The lords of Ice and Snow. – Chapter 1

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It was snowing, snowing so heavily, that even the beasts, including orcs have hidden in their caves. It was snowing especially over Misty Mountains. The fog was thick, and all you could see was a character with a cloak and a hood on. His hand was leaing on his sheathed sword, which appeared to be frost in its scabbard.
The character stopped and looked forward.
” Well, the misty mountains at last.” he said with a joyous voice.
” Right…” he continued, and macrhed through the tall snow.

Meanwhile, there was a little fire burning near the gate of Moria.
A little halfling was covered in what seemed 3 coats, and was smoking a pipe. He was shimmering al the time, and was afraid the fire will extinguish.

” Hello there !” said a loud voice from somewhere under.
The little halfling stood up, and the cloakes fell off.
He took out a little sword and tried to look mean.
” Grrr!!! Whoever ye be, stand back I warn ye! I’am dangerous, and ‘am not willing to spare no one!” he shouted ( more-like whispered, since the cold hurt his throat and he couldn’t breathe )
” Oh don’t worry young master. I mean you no harm, I only wish to share the warmth of your fire. “
” Grrrr!!! ” growled the little hobbit, trying to keep his balance on the steep hill.
” I warn you…” he didn’t get to finish, because the handle of the sword froze to his arm. He started shaking his arm left and right, but the handle was frost.
” Oh darn…”

Out of the fog came the cloaked character.
” Greetings!!!” he said in a very joyous voice, ignoring the snow.
He took of his hood. He had pointy ears, although one ear had a part bit off. His blond hair were flowing in the wind , and were quite frozen. He had many earing, especially in his ears.

” GrrrRRRRRRRR!!! Leave me infidel!!!” cried the hobbit.
The character laughed.
” Aww, hobbits. Always suspicious. Hehe…”
He walked closer, grabbed the hobbit’s hand that had the sword frost to it. He held it near the tiny fire until it melted.

” Mor’odrim is my name, Sir. At your service. At your service. ” Mor said to the suprised hobbit.
” At my service?! I need your services…NOT!!! Get lost!!!” he took out his small sword again.
Mor grabbed it by the not-so-sharp blade, and threw it down the slope.
The hobbit stood silent, only the wind was whispering the tales of old.

Mor took off his coat, and sat on it. It was still snowing pretty much, but somehow…it seemed lovely here.
” I mean you no harm, I assure you Sir. ” he said at last.
The hobbit stood there staring at the ” stranger ” for a while, but then he sat next to him.
” Buo Berryless is my name.” he said, when he saw that Mor took out some food.
” No need to ask , master Berryless… ” Mor started, but he didn’t even continue. For the hobbit immediatly took some bread , and pushed it in his mouth.
Mor started laughing. ” Hobbits.” he said, and then he laughed some more.


” So, what is a hobbit doing in the Misty Mountains, master Buo?”
” Well…it truly is a long story.” the hobbit answered with his mouth full, so all you could understand was ” Well…eitt trulley eis a loeng storye “
” We have time. Here, have some water.” Mor said, and took out a bottle covered in Fur.
Buo drank from it, and finally the mass in his mouth went down his throat.


Some more silence.

Buo sneezed.

” Bless you! “
” Oh, thank you. ” Buo said, still with a voice as if he would speak to a stranger. He clearly wanted to mind his own business, and expected Mor to do the same.
Mor smiled. He didin’t mind the sharp snowflakes falling down like a cloud of arrows. The hobbit obviously did, for he was trying to cover himself in the 3 coats again, and thus he looked fatter than normal.
” I suppose you come from … Hobbiton?” Mor tried to start the conversasion again.
” Indeed.”
” Well, what is the point of leaving such a lovely land in Winter? “
” Hmm…well I suppose I was lead here by love and will. You see, I was married to the most beautifull woman. Sunny was her name. And during last winter…she became very sick.” .

The hobbit stopped, as if he was remembering some distant memory.
Mor sat closer to him. Smile shined on his face and his earings jingled a little bit.
” She became very sick.” Buo repeated.
” And her last words were : Whenever snow falls on your face, darling, it will be my touch. ”
Tears jumped from his eyes, but immediatly froze.

” I’am sorry … ” Mor said, touching Buo’s shoulder.
” And what are YOU doing in here? Eh ? ” Buo asked suspiciously wipeing his tears, and blowing his nose in the coat.

” I travel the world !! In order to see all the beauty of Arda, I must travel everywhere I can! I have chosen mortal life, and I wish to live as fully as possible.”
” Wait…do you hear those footsteps?”
” My hearing isn’t as good as it used to be once…” Mor replied, but then listened as if he heard something bad. Very bad.
( In fact, it was bad. Just read on, will you?! )

” Ehh…ol’ Ghash has sent us for tis food, and I bet me mother I won’t get a bite of it!” said an awfull voice from distance.
2 goblins were climbing up the slope and 1 was dragging a dead deer, making a blood trail behind it.
” Shut up! Ye always brag of ‘rything!” said the second one.
” A stupid une you been, and will be! You dirty…” he didn’t get to finish, because the second goblin attacked him.

” Come, follow me!” Mor whispered an extinguished the fire.
They quickly packed their bags, and ran up the slope.

” Hehe, they will never find us in this foooog…” Buo said, but as he did, the ground beneath them opened, and they fell in a tunnel.
When the dust settled, they realized they were in the Mountain.

” I can hear goblin voices from behind!” Buo whispered.
” This must be their hideout! Quickly, run! ” Mor replied .
” Which way?” Buo panicked.
” I don’t know! Choose !”
Buo closed his eyes, and turned around a couple times.
Then he opened his eyes.
” This way!” he said, and they ran.


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