The Lord of the Rings: The Last Battalion – Part 2: Found

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The days passed slowly as the friends marched towards Fangorn. It was hot for spring and there was never a cloud in the sky. The comrades passed the time with songs and stories. There was a lot of laughter except from Gandalf whose mind was bent on something else. Finally they saw the dark groves of Fangorn approaching and Merry and Pippin grew excited.

“I hope we’ll see Treebeard again,” smiled Pippin.

Merry nodded, “or Quickbeam, actually I’d be glad to see any Ent right now.”

“As would I,” said Legolas. “Surprisingly we never saw any Ents when we were touring Fangorn.”

“Hmmm, yes. Maybe we didn’t get in deep enough,” Gimli suggested.

Legolas nodded slowly.

They approached Fangorn and dismounted their horses. They entered through a gap in the trees and felt the stuffy air immediately. The forest was greener then when they had last been there as it was spring. There was no undergrowth because the thick canopies of the trees blocked out most light.

“I forgot how scary this forest could be,” muttered Pippin.

Gandalf walked straight for a while then took a sharp left, he often stopped and muttered to himself.

“This may take a while, who knows where she is,” Gandalf leaned on a thick tree.

“Maybe if we split up, we can….” Pippin was interrupted by Gandalf.

“I think not little Hobbit. Fangorn is always changing and you will certainly get lost.”

A rustle in the leaves made Gandalf turn sharply. Legolas drew his bow as a large animal jumped out. It was a horse, brown so its shiny coat blended with bark and trunks. It tossed its head and neighed as it saw Gandalf. Legolas lowered his bow.

“A horse, in the woods,” he shook his head.

“Excellent, we are close,” Gandalf stroked the horse’s neck.

Merry laughed, “well that scared the life out of me, huh Pip?” Merry looked around, “Pip? Wait, where’s Pippin?”

Pippin didn’t know where he was going; all he knew was that he wasn’t going to be eaten by that strange animal. It was unnatural that any animal would live in Fangorn therefore that animal had to be unnatural itself. He ran as fast as he could letting the branches whip his face and arms.

“I will not be eaten, not yet,” he glanced back at the enclosing woods. When he turned around, there was someone or something there and BOOM he ran into it. They rolled down a steep hill for a very long time. Finally he stopped and before he removed the wet leaves from his face he heard a voice.

“How embarrassing, run over by a hobbit. I guess that’s where dwarves beat elves. Much sturdier, they would never be knocked over by a Halfling.”

Then she laughed and it was bright and warm and Pippin lost all his fear. He removed the leaves from his eyes and looked at the stranger. He couldn’t believe it, was it really her, in Fangorn?

“Lady Galadriel?” he asked.

She laughed again, “I am not Galadriel, young one and I am definitely not a lady.”

Pippin looked again and realized she wasn’t the Lady of the Wood even if she did bear a striking resemblance to her. Her hair was gold as Galadriel’s and her face was fair and skin was pure and soft. Her eyes were green like the sun shining through a leaf. He did not understand her joke about being a lady and for while was too stunned for speech.


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