The Lifiathen Prince – Chapter 1: The New King

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A man walked steadily through the grove of silent, twisted trees. The deer he was stalking paused and lay down in the moist grass. Smiling, the man nocked his oak-and-fir bow, taking careful aim at his target.
Suddenly, there was a burst of sound and the deer bounded away into the sunlit woods. Cursing, the man turned to see what had caused the commotion.
A pure white light filled the grove, illuminating brilliantly the astonished face of the hunter. Then a clear voice filled the air, speaking to him.
“Celedur, son of Celeduin, Lifiathen Prince. What news do you carry from Osgiliath? Long have the people of the Three Kingdoms awaited the New King. Many lives depend on the heir of Aragorn, the heir of Isilduir. Provide them with that assistance, before the reign of Arathorn ends, an end that will end Middle Earth as we know it. Do not despair. I send you with Godspeed, friend. Farewell.”
The light faded as quickly as it had come.
Celedur awoke face-down in the dew-dropped grass. Moonlight filtered through the aspens, providing cold aide to his weary eyes. Then he saw something in the trees.
“What in the name of Gandalf the White-?”
Getting groggily to his feet, he wandered to the lond object lying in the wet grass. Closer inspection revealed it do be a scroll, written in a delicate version of Rohanian script.
“The Man, the Elf, the Dwarf, the Hobbit
the bond of Fellowship they did take
bound to carry the Ring to the flame
all done for the peoples sake

the mission accomplished, Sauron destroyed
the young master to the Grey Shores
their great deeds forgotton
their valor unwritten in ballads and lores

Middle Earth had gone blind
to all else that moved
the great shadow returned
the black steeds re-hooved

the people all need you
Celedur the Great
reunite the forces
and alter their fate”

Celedur sat stunned in the clearing until the first rays of light shone through the silky leaves overhead before finally drifting off to sleep.
“Young man? Young man!” the Elf knelt by the prone figure fast asleep in the grass. “Excuse me? Young man!” he nudged his shoulder.
“Yeahwazzawalladannahooloo…” he muttered incoherently and then he fell asleep again.
“Well. That went well.” the Elf said to his companions. “We’re going to have to carry him.”
The elves lifted him up as gently as possible. They brought him into their palace, laying him on the guest bed. He muttered a few words, and then was fast asleep.
The elves stood outside his door. The one that had woken him up spoke first.
“The scroll obviously was important, but none of us have ever learned Rohanian. How do we decipher it?”
“Old Leggy!” the brunette on his left exclaimed.
“Linduin, you babble on and on so. Who is that you speak of?”
“Legolas! You know, that old one that lives by himself over in the Elm Courts. He said something about going to Rohan when he was younger. With some Dwarf and a Man.”
“Yes…You may be right…he might know. You, Kifluir. Go ask him. And take the scroll with you!”
“Yes, Nunien.” The tall blond Elf said, running off.

Legolas stroked his chin, studying the scroll carefully.
“Hmmm…my Rohanian is a little rusty. I’m sorry, young one. I do not know what it says.”
“All right. It’s okay.” Kifluir said. Then he walked back up the garden path to the guest houses.
Legolas sat deep in thought. He, of course, could still read Rohanian perfectly well. “Something is obviously going amiss in Mordor. but what? And how is one man to stop it?”

Celedur awoke amidst a mob of questioning faces. Surprised, he scrambled backwards, knocking his head against the carved headboard.
“Knock it off. Give him some room!”
An old Elf strode into the room, sitting on the edge of the bed.
Celedur gasped. “Legolas!”
The Elf smiled, then turning to the elf-children gathered around the bed, said”Shoo! I must speak with him alone.
Turning back to Celedur, Legolas smiled.
“But, I don’t understand! You must be…How old are you?”
“Nine hundred and twenty, this September.”
“Well, that’s amazing! The oldest elf’s age ever recorded was-“
“Eight hundred and forty-four.”
“Not anymore!”
“Apparantly. Now, I didn’t come here just to discuss my age. Here, I thought you might want this back.”
Legolas tossed the scroll onto the bed next to him.
“Thanks! So, you’ve read it?”
“Yes, I have”
“Well, what does it mean?”
“I was hoping you could tell me.”
“I honestly don’t know.”
“It mentions me in there, you know.” Legolas stated.
“What?! Where?”
“Right here:’The Man, the Elf, the Dwarf, the Hobbit.’ I’m the Elf. The Man is actually Boromir and Aragorn, the Dwarf is Gimli, and the Hobbit is Merry, Pippin, Sam, and most of all, Frodo.”
“Who’re they?”
“The Fellowship of the Ring.”
“What’s that?”
“The Quest to destroy the Ring.”
“What Ring? Was it a wedding Ring? Did someone have something against their wife?”
“I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about. What’re hobbits?”
Legolas rolled his eyes and left the room.


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