The Lineage of Amroth – Appendix B: Genealogy of the Princes

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A list of the Princes of Dol Amroth
(The Second Line of the Descendents of Edhelion)

Imrazôr the Númenorean
Though the founder of the Second Line after the death of his older brother Adrahil at the hands of the Wainriders, he is still commonly regarded as the last Prince of the First Line. He fought beside Eärnur in the Battle of Fornost, using many of the ships of Belfalas as transport to Eriador. Wedded the Elf maiden Mithrellas, companion of Nimrodel, who bore him two children before slipping into the night, to not be seen again. Imrazôr, overcome with sorrow, gave his lordship to Galador and wandered alone upon the southern coasts.

Galador the First (2004 – 2129)
Son of Imrazôr the Númenorean and Mithrellas of Lothlórien; founder of the Princes of Dol Amroth after the reign of the Princes of Belfalas. He lived to be 125, although the longevity of his rule is questionable as it is not clearly stated when Imrazôr relinquished his Princeship, but it can be guessed at around one-hundred years. As a child of both Númenorean and Elven kinds he should have had longer life, but in the recreation of Dol Amroth it was said he put so much of his own spirit into the city that the years weighed much heavier upon him. In his time, King Eärnur was lost at Minas Morgul and the rule of the Stewards begun; the two new lines (of the Princes of Dol Amroth and the Stewards of Gondor) maintained and renewed the old alliances and bonds of their ancestors, with the Prince becoming the chief counsellor of the Steward.

Adrador (2060 – 2206)
Eldest son of Galador; he lived to be 146, and ruled for 77 years, longest of all the Princes save his father. He continued the works of strengthening and beautifying that his father began, including the construction of the port-town of Sarlond close to the Mouths of the Anduin, where he would often remove to during the summer to watch the waves wash upon the shore and up the rivers. His rule was during the beginning of the Watchful Peace, and little trouble was offered to Gondor. Of all the Princes he is told to be the most ‘Elven’, conserving much lore of his ancestors and of Westernesse (taken from the libraries of his grandfather Imrazôr); and he it was who sent messages to Lothlórien speaking of the perceived doom of Amroth and Nimrodel – though he was one of the few left who thought the wood was real rather than legend.

Amrothros (2120 – 2254)
Fourth and last child of Adrador, his older siblings all being daughters; he lived to be 134 and ruled for 48 yeas as the third Prince. In his time many villages were raised spanning from Dol Amroth to his father’s port-town of Sarlond to accommodate his spreading people. He wedded one of the Steward’s close relations to continue the bond between the two lines.

Finelimar (2172-2299)
Eldest child of Amrothros; he lived to be 127 and ruled for 45 years as the fourth Prince. He was a great builder of ships, increasing the navy of Dol Amroth with past designs and newer, more effective and specialist models of vessels. He made many journeys to Tolfolas with his eldest son, Erchirion, and kept a watch throughout Belfalas for the return of the Corsair attacks – a vigilance which continued long after his death.

Erchirion (2225-2348)
Eldest son of Finelimar, he lived to be 123 and ruled for 49 years as the fifth Prince. He ruled through the time of the Watchful Peace, but remembered the caution of his father and did not slip in his preparation for any assault from Sauron. He fortified the holdings of the island of Tolfolas, repairing the ancient garrison of Gobel Tolfolas and constructing quays for it.

Erchrahil (2274-2400)
Youngest child of three of Erchirion, he lived to be 126 and ruled for 52 years as the sixth Prince. He continued the training of what Knights he had in his employ following his father, although did little else other than to oversee what Finelimar and Erchirion had set in motion. He did, however, construct the watchtower of Barad Gilmith.

Imrothos (2324-2458)
Youngest child of two of Erchrahil, he lived to be 134 and ruled for 58 years as the seventh Prince. He was the last Prince to rule during the Watchful Peace, Sauron re-establishing himself in Dol Guldur two years after his death. He is, however, remembered with great pride, for in his time the realm of Dor-en-Ernil became much fairer, with greater feats of architecture crafted, ancient towers improved and adornments lighting the strongholds of the Prince. It was he who removed the graveyard of the Princes to the gardens of Barad Gilmith, which he beautified.

Imrador (2373-2498)
Eldest son of three of Imrothos, he lived to be 125 and ruled for 40 years as the eighth Prince. In his time, the minions of Sauron began to stir again, and he gave aid to the men of Morthond, Ringló and Lamedon as the Orcs of the Ered Nimrais appeared once more. The Corsairs of Umbar also began their long-delayed raids, starting the Fifth Corsair War, but Imrador defeated them in a great battle upon Tolfolas in which his two younger brothers and two eldest sons were slain. Towards the end of his reign, Cirion became Steward of Gondor, and he reconnected the old military alliance between Dol Amroth and Minas Tirith. Imrador was remembered as one of the great military Princes.

