The Life of Aralorn-Daughter of Gondor – Prolouge

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“Why do we leave?” Two-year old Aragorn asked. A mask of confusion covered his pale face as he stood and watched his Mother franticly scurry around her chambers. She grabbed food, clothing, and a dark green cloak that she slipped over her shoulders.
“Aragorn,” Gilraen paused a moment to look down at her son’s worried face, but did not answer. A single tear rolled down her cheek, but she quickly wiped it away. When she finished stuffing everything into a thin, cloth bag, she swung it over her shoulder, grabbed Aragorn’s hand, and ran out of the room. All of the sudden, Aragorn heard a tremendous boom that shook the whole city of Minas Tirith. More followed. “What was that?” Aragorn cried, no longer able to hold his tears of fright and horror in his little, blue eyes. More tears streamed down Gilraen’s face as she answered as bravely as she could, “Our City is under attack, and we must leave.” She fought back sobs as they kept running.

They made their way down to the sixth level. Soon they met up with Herelen, the rosy-cheeked nurse, who held in her arms Aragorn’s baby sister Aralorn. She, too had sensed the tension, and heard the loud disturbing noises, for she was wailing with fear. Herelen did her best to calm the little bundle, but it was no use. Once they met, the four of them made their way down to the second level, where there would be horses waiting for them.

As Aragorn ran as fast as his little feet would carry him, he thought of his father Arathorn. What would happen to him? Would he ever see his kind, yet proud kingly face again? He looked at the white walls of his home that used to glow a brave and prideful white, now seemed dull, and almost gray with dread. What would become of this beautiful place he called home? And last of all, what would happen to him? Where was he going? He knew nothing.

Soon they reached the second level. The night sky was pitch black…perfect for a secret escape. There were nine guards sitting atop horses, waiting for them. They had two extra horses that Gilraen and Herelen mounted. Aragorn was lifted onto a big horse with another guard who smiled down at him. Screaming Aralorn was passed to another guard. One of the guards, who to Aragorn, looked like the one in charge, talked to Gilraen. “It would be wise to travel in three groups: first will be you, My Lady, and your nurse, then Lord Aragorn, and last shall be little Aralorn.” Gilraen nodded, and the captain gave a small bow. All Aragorn knew was that they were all going to be separated, and that was a very dreadful thought.

“Aragorn,” Gilraen said, “I will see you in Rivendell. I love you.” And she blew him a kiss. The next thing Aragorn knew, his mother, and nurse Herelen trotted away, with three guards, and disappeared into the blackness of night. “Mother!” Aragorn shouted, and reached out, as if he could pull his mother back to him. He whimpered even more. Aralorn seemed to calm down a little, for what reason, Aragorn did not know. Suddenly, things grew quiet. Too quiet. The loud banging sounds against the whole City had stopped. The guards seemed to mumble to one another in questioning tones. “We must go now.” The head guard said in a worried tone. He nodded to the guard sitting on the horse with Aragorn, motioning him to lead the way. All of the horses moved to a canter.

“We cannot use the gate.” The guard sitting with Aragorn said. They had reached the first level, and Aragorn could hear something hitting the main gate to the City, with an awesome force, as if trying to break it down.
“There is a side enterance,” said one of the guards. “It is very small, but we could use it. It points west, tworads Rohan.”
“Then show us the way,” The head guard said. “But keep extreme caution.” They reached the secret door very quickly. Aragorn saw that it was no more than an old wood-rotted, creaky door. The whole group went through very quietly, and Aragorn felt his horse follow, with light steps as if he knew they were trying to keep this secret.
“Ride with extreme haste. You must not let the enemy see you,” the head guard said. “Your group will ride west, until you reach Rohan, then make your way to Rivendell. My group will leave when you are out of site.” Three horses, including Aragorn’s, picked up a smooth gallop. Aragorn looked back to see his sister Aralorn held by one of the guards, and prayed for safe passage for her. Soon the darkness swallowed her up, along with all of the guards.


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