The M-E Boys – An Article

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25th of October the year 3018 of the Third Age

The M-E Boys – Latest on the most popular Boy Band of the Third Age!

The M-E Boys have won the hearts of many, this last age. Their fans spread all over Middle-earth. And have brought joy to the elves that still dwell on these shores, and their days have not been as sad in these fading years as they might have been. The M-E Boys formed in the year 1150 of the Third Age, so they have now been together for 1868 years. A record amount of time for a boy band to stay together, even in the reckoning of the elves.

Today is a day that I’m sure will go down in history, Elrond will be holding a council of the free peoples of Middle-Earth, to decide their fate and the fate of the One Ring. It has been named The Council Of Elrond (creativity points there Eyebrows). And it seems it may be a bit of a reunion, and there have been rumours that the M-E Boys might be performing. But Elrond himself has squashed those rumours. “I am sad to say that Haldir could not get time off, and either could Celeborn”. Unofficially, it seems Galadriel has been a tad strict lately.

The group has faith that good will win over evil in these coming days, and that they may go on tour after it has all been dealt with. But they are still to confirm it. Don’t keep us in suspense for to long guys!

Elrond the Eyebrows. The idea to form the group was because Celebrian daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, Elronds wife loved music so much. But has long now departed over the sea unto the west, waiting Lord Elrond and her parents. He was inspired to form the group because of his love for her, and the things she loved.

Well everyone has always guessed the relationship between Galdor and Silinde, members of The M-E Boys. Silinde hails from Mirkwood, and Galdor from The Grey Havens. They have always denied their relationship to the public. But they cannot deny it any longer. They were seen making out together behind Old Man Willow by Tom Bombadil. Why they chose to make out there is strange, maybe they made it a halfway point between Mirkwood and the Grey Havens, and thought that they wouldn’t get caught. Mr Bombadil said this on the matter; `I was just walking along singing to myself; I’m surprised they didn’t hear me coming and hide. But they must have been, ummm… caught up in what they were doing. When I caught them, they apologised and made a quick retreat. I was quite shocked, I couldn’t believe it. It took a couple of minutes to recover’. It has also been rumoured that Silinde and Galdor have been trying to persuade Legolas to join the group, but Legolas has knocked back the offer time and time again because he wants to spend time with his wife and daughters. A sad loss for all the ladies out there!


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