The Life of Eowyn – Chapter 3

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* * *

Eowyn sat next to her window and stared out at the bright sky. She had just stopped crying a few minutes ago. It didn’t feel right, both Eomer and Theodren gone. `I wonder if uncle found out about Theodren’ She thought. So she decided to go to Theodren’s room. She got to Theodren’s room, only to find her uncle there, crying. She went up to him, and kneel down next to him.

`I’m sorry, uncle.’ `Eomer and I tried to saved him, but he already lost too much blood. I couldn’t find you, and even if I found you, he would be dead already.’ Her uncle just nodded, looking sad. She hugged him and whispered into his ear, `I love you.’ She got up and went out the door.

She went back to where Eomer was, but Eomer wasn’t there anymore. `Hama probably got him into a room, so uncle could do whatever he wanted to do with his body.’ Eowyn thought. So she decided to go see Hama. When she past the kitchen, she saw 3 strangers. A man, an elf, and a dwarf. The man looked old, too old for her, but with gray eyes, the dwarf was just gobbling down food, and she thought the elf was handsome, with intense blue eyes. Also Gandalf was there too.

`Ah, Eowyn. How do you do?’ Gandalf asked her. `I do fine, Gandalf.’ She smiled, but it wasn’t her usual smile. Insir, the servant, came out of the kitchen and said `Oh my, Lady Eowyn! You look pale, you should eat.’ `Thank you for caring about me Insir, but I don’t feel hungry. And I should get going.’ Eowyn told her. `Well, okay, but later you have to eat, you can’t just skip your meal.’ Insir told her. `Yes, yes, I will.’ Then she just smiled and nodded at Gandalf and the strangers and went to see Hama.

She found Hama where she thought he would be, by the Front Gates. `Hama where did you put Eomer?’ She asked. Hama turned around and answered, `I put in my bedroom. I’m sorry, my Lady.’ `That’s okay, Hama, thank you.’ She turned and walked toward Hama’s room. Since Hama’s room was close to the kitchen she saw the strangers again. The elf’s eyes caught her eyes, and their eyes lock for a few seconds, then she broke it and went into Hama’s room.

She found Eomer in Hama’s bed, just like he said. She touched his cheek, and she felt a tear drop. She just couldn’t believe that he was gone. Her only brother, the one that has been like a father to her, ever since both her parents died. And he was gone, with Theodren. Both of them has taught her so much; how to read, and write, how to use a sword, how to ride a horse and how to use a bow & arrow. Even though mostly only elves use bow & arrow, they knew how to use a bow & arrow, taught from her father, Eomund.

Her parents died when she was 2,158 years old, from Orcs. Then Eomer and Theoden rode to Rohan, with the skills of Eomer, and their uncle Theoden took care of them. Now she was 2171 years old, Eomer was 2,176 and Theodren were 25 years old. She’s been learning how to handle a sword, a bow & arrow, and a horse for 8 years, so she was pretty skillful. She thought of all the good time they had, laughing, chasing each other around, climbing tree, and talking stories. It brought her good memories, but now they were gone. She hated that the good and evil were fighting, and she was losing the family members one at a time. First her parents, then Theodren, then Eomer. It was just too awful.

She took one last look at Eomer and left the room. She walked up the stairs and saw that her uncle was coming down the stairs. `Are you okay, uncle?’ She asked. `Yes, Eowyn, I’m okay. I love you, too.’ He hugged her and went down. She felt a smile forming on her lips, and she went to her room. She lied down her bed, and was about to go to sleep, when she heard a knock on her door. `Come in.’ She told the person outside her door. Insir came inside and gave her a cup of tea. `This will help you sleep, and calm you down, by the time you wake up, you’ll feel fresh again.’ `Thank you, Insir.’ Eowyn took a sip and gagged. It tasted awful. `I know it taste bad, but if you want the strength, drink.’ Insir told her. So she drank, after she was finish, she was beginning to feel very sleepy. She saw Insir leave and Eowyn fell asleep.

* * *

Author’s note: hey, legolasfreak, probably said that i’ll be submitting her next chapters. since she didn’t have a long time to finish it. it will be short. i think about 5-7 more chapters than that’s it. well hope you enjoy it. oh and there’s going to love going on. but i won’t tell you patient..hehe


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