The Man Slayer – Chapter #8: The Trail

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~The Man Slayers~ Chapter #8~ The Trail~

Death, it’s one of the only things I have ever wished for for a long time now, but, now that I have it, why can I not keep it? I realize that I mean much to my friends, but they can get over me, mourning is not all that hard to deal with when you’ve got other duties you must tend to before thinking of your pains… I don’t want to go back, for I will only cause more pain and suffering to others.

Why me!? Why did I have to be the last!? Why did I have to be the one to kill so many and yet live!? Why me!? Why was I chosen!? Why!? Why !? Why!? I don not want this, I do not want my life back! I was a killer when I was killed, what makes them think I will not be just that when I go back!? I can’t believe that they want to send me back after all the sins I have done! What is the matter with them!?


Lasto was still sitting in the darkness of where ever she was in the Halls of Mandos when her Grandmother returned once again. Slowly, her grandmother stepped forward, and extended her hand. “Come Lasto, it’s time to go to your trail.”

“But I do not want to go, Grandmother, I do not want to live again. I fear I might kill others that need not to die.”

“Your fate will be decided shortly, my Granddaughter, now come.”

“But why not send Tomoe back, I wish for her to live more then I. She would make a better friend then I ever could. The Lasto Lalaithamin, the Man Slayer will always be there, ready to take over. She is a killer without emotion, and will kill any that she deems necessary, why take that risk, she can come back out whenever she wants. I cannot stop her, no one can…”

“It seems that Kenshin, Mononoke, and Tomoe were able to.”

“Yes, but Tomoe is dead now because of her!”

“The Man Slayer in you is nothing more then a mere illusion, push the illusion aside, and return to your old self.”

“I cannot push the Man Slayer aside, she has more power over me then she should! Why should I go back when she is in charge!? What if I accidentally kill Kenshin!? Or Mononoke!? Or Yuki!? She could kill them! And you want to send me back!?”

“Calm down Lasto, you are not completely her yet, when she completely takes over is the day that you will die for good, and you will never be allowed to have another chance at life again. Now come,” Varda then extended her hand for her Granddaughter to take. Reluctantly, Lasto took it, and Varda, using her magical powers, whisked both of them away…


As the entered the great trail hall, many eyes of those who had been allowed to come turned to the doors, as Varda, and Lasto come walking in. Lasto recognized a lot of the people as those that she had once known very well when she was younger, before most of the Elves were killed off. She looked down at her feet as she continued to walk, not wanting to look up into the eyes of so many of her elven kin, for it made her hurt to think that her children were standing somewhere within the crowd too.

Slowly, she followed Varda to the front of the room, where a great table with all the Valar sitting at it, stood. Lasto stopped in front of them, and bowed, Varda went to her seat next to Manwe, and sat.

Slowly, and with grace, Manwe stood, and said in a strong, powerful voice, that filled the entire room, “Luktiene Fuia, you are here to see if you can go back to the living. Is there anything you’d like to say before you go thought the trail?”

Lasto sighed, and took a second to think. “My dear Valar, if you have any mercy within your heart not to send me back. I am nothing more then a killer now, I cannot be trusted. My name is no longer Luktiene Fuia, it is Lasto Lalaithamin, a killer who has no mercy. So please, show no mercy to one who cannot accept it.” She then bowed her head down, and waited.

For some reason, all the Valar seemed to smile at her, and so, Mandos stood. “My dear Luktiene Fuia, you are expressing concern about going back, that means that you are gaining control over yourself again. I do believe that we can trust you, and that you should be allowed to go back. Besides, you are still needed by everyone….Including Kenshin.”

“But what of Tomoe, should she not be more deserving to go back them me? She has killed none, I have killed many-“

“And you are also the last of the most ancient, and fairest race in the lands. You must continue on, or else they will die, and will be no more.”

“Can you not just make some new elves, and have them awake like they did at the beginning of all things?”

Mandos shook his head, “no, we cannot, you must go back.”

“BUT I DON”T WANT TO!!” The sound of her voice was cold, and angry, which made everyone in the room, but the Valar, shiver.

Mandos shook his head, and sat down. Varda then stood back up, “my Granddaughter, prepare yourself, you shall now undergo the test. My fellow Valra, please…” The rest of the Valar stood, and closed their eyes. Suddenly, Lasto felt queasy, she felt like she was going to throw up.

Slowly, she fell to her knees, closing her eyes. She knew what the Valar were doing, they were testing her heart’s deepest desires, and her true intentions if she were to go back. Knowing this, she did her best to force in thoughts of killing others, and taking over the world.

Varda frowned, as she knew what her Granddaughter was doing. She made a quick wave of her hand, and Lasto suddenly fall down to the ground, unconscious…


Lasto later woke up in a large room, lite greatly by many lights. “….looks like I passed the test…”

“Yes, you did Lasto. You will be going back soon. Please be sure to take care of the Humans, and teach them the ways you once knew.”

Lasto stood, and turned, looking at her Grandmother. “Why can I not have my way, Humans don’t need me there. Most of them fear me, hate me….I will die again anyway, they’ll make sure of that.”

“Lasto, you’ll be fine. Now stand, I am about to take you back…” Varda laid a hand on Lasto’s shoulders. “Do not worry about past or future, just do as I tell you too, ok?”

Lasto hung her head low, “well, it’s not like I have a choice anymore…”

“That’s right, now come.” She outstretched one of her hands to Lasto, who reluctantly took it. With a smile, Varda whispered a few words in the tongue of the Ainur, and they disappeared, back to the living world.


Kenshin sat by the bed upon which Lasto’s body lie. He could not find the strength to leave her side until he knew what was to become of her. Nearby sat Mononoke, who, thanks to Lasto’s training, had taken the new of her death better then everyone else., leaned against the wall nearby. Though the boy could hide it quiet well, Kenshin could tell that the news of Lasto’s death had hit him hard.

Suddenly, the room filled with a great light again, and Kenshin knew that he would now learn of what lasto’s fate would be. He stood, and turned to see Lady Varda. “Lady Varda, what news of Lasto?” He bowed his head down respectfully.

Varda smiled, “why don’t you ask her yourself?”

Kenshin spun back to Lasto, and his mouth dropped. “Lasto!?”

Lasto stood before him, her kimono, the same one she had had on the night she had fought Hajime, was still stained a bit with blood. “Yes, Kenshin, it is I, Lasto. Only now I came back to you in a different form, for I am no longer Lasto Lalaithamin the Manslayer. I am Luktiene Fuia, I am here once more.”

Mononoke stood, his mouth hanging open. He had known of the trail, but, seeing how he had been trained under her, and all, he had not thought that she would pass it.

Lasto nodded to them. “I am back. Now, it is time to fulfil my duties, and teach the humans the right ways once again. I ask for your assistance, will you help me?”

(I’m going to make you wait again, hehe)


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