The Lost King – um Chapter one

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Chapter One

The sun had just begun to set in the elf kingdom of Rinion. There was a gentle breeze as the elf men of Rinions great council gathered for a weekly meeting. The Lord of Rinion, Kenolen looked to the horizon at the beautiful sunset. He was fairly old with long,brown neatly curled hair and dull violet eyes. He wore long flowing green and gold robes. Kenolen smiled as he saw a horse appear on the horizon. The rider on the horse looked weary and tired as if he had been travling for many days.
“Send someone to the gate to tell that rider he may take rest in the lord’s house.” said Kenolen to his daughter who was walking by. Her name was Sarine. She looked quite different from her father with her long wavy black hair, but her eyes were the same. “Yes father, then may I ride my horse through the valley? It’s such a beautiful evening.” Sarine asked pleading. “Sarine you know of the rumors that have spread it’s not safe for you to leave the safty of the city.” Kenolen replied sternly. “I can handle myself, father they are only rumors. Please Father?” she begged. Kenolen looked at her with some thought. He finally said,”I supose you can go, but be careful and remember to send that rider here before you leave.” Sarine smiled and ran down the long hallway.
As she approached the stables she saw a rider bringing his horse in. He was tall with red hair and bright green eyes. Sarine stood staring at him until he said,”Good evening my lady.” Sarine answered,”Good evening sir.” “I have been told by a guard to go to Kenolen, do you know why?” he asked. His voice was deep. “I’m not sure why,I thought you were one of my fathers many friends.” Sarine answered still staring at his eyes. The rider laughed and said,”Well, I am his friend…Kenolen is your father?” “Yes he is.” Sarine answered walking over to her horse. The rider followed. “So you are Rinion’s princess? I should’ve known.” Sarine smiled and asked,” What is your name?” “My name is Troen.” he replied tieing up his horse. Sarine’s eyes widened. “So you are! I remember you! You were here not 4 months ago. I cant believe I’m talking to the greatest travler of the five lands!” “It seems I’m more known to others than even myself.” Troen said with a smile. Sarine began brushing her horse waiting for him to speak again. He finally did and said,” I should be going,my lady.” Then he turned and left.
As Sarine was riding her horse Lori through the Blue Valley she looked along the walls. “Something is not right here.” she said to her horse. Suddenly something startled her horse and she took off running. “Lori! Shhh girl it’s alright. Stop!” Sarine said trying to calm her horse. They finally came to a stop and Sarine looked around causiously. “You see there is nothing here.” she said trying to sound cheerful. Then it seemed she had heard a breeze but she quickly relized it was something more. An airy deep sigh could be heard and then a the same voice said,” Sarine of Rinion.” When she turned to see who it was she froze with fear.”The Shadow!” she yelled and hinted Lori to start running. Sarine looked behind her and she noticed the shadow did not follow. Sarine did not care she knew she had to tell her father.

Meanwhile at the concil Kenolen greated Troen. “My old friend how has Rinion been?” asked Troen as he hugged Kenolen. “Just as well as we have been for years…” Kenolen stopped and looked out the window to the west. “What is it my lord?”asked Troen. “There have been rumors of the Shadows.” replied Kenolen. “You dont belive they’ve left their mountains do you?” asked Troen in disbelief. “I sense something stirs with the dark one.” replied a very concered Kenolen. “That’s impossible he was cursed!.” said Troen. Before another word could be spoken Sarine ran into the doors of the Great Hall. “He’s left! The Shadow has left the mountain!” she yelled. “The dark lord?” asked Troen confused. “No the shadow general has been sent. The curse has expired just as we feared it would.” answered Sarine looking at Troen worried. The concil began to speak in fear all at once. One of the members managed to yell over the crowd,”What are we to do Kenolen?” Kenolen turned to Troen and said,”Tell me where is that wizard of yours? Larous is our only hope. The power of my city can not hold back this evil if it attacks.” “He’s in the Green Forest with the dwarfs, I will go to him.” Troen anwered. The elf lord nodded and added,”I will go with you Troen. I need to say a few words to the wizard.” The concil again spoke out in fear. Sarine stopped them by saying,” No,father I will go. Rinion needs its leader at this time.” Kenolen looked at her with care. He didnt want his only child to be traveling the already unsafe lands when such evil was at hand, but she was right he couldn’t leave.
“You are right… may go. Troen, you promise to take care of her?” asked Kenolen strongly toward him. “I will. I promise,but she doesnt need it. She is very strong.” replied Troen looking at Sarine who was smiling. “Very well but you can not leave at this time. The Shadow can travel by night. Wait until dawn then you must get as far as you can. This concil is dismissed.” odered Kenolen and everyone left confused and scared to get rest.
The next morning just before dawn, Troen awoke and walked to his window to look at the still sleeping land. The city of Rinion layed right on the slopes of the Rainbow Mountains. The sight was beautiful in the glow of the morning. The mountains were made of white stone that looked of glass. The white walls would change colors, like the colors of the rainbow. That is how they got their name. Troen looked to the east, the sun just peeked over the horizon. “Troen?” said a voice from behind. It was Kenolen. “Yes, my lord?” answered Troen. “You should be getting some rest. Everything is ready. There’s no need for you to be up at such an hour.” said Kenolen walking to his side. “I will take no more rest here my lord. We should leave now, the Shadow will hide the sun is lighting the land.” replied Troen staring blankly into the distance. Kenolen nodded his head. “I will wake Sarine.” As Kenolen turned to go off he was suprised by a, “I’m here father.” from the door. Sarine was standing there. “Well, then make for the stables, you need to be moving.” said Kenolen and they all walked out the door.
Sarine saddled her horse Lori and Troen climbed on his horse Amon. “Troen, take this.” said Kenolen handing him a piece of blue-green stone. “It’s a stone from the highest cave in the Rainbow Mountains, it will protect you from these bitter enemies.” The elf lord then turned to Sarine. “As for you, I give you a sword.” He then handed a great sword to her. “It is made out of the very stone of these mountains and as good as any others. This is one sword of the few that can fight the Shadow.” said Kenolen as Sarine swung the sword. “Be careful Sarine.” Kenolen said as she almost hit his arm. Sarine smiled. “Do not place your worry on me father, your mind must be fixed on the city.” Her voice was convincing to him and he answered with a small grin. Then they were off to the land of the dwarfs.


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