Amrazil (2418-2540)
Youngest son of three brothers of Imrador, he lived to be 122 and ruled for 42 years as the ninth Prince. His two older brothers were slain on Tolfolas by the Corsairs, the first time the heir apparent did not receive the Princeship in the line of Dol Amroth. He took after his ancestor Imrazôr, researching all great knowledge of Númenor past, especially its military tactics, and so had his name spoken in Adûniac – though he claimed to do this to recognise and remember the mistakes that his ancestors had made in the past so that he might not follow down the same road. He was the greatest warrior among the Princes of Dol Amroth, his skill at arms almost unmatched, yet he had a masterful way with words also, and forged alliances that could not be broken. In his time the Fifth Corsair War continued to ravage amongst the coastlands, but the skill of his men defeated them, and the threat of Umbar was silenced for a while. He it was also who aided Cirion during the invasion of the Balcoth, and witnessed the oath-making of Eorl and the Steward upon the Halifirien.

Imrazôr II (2463-2582)
The only son of Amrazil, he lived to be 119 and ruled for 42 years as the tenth Prince. He, in the tradition of his father, also took an Adûniac name. He sought to improve and strengthen the existing navy of Dol Amroth, which was tested by the Corsairs in a raid on Belfalas, which Imrazôr rejected effectively. This was the last conflict of the Fifth Corsair War.

Gîlant (2505-2623)
The only child of Imrazôr II, he lived to be 118 and ruled for 43 years as the eleventh Prince. There was little strife in his reign, but the threat of Umbar was still sufficient enough to make him continue the works of his father.

Morgelimar (2546-2660)
The eldest of three sons and two daughters, he lived to be 114 and ruled for 37 years as the twelth Prince. He was a proud and strong man, strengthening still the labours of his grandfather. Yet he sought to test his might whenever he could, and actively sought out what few Corsair raiders dared to come into Belfalas.

Lothahil (2588-2701)
The younger of the two children of Morgelimar, he lived to be 113 and ruled for 41 years as the thirteenth Prince. He carried the skill and warrior spirit of his father, yet was wise and thoughtful also, which he taught his descendants as much as he could. Towards the end of his life the Corsairs were finally becoming a significant threat once again.

Lorindol (2627-2733)
The middle child between two daughters, he lived to be 106 and ruled for 32 years as the fourteenth Prince. In his time, the Sixth Corsair War begun, although he did not feel the brunt of it. He did, however, valiantly fight their first offensive at the Battle of Edhelhad’s Spur, in which he was aided by a chance encounter with Mithrandir, the Grey Pilgrim. For his aid, Lorindol was humbled, and he swore that if the paths of the Princes and the Wizard should pass again, he would have their explicit aid. These words were indeed repaid by Prince Imrahil’s support of Mithrandir at the Siege of Minas Tirith.

Amrothos (2671-2746†)
The eldest of the four children of Lorindol, he lived to be 75 and ruled for 13 as the fifteenth Prince, the shortest reign of the second line. In his time, the coastlands faced the brutal assault of the Sixth Corsair War – the greatest threat to Dol Amroth since its reconstruction. The first of the three fleets landed at Methrast, and Amrothos fell in battle defending it. The landing site was captured, and the south of Dor-en-Ernil fell under the tyranny of the Corsairs. He was the first Prince of Dol Amroth to fall in battle.

Fingalad (2709-2799†)
The only child of Amrothos, he lived to be 90 and ruled for 53 years as the sixteenth Prince. He faced many evils in his lifetime. In 2758, two more fleets came up from Umbar and continued to raid the coastlands. Fingalad fought back the Corsairs as best he could, but eventually Dol Amroth itself was besieged. The city was saved however by the coming of Captain Beregond, son of the Steward Beren, and one of Gondor’s greatest recorded leaders. Through the Long Winter he fought the Corsairs alongside Fingalad, and by the time spring had come the fleets were overcome. Repaying his debt to Beregond, in 2799 Fingalad aided the Steward by fighting the Orcs fleeing from the War of the Dwarves and Orcs. Both he and his eldest son Gîlant fell in the dales of the White Mountains.

Galmendur (2746-2859)
The second and youngest child of Fingalad, he lived to be 113 and ruled for 60 years as the seventeenth Prince. After the death of his childless older brother Gîlant, Galmendur was given the Princeship, the second time the heir apparent did not receive it. He was a formidable military general, and gained great favour from Beregond, perhaps even more so than Fingalad. He secured the vales of the White Mountains against the Orcs and won the respect of the Southern Fiefs – many of whom he had liberated from the Orcish threat. Although Harondor had been claimed in the time of Fingalad, Galmendur would not suffer the Corsairs who had retreated from the Sixth Corsair War to continue to occupy Tolfolas. With a large fleet, he delivered a crushing blow to the enemy host which crippled them for many years. In his time the White Tree died in Minas Tirith.

