The Lineage of Amroth – Appendix C: The Corsair Wars

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1448 – The rebels of Gondor under the sons of Castamir escape Pelargir and seize Umbar.

1448-1551 – The First Corsair War.

1540 – King Aldamir, son of Eldacar, slain at Pelargir, besieged by the Corsairs under the sons of Castamir and by land by the Haradrim. Pelargir is taken.

1540-1551 – The rebels and Haradrim attack from their post at Pelargir.

1551 – King Vinyarion musters his forces and retakes Pelargir and Harondor. He takes the title Hyarmendacil II. End of the First Corsair War.

1633-1638 – The Second Corsair War, or the Great Raid War.

1634 – The Great Raid and the Sack of Pelargir. Angamaitë and Sangahyando, great-grandsons of Castamir, raze Pelargir and destroy many of the realm’s coastal fortifications. King Minardil slain and Sangahyando fatally wounded during the raid.

1636 – Sangahyando dies in Umbar. His young son Sangahyandion takes over his fleet and gathers a Haradrim army.

1637-1639 – With the Gondorian army decimated by the Great Plague, Sangahyandion conquers the Harondor-Harad border.

1638 – Wearied of plague, raid and blockade, King Tarondor signs a treaty with Umbar ending hostilities.

1639 – The Councils of Gondor and Umbar approve the treaty. The Second Corsair War ends. Tarondor agrees to pay ransom for the Gondorian prisoners, but the money is not given. This provokes the Third Corsair War.

1652 – Fighting at sea and along the Harondor-Harad border erupts.

1653-1666 – The Third Corsair War, or the Fifteen Years’ War.

1653 – Sangahyandion besieges Amon Eithel, the capital of Harondor. Prince Vinyaran leads a Gondorian force to break the siege. Sangahyandion withdraws to the hills of Emyn Imladrim. The Battle of Harnen. Sangahyandion prevents Vinyaran’s army from reinforcement, outmanoeuvres and utterly defeats them. Vinyaran surrenders. Disappointing Gondorian campaigns are launched in Anfalas and the Enedwaith against the rebels.

1654 – Sangahyandion marches into Ithilien and lays siege to Osgiliath. A major Gondorian counter-attack forces him to retreat to South Ithilien. Gondor is defeated by the rebels at the mouths of Isen. Rebellion in Lebennin is repressed.

1655-1658 – Sangahyandion and Tarondor enter a war of attrition through Ithilien.

1658 – Captain Telagar surprises the Corsair army and sends Sangahyandion into further retreat. Gondorian privateers obtain a major victory over Umbarean naval forces.

1659 – Captain Telagar defeats General Imrahîn in the southernmost reaches of Ithilien. Sangahyandion evacuates his forces south of the Poros. Twenty Ithilien rebels of noble houses are executed in Osgiliath. Admiral Morvegil prevents a coastal invasion against Gondor by winning two naval battles.

1660 – A treaty is signed in Pelargir that allows Gondor to have the mouths of the Isen reclaimed and grants Sangahyandion possession of Harondor. Prince Vinyaran returns to Osgiliath after six years of custody. Gondorian privateers continue harassing Umbarean shipping. Resumption of hostilities. Blockades of Gondorian ports are broken and Tolfolas is reclaimed. Troops are landed in Harondor.

1663 – The Battle of Miraz. Umbar is defeated at the mouths of the Harnen.

1668 – Umbar is utterly forced out of Harondor and the coastlands by the Captains Curimardin and Falathar. Sangahyandion, claimant to the throne of Gondor is slain. End of the Third Corsair War.

1810-1851 – The Fourth Corsair War, or the Umbardacil War.

1810 – King Telumehtar, son of Tarondor, troubled by the insolence of the Corsairs, gathers his forces and takes Umbar by storm, in battle of land and sea. The last descendents of Castamir are slain or executed. Telumehtar takes the name Umbardacil.

1850 – Death of King Telumehtar Umbardacil.
1851 – With the attacks of the Wainriders in the east, Gondor’s strength is spread, and Umbar is retaken by Corsairs in hiding at Badharkân and their Haradrim allies. End of the Fourth Corsair War.

2475-2560 – The Fifth Corsair War, or the Tolfolas War.

2475 – The attack on Gondor is renewed. As Osgiliath is finally ruined, Prince Imrador of Dol Amroth meets the Corsairs at Tolfolas. The Battle of Tolfolas. Imrador wins a great victory, but his two eldest sons and two brothers are slain.

2497-3000 – Two Corsair fleets are launched from Umbar and raid the Belfalas coastlands.

2499 – Tolfolas is claimed by the Corsairs.

3000 – Prince Amrazil defeats the Corsairs at Sarlond and Methrast. Tolfolas is retained.

2560 – Two Corsair fleets are launched from Umbar once again. Prince Imrazôr II defeats them in a naval attack and reclaims Tolfolas. End of the Fifth Corsair War.

2730-2801 – The Sixth Corsair War, or the Princes’ Bane War.

2730 – A fleet is sent from Umbar. Prince Lorindol meets them at Edhelhad’s Spur, south of Endil. With the aid of Gandalf, the fleet is defeated. The fleet takes Tolfolas.

