The Long Winter- “Never Give Up Rein”

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Maina and Rein buried Kaina the next day. Maina sat, carving a new stone in her straggling writing.
Here lies Kaina,
Yougest child of Sineam,
Though she was just a baby,
Our love for her was no less.

When it was finished Maina took it down and placed it on the little girl’s grave, tears rolling down her face. She seemed to be taking it personly. As if she thought she had failed. Rein’s heart went out to her, she seemed so vulnerable all of a sudden.
However, their mother was improving quickly now that she was over the fever. Sometimes she would even go up to the caves instead of Rein. It was on one of those days that she brought back the news of Helm’s death.
Rumours began to fly around the camp almost immediatly. Rein must have heard at least fiteen different versions of how Helm died. The truth was no-one knew what had happened to the King that fateful night.
One thing was certain, however. Helm’s horn had been heard blowing, as usual, that night. Yet he had not returned from his wonderings in the enemy camp. The most believeable story Rein had heard was that Helm had been caught unawares, but even that seemed unlikely.
It was a shock to all the Rohans. Helm had been the strongest King they’ed had for a while Rein had heard. Yet, all these bad things had happened to him. Now the refugees had no clear leader.
It was around that time that a change seemed to come over Maina. She continued to work but she was putting less effort into it, letting other people do small jobs for her. No-one really worried about this. It was about time she had a break, she had been working non-stop since they got here. There was something else, though, something that was bothering Rein about Maina’s behaviour, something he couldn’t put his finger on.

A few days later Rein finally realised what it was. Oh, how he discovered it!

Rein was lying down, under his blanket. He was reluctant to get up but something was telling him that something was wrong. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. Looking around he could see Taina in a blanket not far away. His mother had presumably gone to the caves. Usually Maina was up by now, but thinking about it Rein realised that she had probably gone down to the caves.
Suddenly he heard a cough from somewhere. He got up, curious about who was coughing. He soon discovered the source. A blanket fairly near by. He went over to it and recieved the shock of his life.
A cold face, with blue lips looked up at him. Maina’s face. It took a few moments for it to sink in.
“Maina,” he said finally, his voice sounded foreign to his ears, “Why did you not tell me?”
“I… had to… keep working….” Maina’s voice was strained.
“Do not worry. I will tend to you.” Rein replied.
“You…. willl not……have to….. for long” She said.
Rein felt his heart sink.
“Yes, Rein. I go to be with father and Kaina. I knew it would come soon.” Her voice had lost its former vagueness.
“No!” Rein half-shouted. “See, you are getting better already! You can hold on! I know you can…..”
His voice broke as tears welled in his eyes.
“Everyone has a time Rein. You will understand when you come to it, far in the future may it be.”
“Please.” Rein whispered.
“Let me Rein. Taina is already getting better. You need to look after mother and Taina. Just promise me one thing.”
Rein nodded silently.
“What?” he asked.
“Never give up Rein. Do you hear me? Never.”
Rein took his sisters cold hand.
“I promise.” Rein could feel the tears coming.
“Farewell Rein of Rohan, my brother……”
With that Maina, daughter of Sineam, left Middle Earth, never to return.


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