The Lost Stories of the Shire – Creature

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When they all woke from that horrible night, they went to the
Town Center to buy some groceries. Right when they were going to pay for there groceries there was another burgaler at the fruit isle, and everyone yelled and screemed. Jakor said,” Get him Bungo, get him!”.Bungo sprinted after him, pushing everyone out of the way and followed him all the way to his hide out. Bungo pulled out his knife and snuck up behind him and slit his throat. He took the groceries and stared, he was thinking about running away again and just keeping the groceries, but his consience got the best of him and he didn’t.

On the way back Bungo kept hearing voices out in the woods and he tried to ignore them, but the got the best of him. ” Come to us come come, come to us.” the voices said. ” Who are you, what do you want? Answer me, NOW!” Bungo replied.
” We are the goblins of the river and we want you to come.”


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