The Light of Elbereth – Chapter Three-Eriathiel

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Chapter 3-Eriathiel

A cool breeze floated up from the water. The stars twinkled and shone on the glistening river. Legolas seated himself with his back against a tree, his face towards the water. Long he sat there, and pondered many things in his heart. All that he had heard at the Alliance made him uneasy. Though he would fight to the end, in whatever battle would be his, his heart only desired peace. Peace to enjoy the beauty and nature around him. Peace to love and to laugh in. Peace. Yet this dark shadow, this nameless, faceless evil was growing. Soon there would be no peace. Over the sea? His heart took joy in the forests that he loved so dearly. No, there would not be much peace there. Middle-earth was his home, and his destiny was wrapped in it’s fate. All these thoughts troubled him and his heart grew heavy.

The red streaks of dawn showed in the sky. Soon it would be morning. He stretched out his legs in front of him. He lay his head back against the tree and closed his eyes. He could hear the birds in the trees. Chirping and whistling their morning greetings. The squirrels scampered from tree to tree, playing catch among themselves. A smile found its way to the corners of his mouth. There was still comfort to be found here, evil shadow growing or not. He listened to the music of the river as it flowed and bubbled in its bed. He could almost hear the voice of Nimrodel, singing softly in the whispering wind. Yes, there was still some comfort left.

The voice seemed to grow stronger until it was as if someone was sitting next to him, singing quietly in his ear. “Legolas,” a gentle voice spoke. He feared to open his eyes, lest the voice and the speaker vanish. “Speak, I will hear.” He said, still not daring to open his eyes. “Do not be afraid,” A gentle laughter filled the riverbank. He opened his eyes. It was the same girl as before, sitting next to him, with the sunrise behind, casting a soft red glow around her. “Who are you?” He asked, puzzled. She smiled, as if she knew some happy secret. The smile reminded Legolas of the flowers in spring. White against the green grass and glittering under the moonlight. “Do you yet not know?” Her musical laughter was in his ears.

“I am Eriathiel, daughter of Elbereth, spirit child,” She put her soft white hand on his chest as she spoke. “I am your light.” He could feel through his shirt her soft and gentle touch and the warmth of her hands, for it had been a cool night. It was as if his very heart could feel her touch. He did not know what to say. He looked into her eyes. Time seemed to hold no dominion over those eyes. In them he saw great love, and timeless beauty. But they were not the eyes of an elf. In them were great depths of time and space and from them shone the light of all the stars. “Why are you come?” He asked, for he still did not understand. Hey looked down at his feet, fearing her exasperation at him. But she was not angry. She put her hands on his face and made him look at her. To him, her touch was like kisses of an angel. She looked into his eyes, and deep into his soul.

” O son of Thranduil, you need not fear. I will reveal myself to you. I am no Elf of this world, I am come from over the sea, though I remain there. What you see is only a vision in reality. To you alone is sight granted. For I merely appear to you, yet I am not, I dwell in timelessness. Elbereth has seen your path, and as sun is to the day, and moon to the night, thus I will be to your heart. There is great darkness ahead.”

Though he did not understand it all, there was peace in his heart. Only one more question did he have. “How will I find you?” he asked. She leaned over and softly kissed his forehead and then looked back into his eyes. “Ever in your waking dreams will I be. When your heart is troubled and your body tired I will grant to you rest and peace. Never will you look for me and not find me. You’ve only to bid me to you.” She placed a soft kiss upon his cheek, then she stood up and walked into the forest, disappearing from his view. Yet he knew now that she would never leave him. He heard her gentle laughter in his heart. Never more would he be alone.

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