2746 – The second fleet is sent from Umbar. It attacks Methrast, which is defended by Prince Amrothos. Methrast is taken and Amrothos is slain. Southern Dor-en-Ernil is assaulted and captured by the Corsairs.

2758 – The Long Winter. A third fleet reinforces the first and second and attacks the coastlands. Prince Fingalad retreats to Dol Amroth, which is besieged.

2759 – Captain Beregond, son of Steward Beren, liberates Dol Amroth and the coastlands from the Corsairs. The three fleets retreat to Umbar or Tolfolas.

2801 – Prince Galmendur takes a large fleet and recaptures Tolfolas. End of the Sixth Corsair War.

2951 – The Lords of Umbar Zimrathon, Captain of the Haven, and Sulezôr, Captain of the Fleets, throw down the monument of Ar-Pharazôn and pledge secret allegiance to Sauron. The Corsair fleets are reconstructed. Two Fleetmasters serve each of the Lords, with each Fleetmaster commanding a fleet of 10-50 vessels.

2971-3019 – The Seventh Corsair War.

2971 – The First Assault. The Fleetmasters Pharazamir and Shunzagaur under the Lord Sulezôr attack Belfalas. They trap Tolfolas in a naval blockade. The sixteen year old Imrahil, while sailing close to the Mouths of the Anduin, spots the blockade. Warning Prince Angelimar, Linhir is defended. Angelimar slays Pharazamir on the beach. Shunzagaur forces him back to the walls of Linhir. Lieutenant Cemendur reinforces Angelimar, whilst a navy under Captain Orodreth breaks the Tolfolas blockade. Shunzagaur retreats to Umbar with only ten ships.

2976 – The Second Assault. The Fleetmasters Sangakar, son of Sulezôr, and Yagâknir under the Lord Zimrathon attack Methrast. It is taken, and Yagâknir marches on Endil by foot as Sangakar sails. Adrahil, son of Prince Angelimar and Lieutenant Cemendur defend Endil. Captain Orodreth’s navy attacks Sangakar. Galador, son of Orodreth, slays Yagâknir. Captain Sakalazon, brother of Sangakar, takes the Fleetmaster’s forces and retreats to Methrast. Sangakar defeats Orodreth’s navy and slays the Captain before too retreating. Cemendur attacks Methrast. The Corsairs retreat. Upon Sangakar’s vessel, The Drake, Cemendur and Sangakar are slain by the other.

2978 – The Third Assault. The Fleetmasters Sangahyando, son of Sangakar, and Sakalazon under the Lord Zimrathon attack Sarlond. Adrahil defends the town. His wife, Irildë, is slain. The Corsairs quit the battle. Captain Galador’s navy catch them beside Tolfolas. Galador is slain, and the Corsairs escape.

2980 – Thorongil leads the ambush on the quays of Umbar. Zimrathon, the Captain of the Haven, is killed in combat by him. The fleets of Umbar are in disrepair. Lord Garkakh becomes Captain of the Haven.

2983 – With the respite given by Thorongil’s attack on Umbar, Prince Adrahil and Captain Orophir, son of Galador, recapture Harondor from the Haradrim.

2984 – Along the Harondor-Harad border, Lieutenant Lorindol, brother of Galador, captains the watchtower of Celentir; Captain Baranir captains Velsinir; his father Gîlant, brother of Adrahil captains Harmindon. Death of Steward Ecthelion, Denethor becomes the Steward of Gondor.

2990 – A reprisal from Umbar comes against Harmindon and Celentir – both are defeated but Lieutenant Lorindol is slain.

3005 – Captain Baranir is slain by Morvar Charic at Velsinir – Imrahil checks the defence.

3006 – The muster of the Great Army of Harad is disrupted by Boromir and Maethor, son of Baranir. Baranor, father of Beregond of the Citadel Guard is slain in the attack.

3007 – Dalamyr, a rogue Hâsharin, becomes Captain of the Shrike.

3010 – The Fourth Assault, led by the Fleetmasters Sangahyando and Sakalazon under Lord Garkakh. Prince Adrahil slays Sanghayando in the Bay of Belfalas, but Dalamyr leads him into a storm and defeats him. Imrahil takes the Princedom of Dol Amroth. Dalamyr becomes a Fleetmaster in Sangahyando’s place.

3011 – Captain Orophir leads an ambush on Umbar as Thorongil had done, but fails and is slain.

3015 – The Fifth Assault, led by the Fleetmasters Mirgal and Katarzi under Lord Sulezôr. Mirgal lands at the Elf-port ruins of Edhellond and marches inland. He besieges Captain Môrathol at Barad Gilmith with the aid of Dalamyr. Mirgal is slain by Dalamyr, and Carcadan, Dalamyr’s vassal, becomes Fleetmaster. Imrahil ejects the Corsairs.

3016 – Hirluin of Pinnath Gelin rejects the Corsairs at Rondalph, slaying the Fleetmaster Katarzi. The Fifth Assault ends.

3019 – Pelargir is taken by the Fleetmasters Carcadan and Castamir, as Dol Amroth is besieged by the Fleetmasters Dalamyr and Sakalazon. The Army of the Dead vanquish the Corsairs at Pelargir, whilst Elphir, son of Imrahil and Captain Môrathol defend Dol Amroth and defeat the fleets. End of the Seventh Corsair War; part of the great War of the Ring.


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