The Lord of Assasins – Chapter 3

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Irraen and the men rode for a couple of hours. It was dark now, and it started raining. Harder and harder, by every minute. Little streams were flowing around. Irraen didn’t mind. He kept on feeling hatred. Non of us can know that feeling, because hatred that doesn’t go away is unique.

All of a sudden, he jumped off his horse. The other men turned their horses around to see what was happening.
Irraen fell on his knees in to mud, and starting yelling.
” …aaahhhhHHHHHHH!!! ” . The hate was getting too big in him. Is this what demon hunters were? And what did he hate anyway?

He lay there for a few minutes, speechless, staring into the mud. But then he stood up, and went to the leading man.
” Where are you taking me?”
” Calm down, lad. You will see.”
Irraen got back on his horse, and they rode on.
Finally, after a couple more hours they came to a huge cliff. There was a cave entrance.
,, A cave? Gentlemen, we went all this way to find a cave?”
,, I assure you, this is no cave.” said a man, holding the banner in his arm.
” Just follow us.” said the leader.
They rode their horses through the entrance.

In the cave, only a few torches created a very small light. It was dusty. But they rode on. It seemed as if the cave didn’t have an end.
They came to a cliff, with a small bridge connecting the two ends.
Thats where the men tied their horses to a stone, and went on foot. Irraen peted his horse, and whispered something in his ear inelvish.
The bridge was shaking, and you had to watch every step you made. “This is crazy…” thought Irraen. He looked down. He didn’t see where it ended.
The others had to wait for him, since it took him longer.
Infront of them were stone stairs.
” What is this place?” asked Irraen. He was just too shocked.
” We are nearly there.” whispered the man with the banner. He was holding it infront of him as a spear now, because the passage was getting smaller. Irraen looked down. The stairs were turning right, so he couldn’t see where they lead, but he could hear some voices from afar.
” C’mon lads.” said the leader, and Irraen followed them.

They went down, and they came to… a village. Or so it seemed.
” Welcome, to the Last Undeground Guild.”
Irraen stood there, shocked. It was a huge space, with little houses around. The stone ceiling was high nearly 200 feet above the soil. Lamps with torches inside little glasses provided enough light.
“Come, lets have some ale shall we?” said the leader.

They came to a small building with people coming in and out. Inside, there were benches and tables.
” Hey Maurice we want 2!” yelled the leader. Maurice nodded.
” I have never drinked ale.” said Irraen.
” Well, just the right time to start.” Maurice brought them 2 big mugs of ale.
” I don’t think we have been properly introduced. My name is Rolknar. I’am the Guardian of these people.”
” Guardian???” asked Irraen. He all of a sudden didn’t understand a lot of things.
” You see, The last Guild, is our hideout. We are refugees, and so we have built it here. We grow our own food, and we live independently of the outside world.”
” How can you grow your food, without light?”
” The lamps provide enough heat and light for us.”
Irraen sat silent. Water was dripping fom his hair. He was soaked. This all seemed like dream. All his life he lived in LothLorien, and now…he is in an undeground village.
” Look, I will not lie to you. We are preparing a silent assault on Gondor. Their new king…whatever his name was…he is putting on high taxes, he torchures the people, and he secretly raids defenceless villages.”
Then they were both silent.
” We call ourselves the Guardians. We Guard the good. But until now we have only fought savage orcs, or bandits. Never against a whole Kingdom.”
Another silence.
” So what do you want me to do?” asked Irraen.
” We offer you a place to live and protection. But we would like you to become one of Guardians. We will need you on this mission.”
Another silence. Silence for a long time, until the elf said.
” Your offer is a one to consider…” Irraen stoped and thought for a while: ” I must not be corrupted! Demon hunters controled their hate, else they are no better than the rest of the evil.”

So he said at last: ” As long as its for good, I will join you.”
Rolknar laughed. ” Great! Cheers then!”
He rasied his mug high into the air. Irraen imitated him.
Then they clashed their mugs , and drank.

In the next chapter the mission begins, and Irraen starts to become a true demon hunter. For Gondor is not only in chaos and despair, but something evil is going on…


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