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This so called creature is part of The Lost Stories of The Shire. His name was Bungo, but even though his name was quite silly, he was still a tough “thing” actually thought he was just a troll , but when Jakor (the well lady’s son) went off to find bundly berries for his mother, he just hapened to stumble into “it”.
“Hello”, Bungo said. “HHHEELLO.”, the boy said with fear in his eyes. “What are you doing here?”, Bungo asked. “I’m here to pick some bundly berries for my mother.” he said gaining his courage back.
But before Bungo could say anything else a wolf appeared! Jakor screamed at the top of his lungs. He has never seen anything so angry or mad! “Goodness!”, Jakor said with surprise.
Then Bungo saw a limb just as big as the wolf’s leg. He picked that limb up and swung it so hard Jakor couldn’t even see it. Then Jakor heard the wolf yelp and saw it go flying.
“Wow! Thanks a lot!”, Jakor gasped. ” No problem”, Bungo said.
“Why don’t you come to town with me?”, Jakor said. “Well I might later, but I have to …. well, nothing. I guess I will come with you.”, Bungo agreed.
As they headed to town, Jakor saw all the berries he needed.
“I have never seen you at town before. Why don’t you come?”,
Jakor asked. “Well, people don’t exactly call me handsome.”, Bungo said with a little laugh.
As they walked into town, people began to stare. Then Jakor began wondering, ” I need to get him washed up and some new clothes, but where am I gunna get big enough clothes for him to wear?”
So they went to the well to ask his mother where they could get some clothes for him. “Mother!” Jakor yelled. “yes Oh my! Jakor Who is that?” his mother asked.
“Mother, this is Bungo, he is half human and half hobbit, I know it is quite different, but you have to accept him.” Jakor said as if he is Bungo’s mother. “Ok then, hello Bungo.”Groudy said (Jakor’s mom). “Hello.” Bungo said.
“Nice to meet you.” She said. “You too.” He answered
” Mother do you happen to have any clothes Bungo could wear?” Jakor asked. ” I might have to sew a few blankets together.” she answered.
So for the rest of the day Jakor told just about everyone about Bungo. He made a few more friends. “I wonder if you could stay with us for a while?” Jakor asked. ” I don’t know.”
Bungo quickly answered.
Jakor quickly said ” I will go ask, you stay here and please don’t touch anything.”
He asked and she said yes, but only in the guest room. So he quickly ran back to Bungo and told him the good news.


That night it started to rain. And Jakor was scared, and like he usually does when he is scared at night, he woke his mom up. ” Mother, mother. Wake up. he whispered.
“Yes? Jakor? Is that you? ” she said. “yes it’s me, i’m scared can I sleep with you?” SMASH! BANG! “What was that?”
Jakor asked. ” I don’t know. Let’s go wake up Bungo.” she said. “Ok.” he answered.
As they got there to wake him up they heard another SMASH! BANG! ” Let’s hurry, i’m getting really scared.”
Jakor said. “Bungo, Bungo, wake up.” they both said.
“Huh, what” Bungo answered. “Wake up.” they both said again. ” Ok I will why are we up so early?” he asked. SMASH!
BANG! “Ok that’s why!” he said with excitement and fear.
” I think I can see someone’s shadow.” Jakor said.
“I do too, do you guys have any thing I could hit it with?” he asked. ” Right beside your bed.” Groudy said.
“Ok, I got a walking stick. Ok this is what we’re going to do guys, turn on the lights when I say now and then I will hit it and you guys stay out of the way.” Bungo said.
“Now, as he started to run at the intruder, a burglar!” he yelled. “C’mon mom let’s go hide.” Jakor said.


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