Galahad (2785-2899)
The only child of Galmendur, he lived to be 114 and ruled for 40 years as the eighteenth Prince. He served as an accomplished Knight to all his father’s ventures, but when he came into the Princeship he found he was more of a Captain than a Prince, and ruled with the wise council of his more knowledgeable son, Aglahad. However, he rode to victory alongside the princes of Rohan at the Battle of the Crossings of the Poros. After the gallant falls of the sons of King Folcwine, Galahad honoured the Rohirrim, and made it a policy of his descendents to do the same.

Aglahad (2827-2932)
The fourth and youngest child of Galahad, he lived to be 105 and ruled for 33 years as the nineteenth Prince. He served as the main advisor and regent of his warrior father for many years before his rule, whom he aided in the Battle of the Crossings of the Poros. Aglahad had a shrewd intelligence few could match, but also possessed the martial skill of his father. After his experiences with Harondor, he sent a garrison of his men to watch the tower of Glamorgarth over the Poros, and began preparations to reclaim South Gondor, so that there would be another line of defence in the coming war he predicted.

Angelimar (2866-2977)
The eldest child of Aglahad, he lived to be 111 and ruled for 45 years as the twentieth Prince. Like Aglahad before him, he was both wise and mighty, and trained his forces in preparation for the coming great war. In his time, the Corsairs became servants of Sauron, and the monument of Ar-Pharazôn was thrown down in Umbar. In 2971, the Seventh Corsair War began when the strong Fleetmaster Pharazamir attacked Linhir. The Prince himself defeated the assault, but just five years later the Fleetmasters Sangakar and Yagaknir attacked Methrast, although his son Adrahil too defeated them.

Adrahil II (2917-3010†)
The eldest son of two of Angelimar, he lived to be 93 and ruled for 33 years as the twenty-first Prince. His reign took much of the brunt of the Sixth Corsair War. In the third assault of that war, he was attacked whilst with his wife Irildë at Sarlond, who was slain in the raid. Although he eventually rejected the Corsairs, he was consumed with vengeance against them. He and his men aided the enigmatic Thorongil during his raid against Umbar, and in the respite granted by the attack, in 2983 Adrahil brought Aglahad’s plans to fruition and recaptured Harondor from the Haradrim. In the fourth assault of the war, the old but spirited Prince met the ships of Fleetmaster Sanghayando in the bay of Belfalas, and killed the fell captain himself. However, Dalamyr, the Captain of The Shrike, led the vengeful Adrahil into a tempest, in which he was killed, becoming the third Prince to be slain in battle.

Imrahil (2955-34)
The third child of Adrahil, he lived to be 99 and ruled for 44 years as the twenty-second Prince. His eldest sister, Ivriniel, travelled to Lórien and became a handmaiden of Galadriel, whilst his other sister Finduilas married the Steward Denethor, making he and the Prince kinsmen. In his time, the fifth assault of the Corsairs was rejected by his nephew Captain Môrathol at Barad Gilmith, and by Hirluin of Pinnath Gelin at the port of Rondalph. This was the last Corsair attack before the War of the Ring, which came in Imrahil’s time. During the march of the Haradrim on Harondor, Imrahil took charge of the defence and fought a retreating campaign against the infamous Serpent Lord, Suladân, before reinforcing Minas Tirith with his men. He took a great part in the last days of the war, and became the first ruling Prince in the time of King Elessar of the Reunited Kingdom. He served the King in battles in the South and East before his death, perhaps the most honoured Prince of his house.

Elphir (2987-67)
The eldest of the four children of Imrahil, he lived to be 100 and ruled for 33 years. His younger brothers, Erchirion and Amrothos, served as great Knights during the War of the Ring beside their father, and his sister Lothíriel married King Éomer of Rohan, binding the two houses. He served as regent of Dol Amroth during the War of the Ring, defending the city against the Fleetmaster Dalamyr whilst his father battled at Minas Tirith. He also served as a captain under Elessar in the Fourth Age, battling his Haradrim and Easterling enemies.

Alphros (3017-3115)
The eldest son of Elphir, he lived to be 98 and ruled for 28 years. He was the last of the Princes to be born in the Third Age. Like Elphir and Imrahil, he too had a part in Elessar’s battles in the Fourth Age. The descendents of Alphros ruled Dol Amroth long into the Fourth Age as Princes under the King of the Reunited Kingdom.


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