The Lifiathen Prince

by Dec 11, 2006Stories

Legolas re-entered the room.
"Where were you"? Celedur asked incredulously.
"Never mind that-" he deflected, but Celedur noticed that he looked a little wet behind the ears.
"You didn’t just stick your head in the water barrel, did you?"
"And if I did, what business is it of yours?"
"Never mind. Now will you please tell me more of the Ring?"
"Do you promise to keep ABSOLUTELY STILL??!!"
"Then yes. But you must realise that it’s a very complicated and complex story, and you’re not to ask questions."
"I get it."
"Good. This story starts in a far-away land called the Shire, in a Town called Hobbiton, with two Bagginses and a strange creature called Gollum. Bilbo has discovered the One Ring in a tale that is a whole different story altogether. Frodo lands the Ring in his own hands through his uncle Bilbo’s "accidental" dissapearence, and is told by an old family friend to get rid of the Ring and save the world. the old family friend, long since then sailed to the Grey Havens, and a key character in this story, became my friend. his name was Gandalf, and he was a wizard. Through a long and tedious process, the Ring was destroyed and Frodo, scarred by many wounds both mentally and physically, sailed on the elven ships and went out of this world. Some say he died, but I know better. I plan to board those ships when my time comes. So Middle Earth was saved, and in the end all was well again. But now, something ill is amiss and some one some where needs your help."
Celedur leaned back. "So no pressure, then, right?"
"If you say so."
Celedur stood and wavered. He sat back down on the bed, and sighed. "I need more sleep."
"You’re going to turn into an Orc if you sleep any longer. but I’ll come get you in the morning.


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