”?

A great sorrow flashed in her eyes again. “Yes, I had a family, a husbend, children, and parents. But what’s the use of talking about things that pasted long ago”?

“Because it will keep them in your heart. What were their names”?

Lasto sat there, and thought for a bit. “My husbend was Charmen of Lothlorien, my two boys were Estel, and Marawen, Marawen being the yougest of the two. my twin daughters were Cora, and Fila, and my parents were Estl, the Valar, and Dorma Half-Maia. They’re all dead now”.

“What about your grandparents”?

“My mothers parents were killed, and my fathers parents areLord Manwe, and Lady Varda, rulers of Arda. They are still alive, but I haven’t heard from them in a long, long time”.

“Rulers of Arda, think I can meet them sometime”?

“It I ever caught up with them again”.

“When was the last time you saw them”?

“A few billion years ago, U’d have to guess. There is an area that I know they would be at, but it is holy ground, and my hands have been stained too thickly with blood to show my face there”.

“So, my hands have been stained as thickly too”.

“Yes, but you were not a hunter for revenge, as I was. I know a lot about you, but only through our commanders, they keep me informed on the knew Man Slayers, so I don’t accidentally kill them. Besides, it’s frobidden for people like us to set foot on that ground. No matter who our parents are, or who we are, we have stained our sword too thickly with much unneeded blood”.

Kenshin nodded. “Well, if you’re going to put it like that, okay”.

“You know, it’s been so long since I’ve met a knew person who I came to like as a friend. Only the commander, who sends us out to kill those who oppose our side, I refer to as a friend. Maybe it’s time to get adopt a new one”.

“Maye it is, and I should be looking for a new friend as well. I really don’t believe your story, but it could be true, or very well thought out, but I find it touching. I’m willing to be your friend”.

“Then let us be friends, ’till one of us dies”.

“If one of us dies, so shall the other”.

“I like that attitude. You know, since that incident thousands of years ago, I haven’t really been too fond of Humans, but you are different from most of those that I have met:.

“Well, I can just say that it’s good to have a new friend now”.

“Yes, it is”.


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