The Luthriel Chronicles : Flight to Elf Haven – Chapter 2///The Dream/// Part 3

by Oct 20, 2004Stories

************NOTE********************************* I put the this [ ], to show what a charater in is thinking.


Ravynhir was sitting outside her room on her patio, which rose up about three feet from the ground. She was sitting in a river of Sugar Blossom Vine flowers, gazing at the stars, deep thought, her mind wondering into some other reality. Her skin seemed to glow, clad in a array of radiant light. She looked like she was regaining her health quickly. Suddenly, the overgrown bush shook beside her.

“Ow, Glorin, that was my foot!” Legolas welled out in pain.

“Well, if you feet weren’t so big, we wouldn’t have a problem. Shush, she’ll hear us loud mouth!”

Ravynhir smiled, “Have the two of you come to see how I fare?” She stood up, her strength was recovering fast since the orc attack, for she did not faulter.

Gloringil shoved his brother in front of Ravynhir. Ravyn looked deep into Legolas’ eyes. “We must all face challenges, do not give up hope.”

Legolas blinked. He did not undeerstand. [Does Ravyn know about the dream?] He wondered. Legolas lowered his eyes and concentrated on Ravyn pale, white hospital dress and her movements.

Ravyn walked gracefully down the few steps that came out from her patio. Her bare feet lightly touched the steps as she glided over to Legolas. Ravynhir touched Legolas’ face, and the prince brought his hand up to hers. “Very little,” Ravyn answered the question that he had asked in his head. He really hadn’t directed the question to anyone but himself. “Your dream is translucent to me. Do not let the dream trouble you.”

Gloringil stepped out from behind the bush he and Legolas had been hiding behind. He held his head down, not bothering to look at Ravynhir. Though, she stood gazing at him.

“Gloringil, you must tell Lord Thranduil where you have been going and why.” The second son of Thranduil said nothing.

Legolas turned to face his brother, “Aye, where have you been? You’ve been so secretive lately, it’s beginning to worry-

“Ravyn stopped Legolas from continueing. She placed her hand on his shoulder, and he turned to look at Ravyn.

“‘Tis not your time to know. Lord Thranduil must hear it from Gloringil first.” Ravyn was looking at Gloringil again, but she still kept her hand on Legolas’ shoulder.

Legolas went back and forth, glaring at Gloringil and Ravyn. Then he shook his head in confusion. Ravyn stepped up to Legolas and kissed him on the lips.

“I shall retire now. I suggest you two get some sleep as well.” Ravyn turned and walked into her hospital bedroom. She only added to her mysteriouness by not explaining anything to Legolas,who was so confused about so many things: the dream, what Ravyn knew about the dream, and Gloringil’s secrets.

I hope everyone liked.


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