The Lord of Assasins – Chapter 2

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The sky was even darker over Lothlorien than usuall. The rain was pouring down, but the elves only enjoyed it. They were dancing naked around the trees and celebrated. But one elf was missing, for she just gave birth to Irraen, the only son of the last Demon Hunter – Irrä. He was sleeping near his mother quietly. He felt safe. But the elves paid them no heed , they were all down around the giant trees. Their voices of joy and hapiness passed through the branches like water through rocks. This night wouldn’t be so happy if they knew what has actually happened. And someone knew…

170 years have passed since the birth of Irraen. He was still very young, and he had the marks of his father. But he didn’t know that his father was a Demon Hunter. And this was the day he was going to be told.

He woke up on his tree, on a beautifull autumn day. He stood up, and stratched his body. Galadriel stood near him with her golden hair flowing. ” You have long dark hair, just like your father.” she said.
” Yes. I heard I look like him.” answered Irraen, and he looked at Galadriel with his still tired eyes. They were leaning on the wooden fence, watching the yellow leaves dancing in the flowing wind. It was quite cold.
“And who told you that?” asked Galadriel.
” I heard people talking about my father quite a lot.”
” Yes, your father will indeed be remembered forever.”
Irraen stood quit.
” For he was the last Demon Hunter.”
” What?” said Irraen, and quickly look at Galadriel.
” Well, he wasn’t last. You are his only son, Irraen.”
” But how come…but melady….how come no one ever told me?!”
” They didn’t want you to know. But sometimes, don’t you feel uncontrolable anger and hate inside you…”
” I can control it!” interupted Irraen. Then they were quiet for some time. Tears jumped out of Irraen’s eyes.
” You are the last Demon Hunter, Irraen.”
” I will stand up to to destiny then. “
” Your father asked for a heroic death. But we have no need to kill you, for your hate has never been as great, as your father’s. But we cannot keep you in this forest.”
Quie againt. The wind was blowing even harder. Irraen took his bow, and leaned on it. He looked up on the morning sky. Without words he jumped of his tree. With the grace of his elvish mother he woke up his white horse. He jumped on him, and rode out of Lothlorien. He didn’t look like an elf anymore. His hair wasn’t tied back , It was flowing freely in the wild wind, his eyes were burning with fire, and his face did not have that elvish pureness. He rode out, and didn’t look back. He rode for couple of days without stopping, but he was getting tired.
On the 7th day, he stood on the edge of a cliff.
” Rohan.” he said to his horse. The sun was falling behind the hills, and he felt the last touch of the breeze. He heard some screams. A woman was being chased by a couple of raiding orcs on wolves. Quickly, without thinking, he rode down the hill. ” So, there is still some hidden elf in you…” said something in his mind. This made him even more angry.
The orcs saw him riding down the hill, and they turned their direction. ” The woman eis nay fast lads! Let’s get this pointy ear first, ey?” said the biggest one of them.
13 wolves turned around, and rode straight against Irraen.
He had no fear- his anger had flooded his head.
” Die! ” he yelled when he was near the orcs. But he wasn’t stupid, and did not go straight to their spears. No, he had a better plan. In full speed, he jumped on one of the wolves from his horse ,and there he stabbed the orc, and grabbed the orc’s spear. The orc fell down. The other wolf riders turned around in panic. Orcs- when something doesn’t go right they always loose their minds. Irraen started chasing one of them, because they all rode in totally different directions. But the orc was faster. So Irraen stood up on the wolf, and threw the spear forward. The wolf howled, and fell down, throwing the orc forward. He stood up, and tried to draw his half-broken sword, but Irraen’s elvish blade met him first. The other orcs rode away. Irraen jumped of the wolf, and it ran away in fear too.
The demon hunter stood there alone, victorious, just like his father did, 140 years ago.
” You there! Halt! ” yelled a man, on the edge of the cliff, where Irraen was just a couple of minutes ago. He had a couple of riders in armor behind him. Irraen’s horse came loyally to him. But Irraen stood there motionless. The men rode to him. He didn’t say anything.
” We saw the whole skirmish lad.” said the leading man.
” But what does an elf from Lothlorien do near the Rohan gate?”
” I’am no longer an elf from Lothlorien. I am an exiled demon hunter.” answered Irraen in a calm voice. The men looked at eachother, and whispered something.
” Exiled? I think you… come with us …” said the leading man. Irraen jumped on his horse once again, and rode with the men. He had no where to go anyway…..


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